Rottweiler Attack Training (

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The best ways to train a rottweiler K9-1 Dog Training Design. This Rottie is Milo. He is personal security trained to safeguard his proprietor for protective objectives only. Different style dog training than an authorities pet or K9. See dog training educational video clips at

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  2. I wish my rottweiler was like that. If someone attacked me while I was walking my dog, my dog would probably leave me and run away.

    1. tbh my dog is super like this to literally anyone but family :/ need to teach him who is bad and who is not

  3. Thats my dog! The Rottweiler my opinion the best dog of dogs! I love Rottweilers!  Greetings from Amphipolis/Macedonia in Hellas!  with respect to  these Dog trainers! Κ-9-1  in the United States of America! Congratulations!   Thank you guys!…

  4. I rescued a Rottie back in 98. He was the meanest dog I ever had. To me and my family he was a big baby, but if anyone came in that yard…they would be dead. RIP Sabian.

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