Teach Your Dog 3 Tricks in 1 Day! Speak, Shake and…

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    1. +gesman5000 So is Ant Download Manager. I’ve been using that more than IDM because it supports so many other websites. It has a terrific UI too.

    2. I will give you some great ideas, tricks, and instruction that may help you turn your puppy into the best behaved, most happy, jogging, bouncing, slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted?. Watch here > DogTraining55.blogspot.com

  1. my yorkie knows:
    Sit. Paw. Other paw. High five. Other high five. Beg. Two handed high five. Balancing on hind legs. Play dead. Down. Rollover. Head down. Go to crate. Jump over my legs. Go under my legs. Weave. Figure eights. Circling ariund me. Touching the wall. Paws on my arm or table. Pray. Speak. Sneeze. Give me the toy. Getting a toy (“go get it!”). And some more^^

    1. +Dave King It’s halfway between lay-down and roll-over. Zak George has a video on it…and there are a lot of different training videos on youtube. Essentially you move a treat around behind the dog’s head while they’re laying down and as they turn to get it, they’ll lay on their side.

    2. Jenna Lee wow, my dog knows about that number of tricks but they’re different tricks, but he’s about 8 so xD my 4 yr old dog only knows sit and balance TT TT

    1. +SonikBurritos I like this video, particularly the advice in the second half for how to train puppy not to bite you
      . Another resource I also found useful for house training lhasa apso
      was Knewreck Puppy Course Guide – it will be on google if you need it

  2. I taught my Husky something.
    Whenever i say, or anyone else or the video says ”What does the Fox say?”
    He goes “AWWUGHHH!”

    1. ॐ same with my four year old dog. my eight year old dog learns new tricks everyday since I started teaching him new ones.

    1. Ken Sama ha! Mine calculates the mathematical probability that the universe’s axis is co curricular to the omniverse

    2. Friends have you tried 4TrainYourDog.blogspot.com I think this website has the best dog training program I ever found on the internet Recommended to all…

  3. Yeah so I started training with a clicker and a year later when visiting a liqueur store a similar sound was made and my dog, a black shipoo, robbed the place! She’s in jail now, THANKS SO MUCH CLICKER GUY WITH REALLY SOFT VOICE AND NICE SMILE!!

  4. No 13 week old pup knows sit, lay down, roll around, spin to the right, bow, come and im just staring to teach him to stay and spin left 😀

    1. sorry but you are wrong, mine was 6-7 weeks old when i taught him, sit, lay down, get in your house, and “eat” when i served food to his plate…you can train your dog at really , i mean really early times, it needs patience, kindness, treats, rewards, games, and time, a lot of time…build a bridge of communication and get to know its character, you’ll be amazed with the results…oh and clicker is not necessary…respect the dog, do not manipulate him…

    1. …and you bet you could teach a dog few tricks in a few hours, but get real that it sticks with out vigilance and further learning sessions. Why are adults talking like 13 year olds? Why are adults laughing at 13 year old kid, type jokes? Farting. Pooping. Barfing, Burping…sigh. Not really funny except to think about an adult enjoying a dog farting…alphabet…stooping to a child’s level of what is funny.

      Orifice noises are kinda scary, cause most of us have no idea of the why. So a little fear about unknown bodily functions we make people who know nothing about their bodies…act silly like a child. People that DO understand bodily functions and more are not amused. Boring. Duh howdy.

      What is cool yet impossible to describe is the non verbal communication and bonding with an animal. ( Don’t you DARE go there sickos!) It is beautiful and life affirming. That maybe we humans could belong on this planet. Right now we are but a virus that will not be missed at all if we disappear. Plain and simple.

  5. My border collie knows how to:
    Sit. Stay. Come. Get the ball. Give Paw (shake.) High Five. (taught him that today!) Mush: (Go command.) Drop. Fetch. Up.

    My Pug knows how to:
    Poop inside when it’s raining.
    Break into the pantry and eat the human food.

    1. Ky Cifuentes my border collie is so stubborn when we put the leash on him, he just doesn’t move.

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