Rottweiler Personal Protection Training (

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Milo is an individual defense educated rottweiler as well as his trainer is our customer. We are arbitrarily practicing various protection and also guard commands at "Bite Club". What you see is mostly a video game to the dog, however aids prepare the dog and also owner for the unusual circumstance where the pet could be utilized in a personal safety and security scenario. Any kind of pet dog that has the natural reaction to be protective or guard is mosting likely to be safer if the handler techniques manage over those reactions. You could discover even more concerning us at

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  1. that rotty is awsome, i miss mine r.i.p roxy i would love to know how to teach a dog that kind of skill, weldone you

  2. Good boy!! Im going to buy a rottweiler soon and I’m looking so forward to it..I’ll work on personal protection etc with it.. πŸ™‚ exited!

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