The Super “G” – Dog Days #12

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In this episode of DOG DAYS: When two pugs named George and Lenny are locked outside the porch gate, Lenny suggests staring at the humans inside the house until they come to retrieve them. George does not think this will work, so Lenny moves up one more step to better their chances of being seen. Meanwhile, George keeps complaining until Lenny suggests he might use those abilities to run for Congress. But to appease George, Lenny decides to use his Super G powers. (G meaning a loud growl.) And even though nobody responds to it, the powerful growl seems to have unhinged the gate for them. Unfortunately, the porch door is now closed, so they must eventually use their Super P (P for paws) to push the door open. So join these funny talking pugs as they brave the outdoors in this SUPER G episode of DOG DAYS.

getting their owners attention with his Super "G". (G standing for "Growl" of course)

George and Lenny are loosely based on the characters from the John Steinbeck novel, "Of Mice and Men."

This video is part of the DOG DAYS series from the ScoobyHubby channel. The series is a humorous collection of short videos featuring miniature Dachshunds and their puppies, a pile of Pugs, some Great Danes, a long-haired Akita, a Corgi and a Labrador or two. The dogs interact with each other in their natural habitats, while discussing a wide variety of topics, including current politics, celebrity gossip, movie and television shows, food and restaurants, and many other forms of entertainment and pop culture phenomenon.

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17 Comments on “The Super “G” – Dog Days #12”

  1. Those pugs are funny! Think I’ll watch the other Dog Days pugs. Thanks for not letting up on John Edwards and Tiger. There’s mileage yet in those two! The Super G sounds really funny coming from such a friendly looking dog. Thanks for some good laughs, Michael!

  2. robert4301–Thanks. I think the recent “press conference” (without the press) just started the whole Tiger cycle all over again.

  3. These cute pugs are celebrating the Winter Olympics with their own version of THE SUPER “G”.

    The Super “G” – Dog Days #12

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