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Testing exactly how the German Guard puppy responds to loud cracking whip as well as some pressure. This can push a pup into either battle or trip. For a pet dog that a police officer may depend on you want to start with the right genetics. If a dog does well on this examination DO NOT push the dog to failure. Allow them win the tug. Side note: Shake cans do not function well for housebreaking this type of puppy:-RRB-.

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  1. Thank you! It is not training, it is a test. I have played tug with the pup before, but this is the first day I cracked a whip in front of him. What you are seeing is the pups natural response. Particularly with dogs that need to perform in the real world it is important to start with a dog that naturally reacts certain ways in certain situations. the desired natural reaction to certain tests is different according to what task the dog is desired for.

  2. I do value your opinion and if I was training for a calm full mouth bite for certain sports I would agree, but since i do personal protection and prepping for potential police apprehension I bring the stress as high as possible without breaking the dog, then the dog is stronger with each session. Either way, this was more of a “test” than a training session to see how the pup reacts to pressure. The pup always wins at the end, but would be very bad if I took the pressure further than this.

  3. Also, if you watch closely I reward the pup for his rebites during the stress, At each step in the training process which eventually accumulates to real weapon hits, I teach and encourage the dog the best way to relieve the stress which is always going to be to either bite deeper, shake, pull down, or transfer to the weapon arm. Most of these very bad for most the sports but work very well in certain real situations to keep the dog safe.

  4. Is was mostly a joke but a therapy dog is used to bring people comfort for various reasons. You need a very non-reactive social dog with a tendency for submission toward humans. German shepherds are an interesting breed because they are selectively bred for so many different tasks – some of which are very different. That is why it is important to choose carefully from a breeder who breeds for YOUR specific intentions and not just money or a show ribbon.

  5. The puppy bit the handler because he was frustrated that he couldn’t get to the tug.Its called”active aggression”He is actually extremely excited and lives for this type of fight.If you met him in person or watched him in puppy socialization classes you would see a very balanced puppy that doesn’t flinch at anything and is very social with all dogs and people.I know stress at this age can effect some puppies but we wouldn’t use those in our program. someones life may depend on this dog one day.

  6. also we respect that some people may take a year “desensitizing” a dog to whips, stick hits, even eye contact because they are genetically too soft to handle real pressure – but will eventually with good training end up getting a sport title that “looks” like a real working dog. We CAN’T waste our time with those dogs and when this pup or his siblings find working jobs the handler will appreciate that.

  7. lol,im the helper and the pup goes home with me and my family. trust me the pup doesnt care.It is active aggression.All aggression has fear as an element but it is how the dog deals with it is what we are looking for.Some are likely to go into flight others go into fight.Also,dont worry about the dog biting the guy restraining him from me.It is a good trait and wont be a problem when he is finished with formal training.The video is a test/demo of the puppies traits.Not supposed to be a “how to”.

  8. Oh my puppy definitely doesn’t have that sort of drive ha ha 🙂 daddy is personal protection and she’s 12 weeks old and I can barely get her to play tug of war ha ha ha!! This puppy is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great work!!!!! <3

  9. soooo cute, this pup has great drive, my question is when he looked at his handler like let me go…will this be a problem when he is older? would he nip his handler to let him go??? thanks in advance! cool video.

  10. VERY nice pup, love the drive and nerve he shows. He reminds me more of a mal then a gsd. Gotta love the internet experts that show how ignorant they are with their comments. Keep up the good work.

  11. Wow this is crazy! What a high drive this pup has! So does training begin soon after this eval ?! And protection training can be done with most breeds correct ? I have a chow mix and I would live to get him into it as great training/ obedience and protection for myself. He is a smaller guy. 50 pounds but high high drive

    1. protection training is a mix of taking prey drive, for the bite tube or sleeve (eventually) and developing bite training in prey drive (as a tug-of war for the prey object. Once the dog matures, much further down the line and has been trained to bite in prey drive, with a full mouthed grip, the dog is then switched into defense drive, where the person carrying the bite tube is no longer a tug-of-war play partner, but an enemy to be opposed and fought. The dog most relieve the pressure placed upon it, with using biting now in defense drive, but it was trained in prey drive initially. The balance of switching between prey and defense drive is called fight drive, the mix of the two. Some breeds have a lot of prey drive, like a Golden Retriever, that will chase a ball all day long, but zero defensive drive. So they can’t do man-work. Some breeds have a lot of defensive drive, like Rottweiler, but are low in prey drive, so it’s hard to train in prey drive initially. The CHOW is not a high prey drive breed, but a high defensive drive breed, and initial training on young pups in my experience is purely done in prey drive.

    2. +alexnds1
      hey, that’s quite interesting. do you know where i can look up more material on what you wrote?

    3. +CaptainFlamingo19 try Leerburg; and they have two videos, one called “first steps of bite training” where everything is taught as prey drive only and later, when the puppy is much older, almost 12 to 14 months old, try “first steps of defense” a video of how how to introduce defensive/aggression drive into the dog that has been taught the mechanics of biting in prey only initially.

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