Teach YOUR Dog to LOVE Getting a Bath!

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Lots of us have pets that are not fond of obtaining a bathroom. I am asked about the very best way to get your pet comfortable with washing! Piper the charming Australian Guard puts on an excellent show in my brand-new video!

61 Comments on “Teach YOUR Dog to LOVE Getting a Bath!”

  1. Zak.. I am a groomer and work at Petco.. I use all the encouragement and kindness i can with all the dogs… that is what sets me apart!! thanks for all you do!

  2. Great video! A shout out to Muddy Mutts!!! Best place to take ur dog for a wash after the dog park…just down the road… Owned by the sweetest couple(my niece and nephew no predjudice there, check them out. They also have full line of goodies, outfits and anything ur pooch could want

    1. It really is an innovative concept an great idea! We had a terrific experience there!

    2. Muddy Mutts is such a brilliant idea 🙂   I live in Germany and have never seen a “dog wash” place – hmm, as I love dogs and need a business idea, maybe this is it!!! 

    3. +Ruthie G You can find them on facebook, they are in New Orleans.a great place to visit and get to know other dog lovers in ur area. It has been a great success! Saves your back, no messy bathroom and less stress on u both. If there isn’t anything like it where u are it could just be what ur looking for and besides it would be fun to go to work!

  3. Really great video!! I love your videos. Always helpful and realistic. My dog hates the bath so much , I will try to do as you show. Thank you very much!

    1. Thank you! I think it is so important to feature dogs new to the skill we are teaching. Glad you enjoy the videos!

  4. You should really do videos of your own dogs doing awesome tricks, along with them playing fetch and frisbee. I love your videos and I love the way you train by the way! Keep up the great info!

    1. Anything is possible, just remember that all dogs are different, as long as you know when to give rewards and take your time with training I would say that it is fully possible to train two small dogs at the same time.

    1. If you don’t have a bathtub like I do use a small inflatable pool or pail (wide one I forgot what it’s called)

  5. My dog still isn’t very fond of baths but she is slowly getting used to it. I am going to try to take it more slowly and see if it will help. Your videos are very helpful.

    1. tim204 A lot get docked so that the dog wont trip and get hurt. a lot of dogs when having puppies will bite it off themselves

    1. Because he is sponsored. They pay him to advertise so he can keep making videos and earn a living. Which I am grateful for!

    1. So does mine. She looks so desperately sad and just shakes a lot, but I’ve got to bathe this stinky dog. It’s yucky. I am trying to be gentle and go slow. Hmmm. Best of luck to you.

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