Separation Anxiety: Does your dog go crazy when you leave? Here’s what to do!

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60 Comments on “Separation Anxiety: Does your dog go crazy when you leave? Here’s what to do!”

  1. one of the worst things you can do with s.a dogs is to greet, say good bye, talk in a way you would to comfort a child. don’t greet your dog, don’t say good bye, spend two hours going in and out of your house picking up and dropping off your keys every time. do that three or four days, when you enter, far from door, wait until your dog has four on the floor, then don’t speak, but give deep massage.

    you are looking to reduce anxiety, not bring up arousal which can translate into fear. you want complete calm when you enter and exit, then there will be complete calm when you are away.

  2. our dog has bad speration anixety he cries, barks and whin when we leave or if he’s I’m his cage I’m the same room as us. he pees in the house and poops when he knows we are about to leave. it’s getting really hard for us to deal with and we’re trying to find different ways to deal. he’s an very affectionate dog likes to be close to you in the same room and etc. he follows us around the house and walks back and forth between rooms if we’re not all in the same room. what should we do to help him

    1. +Amir McDaniel my dog had a mild case of separation anxiety, she would cry and whine even if i was in another room. she will wait for me and not move until i was with her again and this is what i did. when i left her i did not give her any attention and the same when i came back to her i dint even look at her, i came back to her and gave her no attention until she was calm or laying down in her bed. we play frizbe and do alot to tire her out we even train. i have only done the ignoring thing for only two days now and she hasnt barked or whined at all. she used to wait for me and just now i came down stairs and saw her laying on my floor so relaxed i was so surprised. shes learning and being more confident in doing things on her own. i even used to go and wait out with her for her to potty outside and now she just ventures out on her own and does her thing. i think its important to not give sympathy or attention when they freak out. its like having a puppy in the crate and you hear them cry so you take them out and they learn that crying gets them what they want. be strong and i know it hurts to hear them cry but trust me its what they need to learn to be a little more confident and always start slow. start with a baby gate and leave them in the other room and slowly distance it once they are calm just a few feet away. anyway hope i helped and good luck!!!

    2. +miah thanks love, those are great tips, I will try them for sure and hope for successful results, we just got him last month and he’s a handful already! Sometimes I have to keep reminding myself he’s only 10 weeks and he’s still a baby and it’s probably just puppy phase. We just dont want to carry it to adult hood, he’s more closer to me than anyone else in the house so yeah. Lol he tries and challenges my granny, he doesn’t seem to understand the word “no”, unless you give him a light tap on the butt. Lol yeah it doesn’t surprise me, we read so much about his breed. They said you have to be the dominant one, and right now I think he’s dominant over me honestly lol, I will definitely try these tip’s! Wish me luck! He does the same thing your baby did. I can’t even go to another room for one second without him hollering 😳 he wants to be under me 24/7, I will be trying these tip’s!

    3. +Amir McDaniel youre very welcome girly and good luck. what kind if dog is he? and its awsome hes still really young you have some hope lol.

    4. Amir McDaniel a better way to teach no is to make him sit or lay down to calm down when he doesn’t listen once he is calm resume your activities. You want to use a firm voice but hitting doesn’t help. It’s proven a dog won’t associate the tap with the word and action. Another thing is to use the scruff on the puppy. This mimics momma dogs reaction to unwanted behaviors. You’ll see faster results.

  3. My puppy has severe separation anxiety. She’s 4 months old, so it’s expected. The other day we had to leave for 5 hours to go to a funeral. the very next day our neighbor, who lives in the apartment below us, complained that the puppy cried for nearly 2 hours!! I apologized to her and explained that we were at a funeral, and that we’re working to train her to be quiet when we leave. The neighbor was nice about it, but you could tell she was still annoyed.

  4. Cool video but it took 7 minutes to get to the point. You could really cut a good portion of the beginning and be much more concise.

  5. My dog literally crashed through a window trying to get to me when I left without him yesterday. Poor pup cut his nose. Now that’s extreme anxiety.

    1. ” Jesus Christ 1 year ago
      did his nose heal? is he okay now? ”

      Come on Jesus if you don’t know who does? 🙂

    2. A L I have a puppy husky and he’s great when there’s someone around the house but once he knows he’s alone he gets real destructive . And I tried leaving him in the crate he would be fine but once I leave or my girlfriend he goes crazy . Any advice?

    3. My Husky is well trained, except for the separation anxiety. She obeys all commands, is good with other dogs, & is good with people & kids. She gets 3 hours at the dog park every day. She gets a 3 mile walk. & I have another dog that she plays with all day, with an equal amount of energy. She can’t stay in a crate, because she will break out. She tears up everything! She can do lots of damage in just 5 minutes. So frustrating.

    4. My dog pushed the entire house off the foundation and ran down the street dragging it after me with her nose.

  6. My dog has EXTREME separating anxiety, if I go to the bathroom for like 2 mins she’ll be screaming and clawing the door and the way she screams make it sound as if she’s being abused. Same with if we leave she goes ballistic and I can hear her crying all the way from my car.

