Schutzhund Boxer, Police K9, Working Boxer Dog,Deutscher Boxer

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29 Comments on “Schutzhund Boxer, Police K9, Working Boxer Dog,Deutscher Boxer”

  1. I have a boxer for a service dog. I have only had to use him for protection once. (we were attacked by a police k-9 in California). I gave him his command and he took out the shepherd. He has also been through cancer treatment with me and also does some therapy work. Babies are his downfall. even when he’s working, if he sees a baby. he’ll look at me like “break time?” Friendliest dog in the world…..but very protective of his human.

    1. A fat boxer won’t ever look like a fat lab (for example) unless its WAY over-fed *generally speaking* because of the extreme curvature of their abdomen.

  2. Looks a dead ringer for my recently passed Roxie and trust me same attitude! How I miss that girl…Congrats on a gorgeous girl!!

    1. It’s not really animal cruelty if you see a boxer with bobbed tails because they were born with it. Some boxers have long tails, bobbed tails, ears up and ears down. I know this because I own a boxer.

  3. Dang! Boxers started my love for dogs and now I’m pursuing a career in military working dogs. This is impressive and shows me something I didn’t know about boxers. That dog hit as hard as a Belgian malinois!

    1. poopdawg2301 yes they do. But you have to buy a German boxer. Not an American show dog version. The German ones are still bred to work.

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