Train your Dog to be OFF LEASH: The First Steps

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I'll show the steps you should take to show your pet to listen to you while off chain! Delight in!
Video clips I reference in this video clip:
Teach the "Shock Stay":

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59 Comments on “Train your Dog to be OFF LEASH: The First Steps”

    1. Do a search on Zak’s channel, he has an awesome video on it 😊 This is one I wish my dog knew, it would help get some of that extra energy out of him!

  1. Beautiful dog!! thanks for all the tips. I’m so excited to get a dog but a little scared because I know it’s a lot of responsibility. now that we got a house I think it’s great that I can be home with the puppy and not worry about other people around it not liking it. it will be the baby of the house but we are looking at your videos for a heads up.
    thanks again for all the tips.

  2. Wow, I haven’t watched a Zak George video in years and you went from using your front facing camera walking around in a park to full on production crew quality.

  3. I’ve tried to train my new rescue and in a month I’ve only taught him to sit and stay (if we’re indoors). Sometimes it seems like there’s no progress and my family is pressuring me to give him up 😔 You make training look so easy. It just doesn’t work for me 😑

    1. +Lilia Castillo some dogs are slower than others, but stick with it! I’m training a 3 year old foster and she is a bit slow but getting it all slowly!

    2. Don’t worry Lilia, I have a rescue too and for the first month he was just getting used to stuff and didn’t listen to me much at all. Now I’ve had him for about 10 months and for the last 6 months I’ve been able to keep him off leash pretty much anywhere, if there aren’t other dogs or squirrels/bunnies etc., because those still get him hyped up and he stops listening. But he’s a greyhound mix anyways, so I’m not expecting him to stop wanting to chase small animals. Just keep going, and with a lot of treats and consistent training, you and your dog will start to improve. Also don’t put too much pressure on learning tricks, but more on basic behavior like following you and coming when called and walking on a leash properly. Don’t give up!

    3. +Lilia Castillo I agree with Luke and Riko. For the past four to five months, I’ve been training my dog to walk beside me and he still keeps rushing ahead! Not to mention I’ve been trying to train him to stop barking at the neighbours for even longer. I’ve tried so many techniques.

    4. +Lilia Castillo First of all, don’t listen to your family. Second, I highly suggest you contact a local trainer and have the trainer work with you and your dog. Dog training is more about you understanding how to communicate with and read your dog than anything else. If you can’t do that, you’re always going to have problems. The vast majority of dog behavioral problems and training problems are because of the owner, not the dog. That’s important to understand. Learning to train your dog means being taught yourself. You need to be trained so that you can train him. Never get impatient with your dog. Keep training sessions short. Use tons of positive reinforcement and don’t ever lose your temper, shout at, or strike your dog. Keep learning fun. Be consistent. Be firm. Enlist the help of others. For example, if he has a bad habit of going crazy when visitors show up, have a couple people he’s never met before come over to help you work on that habit. Have them knock, get him into a sit and stay at a area you’d designated as his “spot” (like a bed), and then go to the door. If he gets up, close the door, put him back, and repeat. Over and over until you can get the visitor in and seated before letting your dog up. If your visitor has to go back out and try again, that’s fine. Don’t let the visitor touch or interact with the dog in any way (have the visitor turn around if he jumps instead of pushing him away). Do this for no longer than half an hour each day and stay on it. Be firm but don’t get angry. That’s just an example, but it shows that patience and repetition are important. Make sure you’ve got your dog’s attention before giving him a command. DO NOT give him a command if you know for sure he won’t listen. Then it just becomes noise. Teaching him to focus on your face with the “watch me” command is a GREAT tool. You can do this with a treat. Get his attention, say “watch me”, treat and praise him when he focuses on you. And this one thing alone will help A LOT. Also, don’t expect too much too soon. Train when he’s tired out but not so tired that he’s not paying attention.

    5. Try talking calmly with your dog, even when the frustration crawls out your throat. Dogs will listen to you better when you show them no special reaction to their wrong behaviour, like a sigh or just going away.

  4. My dog is calm in the park on the lead she will just sit next to me and wait to go home. When I let her off, she will run around for a bit, and quite often run off into the field next door. She isn’t interested in toys, what should I do??

    1. +SilkTheMix Are you still having the issue? If so, which browser are you using. I had this issue once before with users of google chrome. But was able to contact YouTube and have it resolved. Thanks!

  5. Zak! I’m a big fan! I’ve been watching your videos for months in preparation for a puppy and I finally got her! She’s a klee kai and she has some issues you’ve touched on in videos like separation anxiety and freaking out during baths, but one thing she does that I don’t see on your channel is about how she walks on a leash. It’s sort of the opposite problem of pulling- she’ll walk on a leash but only ever behind me at my heels. She doesn’t want to walk beside me and I’m not sure how to get her to start because placing her next to me makes her stop walking completely until she gets behind me again. Any suggestions?

    1. +Glam&Gore Get more exciting, unless she’s walking slow because she’s scared, in which case take her away from what’s scaring her till it’s at the least severe stage where it still effects her, then use classical conditioning, build it up over time.

  6. Feeding dogs a raw diet is way better and way healthier, also it’s cheaper for you and your dog because you will be buying bulk of the food.

  7. oh man my dog is sleeping against me, and when jacob started barking at that little dog, my dog started growling in her sleep!

    1. Lauren Sadowski which pit bull? Pit bull is a type, averaging about 4-6 breeds in the category, depending on the person. Both breeds mentioned by Amr would be considered pit bulls. Though, I do think Jacob is a little small to be mixed with a dogo argentino ._.

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