What you Need to Know about Pit Bulls

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85 Comments on “What you Need to Know about Pit Bulls”

    1. Emily Rose majority of the dogs, u see in the news and shelters are not real American pit bull. It’s dogs like in the video. The media labels everything a pit bull

    2. louis cyfer yep, they are as nice as taking care of a hippo!(hippos are very nice if you take very good care of them, I do not have one but I met someone who has one, and yes I saw the pet hippo and it was nice).

    1. Even if the dog has been properly and adequately socialized and trained it can still be aggressive to other dogs? Not being sarcastic or anything, I’ve never heard of that before.

    2. Definitely. I have a 7 month old puppy who has higher prey drive than I’ve ever seen in a full grown animal. I also have a doberman who she gets along with. My doberman gets along with all dogs, while the APBT gets along with the doberman and a few other dogs she was introduced to as a puppy. Outsiders she wants to kill. Now I got this dog knowing full well what she was coming from. I’ve owned a lot of dogs and a lot of breeds and I’m speaking from experience that these are very different dogs. If you want a non-aggressive pit bull you’re better off getting an American Staffordshire Terrier, or an American Bully, or a shelter mutt. I wouldn’t try to seek out a game dog just so you can if you can teach it to not be dog aggressive – It may or may not be. A very close friend of mine has two pit bull/ lab mixes (allegedly) and they just don’t exhibit that same drive. I haven’t done anything to make my dog aggressive towards other dogs and he hasn’t done anything to deter theirs and they have a dog that is her same age.

    3. Unfortunately, you’re wrong. The issue I have with this is that this type of misinformation makes owners of aggressive dogs feel like they have done something horribly wrong and will often give up the dog or have it put down. First, a dog has a very short period of time in its life (6-12 weeks) where it develops the majority of its social behavior. A lot of owners don’t even get their pups by the time that period has elapsed. Moreover, genetics also play a major role in the possibility of aggression arising in their future behavior. It is proven that these behavior traits can be passed down from parents to puppies. So, it isn’t fair to say that the aggressive dog is just a result of a bad owner.

    1. Marianne Kiss so true i had my younger cousins over and they were afraid of my pitbull , when i was trying to explain that they should actually be afraid of my Chihuahua. know he was a bit of a bitter

  1. I used to know the sweetest pitbulls… I was only 2 years old, and they used to let me use them as a body pillow! I knew them till I was about 6, when they were put down, due to medical issues. they were siblings, and we’re also rescues. I still miss them so much. they were soooo sweet!

  2. candy is a beautiful sweet dog and I’ve never met a mean pitbull. I think it’s a shame they have such a bad reputation because they are such nice dogs.

    1. Karen Ray that’s not true dumbass. Once upon a time a little girl named Jessy found a baby pitbull raised him just right loved on him let him on the furniture. A year later she’s standing their with a friend the pit is just running around doing its thing and turns and stares at jessy, tail wagging. It runs straight towards her, jumps up, mouth open and latches on. Her friend Sam tries to stop it whacking it throwing her glass of water at it til it shattered that pit bull wouldn’t let go when help came it was to late. Jessy was never heard from again yet. Yet Pit bull activists and defenders loved the breed so much Jessy was never injusticed. As she’s in the ground and that pit bull still walks on.

    1. DorienWKS // WildKAT
      Let’s say that you’re a black man, okay? Not saying that you are one, but I’m this as an example.
      Don’t try to butter me up on how sweet black men are. See how stupid and immature that sounds? You shouldn’t sterotype ( sorry for the spelling). Anyway, you are no different from the side that see pits as angels. They are neither demons or angels, so stop treat them like they are.

    2. DorienWKS // WildKAT, pits are not even as dangerous as having a pet hippo(which isn’t really dangerous if you take good care of them).

    3. DorienWKS // WildKAT you sound extra dumb if there bred to fight that means they are raised to fight so you just exposed yourself dumbass