    1. Desiree Becker my resque had the same issue. I loved with other humans making it easier when I left. After a year of slowly blocking his access, like he showed here, and rewarding calm behavior. Then providing other comforts, like companions and toys, he was much better. It takes a long time for him and he’s still attached at my hip after 2 years 10 months.

    2. Desiree Becker same is the oroblem with my pup… he goes into a frenzy even if i go to the bathroom… he cries and growls and poops in the house and pees wherever he wants to… even on my bed… and goes crazy… scratches… whines… cries… i dont know what to do…

  7. That’s exactly what I did with my sheltie. He was starting crying and barking immediately I leave the house. So went out just for 1 second and got back instantly. Then I went for 2 seconds, then 3, and so on up to 10. 15 seconds, 20 seconds, etc. Yes it took a few hours to teach him to wait calmly just for 20 minutes. But at the end he understood that I’m not going forever and that me leaving and returning is not a big deal.

    1. “es it took a few hours to teach him to wait calmly just for 20 minutes. But at the end he understood that I’m not going forever and that me leaving and returning is not a big deal.”

      Or maybe it waits 20 minutes then goes nuts ….. 🙂

    2. You were incredibly lucky for this to only take a few hours, in fact makes me wonder if he had real SA if it was that quick. For most people, 20 minutes will take weeks or months to work up to

    1. It’s not really resentment. The best way to get over this is to provide another activity before you leave. Walk your dog then play fetch or something this will train him that your not just waiting on him to use the bathroom to leave. Another thing to watch out for is calling him inside right after going. Make sure you don’t associate the end of anything with using the bathroom. The next thing is to teach them where to go when your gone. My dogs know to go on tile. If they go elsewhere they are called out on it, not punished just a negative tone to the household. If they go on tile then everything is good. My one dog recently started going in the shower and is praised for it. Dogs will have accidents during training. Don’t punish something after it is done. Puppy pee pads are a great training tool.

    1. How long did it take for her to be Quite I work with dogs rescues Foster’s etc.I’ve never seen a case this bad as my Lab/Dalmatian She’s gonna pee in her cage and never quit till you let her outside Then ignore her while her 85lb body his bumping all around you!! This is hard when your disabled…We’ve has her for 3 years she sees we always come back never crate longer than 4-5 Hours…I have no idea what’s she’s liken when I’m gone…I know when we pull in the garage she don’t stop!! Till after being out of crate in back yard for about 10-15 mins

  8. High thoughts: I would really love to see Zak George helping with the school system bc his way of teaching is great!

    Definitely helping me raise my puppy together one video at a time lmao. 😂

  9. It’s so easy to say yeah add some treat, spends some money, and add exercise. But if your doing this and coming home to a destructive house this seems really useless. Then people always say we’ll just pay for a doggy day care. I’m sorry if I had the money to pay for a day care I’d pay for a damn trainer instead of watching this fool tell me how to spend more money I don’t have.

    1. I know how you feel Dominique. I grew up in the country on 10 acres with outdoor dogs. When I was in my early 20’s I got a dog with my husband and didn’t have much money, little time and energy after work. Kids came along and the situation was even more difficult. She passed away at 13 years old and I knew that I didn’t want to get another dog until we had enough money and time to really train a dog and take care of her needs. It is 7 years later and we just adopted a shelter dog and it is so much better. Having enough money and time to spend on your dog (which is more than my parents did with their country canines but not nearly as much as some others) makes such a huge difference in how much you enjoy having a dog.

    2. All that hostile complaining about not being shown how to stop your dog destroying the house on a video that was not about that. *Slow Clap*

    3. Dogs and kids take a lot of time and money. Try looking for supplies, crates, even toys used — craigslist and garage sales, dog clubs, etc. are good options. If you want to purchase new stuff, try — I got a crate there at half what they wanted at Petsmart. Patience and an investment of time and effort will pay off later with a better behaved child and/or dog. My puppy would chew the sheetrock off the walls if we left her to her own devices. That’s why I crate her if i’m not going to be home (no more than 4 hours though). If all else fails and you don’t have the time to train your dog, surrender them or try to find another forever home. Maybe you’ll have time a little later in life.

    1. Friends have you tried
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    1. Michaela Tibbatts try bully sticks. My pup had a real bad teething problem. As soon as I bought bully sticks all the biting stopped

    2. My dog have been abused by her previous family she is blind in one eye she would bite us when we put her leash on or try to pick her up or when we put her outside she would scratch the door and loud noises make her go into battle mode I need help with my 3 year old shihzo

    3. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution Can you help my sister because when she or my mom leaves then he starts whining and will try to get to us in a very weird way

  10. Love it I’m on the good side of youtube again💕💕💕my dog has a barking problem and opening the door also anxiety being separated from my mom.

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