Puppy Training 101: This is What a Typical Day Should Look Like

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64 Comments on “Puppy Training 101: This is What a Typical Day Should Look Like”

    1. + Tiesha Milay No, you’re wrong. When I got my puppy (which is about 13-14 weeks old) she already had fleas. So no, it’s not “due to my negligence”.

    2. @KatieFaust Your vet can you give prescription pills to give your dog monthly. Most puppies come with fleas and worms UNLESS they have previously been dewormed. Wash your puppy with warm water and miles soap until they are at the appropriate age for a flea prescription.

    3. Katie Faust definitely visit your vet and tell them about your problem! They should give you some heart worm and flea and tick prevention pills!

  1. Another awesome video! So much valuable information. We pick up our puppy in 3 weeks, I’m so excited to try this stuff out 🤓❤️🐶🐾

  2. I got my new puppy on Monday (Halloween) and boy has he worn me out. He absolutely hates his crate (I have been using your tips to get him crate trained) I haven’t been forcing him in it at all and I’ve been giving him plenty of treats when he’s in it and what not. At night when I get him to go in it to sleep he just cries. I leave him while he’s crying because I don’t want to teach him that crying will get you out of the crate and I tell myself that eventually he’ll just get tired and stop, right? Nope-_- he just cries and cries and then cries some more… I’m exhausted to say the least. Hopefully he’ll start to get more comfortable with it soon.

    1. Very normal for an 8 week old. Do make sure he is receiving plenty of age appropriate exercise during the day and just before bed time.

  3. can you do a video on how to stop a dog from jumping when entering in their space. for example my dog loves to jump on me when I enter my house

    1. 🙂 I have many videos on the topic and I’m sure I’ll be doing more! 🙂 Good luck!

    2. mexican vegan We have a jumping problem too! Mostly on others. We use the word “off” firmly with a hand signal and then give attention when they are no longer jumping. Say “good off, good boy/girl” but we still have trouble w him jumping on others.

    3. what is typically recommended, especially if you have a big dog, is to raise your knee so they can’t make contact with your body, which is what they want. Pairing that with a command and ignoring them until they settle down will calm them over time.

  4. I really love your videos specially seeing the love for dogs is so sweet. I am getting a pup in few days and I am so thrilled but at the same time really freaked out. From what I have read so far from experience training pups can be so difficult .. I am not saying I don’t want to put efforts because I really do but what if I fail? And approx how many weeks it takes to train a pup.. I am getting a labra btw 🙂

    1. I think you probably figured it out by now but for all the people still need tips about this i highly recommend a box or a cage with some old blankets in it and throw in some toys too. Blankeds are great if they already have the habit of sleeping on them and also its good for them puking or peeing accidentally. Keep phsical contact so theyll keep calm if stressed, and stop and take them out for a strech in every one or two hours. Remember, their age in months plus one is how long they can hold their bladder for puppies 🙂 good luck folks

    2. I travelled 3 states away for my puppy and it took me 5 days on the road with her to get back home. You need a crate, at least 3 regular sized towels, food surface safe lysol spray(no Chem residue in case you have no water), paper towels, poop bags, puppy food, variety of textured toys, kong, bowl that does not tip, and a jug of water. They also need a leash/collar, some sort of treat to chew when bored in the crate and make sure you look up where there are self wash dog grooming. It’s like 15 dollars and trust me, it saved my life when I was traveling especially since my baby threw up in her crate and peed all over herself and they even let me deep clean her crate!!

    3. And to bring dog shampoo and fresheners, plus dog wipes. In case you are in a pet safe hotel and puppy has an accident then stumbles on it you can wash her. They saved my life!!!!

    1. wwryftw dog aren’t suppose to go out side at all until they have all they’re shots even then you’re suppose to wait a week before you take outside. The usually get they’re final shots at around 16 weeks

  5. You should do a video on kids and training. Or, everyone in the family. Does everyone need to spend time training? We are a family of 4. Also, is playing outside maybe fetch or tug of war adequate exsersize? Or do dogs have to go on long walks? Basically, what is adequate exercise for a puppy or adult dog?

    1. I saw lots of play and at least 2 walks a day, your dog just wants to get out to sniff around, and i play tug of war and fetch to ware my puppy out so it could work for your dog

    1. My puppy naturally likes car rides, hes very calm, relax, and aware all at the same time. I think you just need to probably sit with him/her and if they start getting nervous or anxious, remind them that the car is a good place.

    2. Mikayla You shouldn’t let your dog eat right before your road trip, or it would vomit, just let the dog eat at least 1 hour before the trip.

    1. [ KowToo] I think that you would just employ the same techniques, and just subsitute the language. If you use hand signals as well, and use the same signal for, let’s say sit, in both languages, then the dog should pick up on it pretty quickly

  6. I really wish you would do some videos on deaf dogs. Ive trained my dog with some of your videos, even though ..i had to modify the technique. But im having trouble with my stubborn english bull terrier.

    1. jessica martinez Hey, it’s actually against the law to get a puppy younger than 8 weeks, they need to socialise with their brothers and sisters to learn manners and they are just too young to leave their Mum

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