  3. Bulldogs (from the working-type bulldogs that better represent what bulldogs are suppose to be such as American Pit buldogss, American Staffords, Stafforshire Bulls, etc. to even the designer showring bulldogs like American Bullies) are swell dogs. Even though these dogs have a lot of power, energy, and drive that’s not a match for some folks or are dogs that some folks shouldn’t have or don’t deserve, that doesn’t mean that they are bad dogs. Attacks and negative stigma are what happens with a lot of different kinds of dogs, from hounds to retrievers to shepherds and so on because jive masters lead their dogs down the wrong road and don’t do right by their dogs. This is something that is more the fault of the master than anything. Dogs are not suppose to be left to run the roads. Folks have got to be careful with their dogs no matter what kind of dogs they are. And I know that some people look at a simple news story, hear about an attack, or hear some of the myths those that don’t know the dogs make and think that bulldogs are bad dogs, but I have to kindly disagree. These are swell working dog on the whole. My favorite bulldog has got to be the American Pit bulldog. Not only swell companions, but high drive working/purpose dogs that do their all to serve their masters. The APB is a dog that was designed and used as hunting dogs, butchers dogs, and as warring dogs in the bloodsport of bull and bear baiting. Dogs like APBs are what people would call gripping dogs: dogs that are able to hunt, control, or catch large game by getting a good grip and work to either throw the large beast off balance or hold it in place for the farmer, rancher, or hunter. Like dog expert, author, and breed historian Diane Jessup writes:
    “First a hunter, then a butcher’s dog, then a baiter, then a dog fighter, American Pit Bulls which display behavior typical of their heritage are gripping dogs; they come from a long, long genetic history which dictates they get a hold and HANG ON! This behavior saved their life during the years they were hunting boar, stag and bear, and also stood them in good stead when they moved on to working bulls, bears and other animals in baiting sports. This same behavior can work to make breaking up a fight quite easy and safe. The Pit Bull is a bulldog in action and appearance. He is a gripping dog – not a terrier (which means Earth dog which pursues its quarry underground). The English bulldog is a relatively recently developed animal designed strictly for the show ring. In fact, English bulldogs were not even created until several years AFTER bull baiting (the purpose for which it was supposed to have been bred) was banned and discontinued in the United Kingdom. So, it is impossible for the Pit Bull to have been developed from a breed younger than itself. In fact, the English bulldog is developed from the original working bulldog – the Pit Bull. Written Pit Bull pedigrees date into the late 1700’s. The history of the Pit Bull far predates the time when bans on bull baiting caused blood sport fanciers to turn to fighting dog against dog.”
    They are powerful, versatile, and high drive working dogs that can either be used for good or bad. It’s really more about the master, how the dog is raised, and what he is trained to do.

  4. i have had 3 pitbulls so far growing up never been bitten or attacked. my biggest injury from a pitbull was being scratched by a paw but it was not his fault. on the other hand i had a friend with a chihuahua and a weiner dog i have felt more threatened by those dogs than my pitbulls ever

    1. As a delivery driver, the two dogs that has given me the most problems are dachshunds and dalmatians!

  5. I hate it when people say “I had a bad experience with pittbulls so I don’t rlly like them” like TF I nearly chocked on ice when I was drinking water does that mean I hate water???
    Smh accidents happen

  6. Unfortunately my former dog was bitten nearly to death as a puppy by an unleashed Pit Bull, so I have some prejudices….
    And I AM scared of them. No matter what anyone tries to tell me.

    1. Mr. Ski I just saw this . I never said red nose or blue nose were pit bulls. What are you talking about

    2. Mr. Ski they wasn’t bred to protect children. If you about the Nanny dogs….. That’s the Staffordshire Bull terrier not the American pit bull terrier

    3. You should be scared of all breeds with dickhead owners not just pits all dogs regardless of breed have the ability not just pitbulls!

    1. Reshma Nair that’s not true dumbass. Once upon a time a little girl named Jessy found a baby pitbull raised him just right loved on him let him on the furniture. A year later she’s standing their with a friend the pit is just running around doing its thing and turns and stares at jessy, tail wagging. It runs straight towards her, jumps up, mouth open and latches on. Her friend Sam tries to stop it whacking it throwing her glass of water at it til it shattered that pit bull wouldn’t let go when help came it was to late. Jessy was never heard from again yet. Yet Pit bull activists and defenders loved the breed so much Jessy was never injusticed. As she’s in the ground and that pit bull still walks on.

    2. DorienWKS // WildKA there are stories like that about other breeds but the media refuses to mention them because they don’t get as much money from them

    3. Mountain Wolf4050 no other dog can maul and kill like a pitbull can and btw media don’t talk about pitbulls cuz they’ll get hate

  7. 5 reasons why pit bulls are the “worst”
    1.They’ll steal your bed
    2.They’ll lick you too much
    3.They’ll make you too happy
    4.They’ll will love you too much
    5.They are too cute
    I have a pit and she is amazing and loving

  8. Myth? Sterotype? The fact is that pitbulls are responsible for more fatal attacks on humans than any other breed. It would be irresponsible to stick out heads in the sand when it comes to this breed. Because the dog was bred for fighting, it has incredible energy reserves and extremely high prey drive. Many owners do an extremely poor job of draining the dog’s energy and satisfying its prey drive. This creates a canine powder keg. Ownership should be restricted to experienced dog owners. I’ve had 3 pitbulls. All of them have been amazing. A special dog, but definitely not one for your grandma.

