Top 20 Unbelievable Cute Cross Breed Dogs You’d Want To Own


These following cute cross breed dogs are so fascinating, you'd want one for yourself. Keep watching to see just what type of breeds people have been creating in the last few decades.
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85 Comments on “Top 20 Unbelievable Cute Cross Breed Dogs You’d Want To Own”

  1. Awwww cuteness overloaded. Be right back, had to punch a wall to feel manly again. XD I make creepy videos on true stories if it interests anyone 😉

    1. Lexi Baker 🙄 Fucking furmommies. There’s a such thing as responsible breeders who health and temperament test. I’m not gonna go get a random shelter dog with god knows what temperament and health problems to be my service or working dog. For a pet, maybe but responsible breeders are fine to buy from.

    1. tbh it pisses me off when people make stupid cross breed dogs like a huge dog cross a smaller dog, or two dogs with really short muzzles like pugs and bulldogs

    2. this generation obviously doesn’t care about the health of the dog, just how it looks and how much money they’ll make

    1. Doodles do shed, the hairs just get caught in the coat, I’ve brushed them for owners so it’s crazy to see how much dander and fur is in the coat.

  2. Don’t breed Great Danes and chihuahuas. The size difference during breeding is dangerous, and trying to have a female Chihuahua carry the puppies can potentially kill the female (not to mention the piles of health issues).

    1. +Aliy Mccall If you were smart then you’d do something about that horrible grammar so people would take you seriously. Cause I just find this more amusing than anything with how bad it is. You can call me fake, you can say I’ve said nothing except lies and that I’m annoying but the truth is; you know you’re wrong or should stop. Otherwise you wouldn’t be trying to insult me, desperately try to prove you’re smart, turn around to act high and mighty, and get extremely salty when I say something back/won’t take you serious. Say what you will, not like it’s ever gonna bother me. At least I can say I’m not the one being petty for no reason at all. I thought you didn’t need to do research since you “know” everything about them? Or was that a lie? Cause it seems like it. Taking them to the vet is in the category of taking care of them which is what anyone can do. You don’t have to be smart to take an animal to the vet, anyone should be able to notice when something is wrong with their animal. Although, I have more common sense then you at this point because I know trying desperately to prove something isn’t worth it. Everyone should have some common sense but I guess not and further more; anyone can be farm life “smart” without living on a farm. It’s not that hard whatsoever and the only thing hard about it is taking care of a lot of different animals at one time but that’s called work. You see, I’m not trying to prove anything cause I don’t have to. I’m not turning to insults and acting high and mighty cause someone else is opposing you. At least I have friends and family that don’t think I’m annoying. Even people I just meet don’t think I’m annoying. Lastly, I’m always open to being wrong and being corrected cause it helps me learn. If I’m wrong then I’m wrong but if I’m right? I’m not gonna back down so easily to someone who’s wrong that thinks they’re right. I have you muted now so this is the last time I respond to your stupidity, have fun throwing a tantrum and being desperate with your poor grammar. ^.^

  3. I hate how they don’t mention that some of these “breeds” can pontentially be aggressive. Such as the chow chow husky mix, chow chows are extremely aggressive.

    1. Merris McDuffie all dogs can be potentially dangerous if in certain living environments if a dog is abandoned or abused for example they will be very aggressive since they don’t trust people

    2. +Ruth Gray I mean yea. My family has had all types of doggos over the years so I understand. Most of the dogs that are supposedly vicious dogs were big babies and so loving.

  4. Why didn’t you mention any of the health issues that these dogs come with. Especially rotties and Shepherds. They have a lot of leg problems and rotties can get bad breathing problems sometimes. Also maybe don’t get a Pug X Dachshund because dachshund get leg problems and pugs get breathing problems. Have fun looking after that ball of medical problems.

    1. Chev That’s it if you breed a pug and a dachshund then the pug’s breathing problems will not take effect,or at least not often because it usually is the dachshund snout while it’s usually the pug legs which don’t have much leg problems so you’re wrong the dog won’t have much medical conditions because it will have the features of both parents

    2. If you breed certain dogs together that can help take some of the health risks out. Dogs with short muzzles usually have breathing problems so if you breed with a dog that has a longer snout it would help curb that.

