Strongest Dogs in the World


Who is the strongest dog in the world?
watch our video to find out!
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80 Comments on “Strongest Dogs in the World”

  1. FYI: there has been no actual record of a doberman with that bite force. They’ve never even been recorded breaking 300lbs of bite force. A doberman would be dominated by a rottie.

    1. Bite force is so flexible. I mean a military working german shepard who is bite trained can have up to 700lb bite force. These videos only use the statistics they can find from internet. Everybody has seen the video of national geograph and thinks it’s the ultimate truth no honey. You have to test the strongest the super athletes of every breed. Like gsd that are working for navy seals or at military the rotties that is used by police or as a personal protection dogs. You can’t just take a random dog from every breed and think that’s their average bite force. Every dog is raised differently and for different causes. A household gsd ofc uses far less he’s teeths than police gsd or a kangal that has to protect life stock from predators because they are usually raw fed and bite trained. Same with pitbulls you can’t expect a household pitbull to have a same bite force as a trained fighting pitbull. Most of those fighter pits likely has a bite force of 500 or even more.

  2. The only thing that is deadly about my Kangal is his farts they are silent but deadly his farts and ninjas

    1. Ekin Yetkin Kaygusuz so what you’re stupid coz still you can’t say it’s Turkish dog it’s belong to Anatolia and you’re not native people of Anatolia so There is nothing to be proud off for you about this dog

    2. Cart Curt haha You are a mother fucking stupid Barbaric i am proud That I have a Aryan blood So you are only can take our dicks and put it to your fucking mums vagina hahaha 🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕

    1. +Cappa Donn whatever your name is what you just said is right but not full story that’s sharri mountain dog or aka ilirian Albanian dog and is between Albania kosova and ( macedonian Albanian land territorial speaking ) and dog owner in this video is Albanian so if you tell the story say it right because Yugoslavs register dog change names for political reason or whatever they might be that’s different issue get strap men ..😁

    2. For those who keeps protesting that *Kangal* ain’t the strongest, I’d like to see a different breed besides *Kangal* that can kill a Wolf 1v1.

    3. Mister Sauce a caucasian Shepherd can. This has it wrong. A Caucasian shepherd can weigh up to 90 kg. Almost 30 kgs more than a kangal, has the same bite force. Some sources even say higher, also has a main than wont allow a kangal to even grip its neck. Also a caucasian shepherd has a higher muscle mass, making the caucasian Shepard able to throw a kangal around.

    1. +dan tan This is not science. Its just personal views presenter as facts. Fact is that thin and narrow jaws, as a dobermann has, can not at all deliver The same bite force as from a wide and short jaw, as a rottweiler has got.

  3. Doggos #1 for family’s and property protection.I’ve owed alotta dogs with its intelligence n strength along with smarts these are the 1 for me n mine

  4. I was about to say where’s the kangal but he’s first I have one he’s a lion he’s near enough broken a metal chain

    1. +Sai Kumar It’s a Dogo Argentino – I have one. Google the name, it’s one of the first pics to come up under the breed. (the still frame pic)

  5. My Uncle in izmir he has a kangal and that dog has fear of cats 😂 .. but they did not educate him aggressively ! The dog has always got what he wants, they spoiled him … we buyin an ice cream and the dog makes grrrrrrr, he also wants one 😂 .. in 5secs he ate the ice

  6. Click bait! You put a question mark on a picture of Dogo Argentino and then you cheat people saying that he is a bully kutta.

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