    1. Ummmmm are you new? I’ve been training bullies rotties and German shepherds since I first got my dog ( a ” pitbull” named buddy ) when I was 5 years old my grandma gave me him for my 5th birthday her dog mya was his mom and I’ll tell you I see more bites from little dogs MORE than big dogs read a book please and do some research before you make comments on things you don’t seem to know much about hopefully you go out and meet some before you cast that kind of judgement

    2. I agree with what you are saying 100% the real American Pitbull Terrier shouldn’t be owned by unexperienced dog owners they are high prey driven as for American Bullies, Or American Staffordshire Terriers may be a better fit for dog Begginers and most dogs that are of those two breeds people call Pitbulls.

    3. Are you sure you’ve had Pitties before? My Dad, who is of grandparent age, has one; and he can handle him. I have my first Pit after being a diehard MinPin owner. By far the easiest dog I’ve had. My MinPin’s were always so unpredictable, and bitey – even with tons of training. My Pit – cuddles with my cats, doesn’t tear up his toys, gently takes treats from your fingers. In my state, we just had a person killed by a pack of dachshunds mixes. Think about that for a second. Dachshunds. Every dog had the capability to do harm, it doesn’t mean that they will.

  9. All pit bulls haters could stop being afraid and hating. because they would literally kill you with love and licks!

    1. Many dog owners minimize the seriousness of injury inflicted by the dog or blame the victim for the attack. While blaming the victim is a universal phenomenon, it is nearly always the case in dog attacks. This may be true because dogs are a metaphorical “extension” of their owner.

    2. So, the reason they’ve always been the dog of choice of people who stage dogfights is because pitbulls are all so naturally docile and sweet-natured?

  10. I was at petsmart yesterday and my pitbull puppy was sitting in the cart quietly and everybody kept walking on the opposite side of me if I walked down an aisle, and they would even put their dog behind them or carry them if they saw my dog but they all didn’t hesitate to call my Pomeranian cute or want to pet him.

    1. Nikolova Magd I don’t do “rhetorical.” All that means is “I can’t be bothered to defend my position.”

    2. Robert Gornick my point was that the bias comes from real life, not just some random propaganda against pitbulls. They are strong and trainable dogs and people decided to use them for fighting and just in general to be malicious. It’s people’s fault but I’m sure if you try to train a Golden Retriever the same way, it’s not going to be as easy.

    3. @Nikolova Magd: So then you also side with the Nazi ideology that jews are the cause of humankind’s woes and should be exterminated? Or albinos… does their flesh really contain magic which we should cannibalize them for?

  11. After having 3 pit bulls … I decided to get a German Shepherd (after my pitbulls died) since BSL was introduced in my country. All I can say is that I miss having a pittie ☹️

  12. One thing I’ve noticed from pro-pitbull people is that their arguments seem like that of a religious zealot. From anti-pitbull crowd I see facts, evidence, logic and genuine compassion for the people and animals hurt or killed by pitbulls. From pro-pitbull it is just a denial of facts, emotional manipulation, anecdotes, overused rhetoric and the general gist seems to be “I find my dog cute so a few dead children is a small price to pay!” Horror.

    1. Kitten Curry, then how do you explain the dogs that tried to kill it’s owner after 24 hours or the grandmother who got mauled to death, not even the aunt who was also a pit apoligist like yourself? you clearly didn’t watch any of what I sited as none of those dogs had a history of attack and randomly went off on there owner or someone else. Dogs don’t process like humans, why do you think they can’t make anything of value and act near completely on instinct with minor social prevelence. My dog who was meant for hunting knew what he was bred for even though I don’t use him for hunting, he loves chasing animals as is his nature and what he was bred for, so exactly what makes other dogs like the PITbull different who have been bred to PITFIGHT? sheep dogs know to heard without anyome telling them as is there nature, same with retrivers to retrive, exactly what makes pitbulls so different from literally every other dog breed which were selectively bred to be such a way?

    2. hi kid, how was the site slanted when it shows all the instances on the site where it says “citations” and how is showing correlation not a valid argument? Maybe instead of trying to dismiss everything you should refute it with facts(which you can’t as the facts are not on your side).

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