    3. Yes, I’m sorry. I forgot to mention that it’s sort of a what are the odds? Game with mixed breed, because they could get a lot of medical problems, but at the same time a lot of people breed dog to breed medical problems or of them, so I’m sorry for forgetting to mention that! 😂

    4. This video is so people know they exist you should always do research before even getting a pure breed and every dog is different
      Border collies are prone to hip dysplasia so the vet had him on supplements since he was 1 to help there are options then just don’t get them

  5. These are not breeds. Real breeds were generally bred for a specific purpose. Time and careful consideration was used to produce the right dog for a specific task or duty. These dogs are just existing breeds that people decided to cross. They are essentially mutts. No one has taken the time to experiment and finely tune these animals to be created for a specific purpose. These were lazy people that saw a way to separate a fool and their money. I love the dogs, just can’t stand the people behind them. The worst culprits are the people that have created the labradoodle, the doodle doodle, the oodle doodle, the oodle oodle doodle, the oodle doodle mcgoogle………you get the idea. The Poodle is the main ingredient is so many dogs. Here’s an idea, since Poodles come in 3 sizes, just get a Poodle and be done with it. Of course, then these unscrupulous people couldn’t make the bags of money that they are making by exploiting these poor animals.

    1. notsosilentmajority1 All Of these are breeds. Any type of dog is a breed whether it’s made for a purpose or not. Also you don’t decide why they are made but ANYTHING with a type is a breed! A lot of cats aren’t made for a reason like dogs are yet they’re counted as breeds. Same with squirrels, rats, cats, dogs, mice, snake, insect, spider, etc.

    2. I’m very sorry to be the bearer of bad news but everything you’ve just stated is kinda all incorrect. First, breed is used for categories so all dogs have a breed or are cross breeds, mutts are a mix of many dogs. Pure breeds are actually the problem. Your “fined tuned” animals with “carful consideration” is actually just inbreeding dogs and having a slew of health issues. Cross and mixed breeds are actually much much healthier than purebreeds, actually just inbreeds. Do your research before you go on a rant. These dogs are much healthier and happier mixed

    3. +Alexia Sunderland
      It is true that “mutts” are generally healthier than so called pure breed dogs. That is NOT what this discussion was about. Creating pure bred dogs is not “just inbreeding dogs” as you have stated. Pure breed dogs were created so people would have a dog suited for a certain purpose or job. It was done so that people could generally expect certain traits from each particular breed and then utilize those dogs for a specific purpose. This is why there are dogs that have been bred for water rescue or sled pulling or for tracking and protection work, etc., etc. If you are looking for a dog to do water rescue would you just go get a mutt or would you look at Newfoundlands or similar dogs? If you wanted a dog to track lost people and hopefully save lives you would look at Bloodhounds or similar breeds. It’s just common sense but that’s something you seem to be lacking. When done correctly there is a lot of research and care taken. Instead of coming across as a know it all, maybe you should (as you say) “do your research before you go on a rant”.

    4. +notsosilentmajority1 sorry but again no. They were breed for specific purpose and i love how you manage to completely ignore the other two points you said that were so blatantly wrong you didn’t even acknowledge them. Just because purebreeds were ment to do something doesn’t mean actually anything. Mutts and crossbreeds are better at these jobs than the actual purebreeds just because they’re much healthier and have the traits of these dogs. You can train a dog to do anything and if you’re getting upset that these dogs who were most definitely inbreeded to get specific traits, you can’t argue that it’s legitimately how you make dominating traits in dogs you seriously need a lesson on dog breeding, are somehow better its quite messed up. You seem to be the one only arguing in your favor. Additionally, its not common sense its common knowledge genius and that isn’t even common knowledge but fact.

  6. My friend had a golden doodle and she recently died in August and my friend is still upset
    1 like=1 prayer for my friend to be happy

    1. Christin Womack ikr!! Like frickin frick. Just think, if you’re the female Chihuahua and having babies who are supposed to be 5 times bigger than you, that dog would die

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