Personal Protection Training for Puppies: Preparing for Weapon Disable (

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26 Comments on “Personal Protection Training for Puppies: Preparing for Weapon Disable (”

  1. I have a feeling the dog training videos aren’t so “instructional” because it takes a lot of dedication, patience, consistency, and energy to train a dog. I know if I was a trainer I wouldn’t want people attempting it because of the severity of danger.

    1. Took me around two weeks (around 2hrs/day after work ) to train my doberman to do that. At first he just look at me funny when I charged him with a rubber baton. Another clip showed me to let the puppy chew and played tug of war with it 1st. After around 5days it sort of fall into place. Thanks for the upload guys.  

  2. I’ve been watching your videos and researching PPDs lately. Our family is Moving soon to a rual area, and we have been told you can’t have a PPD and a family dog all in one. (I don’t buy it, I had a great friend as a child who was both the best family dog, and a great protector. He was a mutt but he was awesome.) Do you have any resources for breeds, or breed mixes (since we’ll likely shelter adopt.) Dogs which are both loving family companions (very important for a family with children.) But also train well for PP?

  3. So is it OK for the owner(s) to train the dog for protection? I have heard that the people the dog is being trained to protect should never be the ‘bad guy’. Does k91 agree with this? Your videos are awesome!

  4. My female GSD has finished her all her basic commands,Sit,Down,Fetch,Wait,Come,In,Out,Climb,Cover eye’s,Leave it,Heel,Stay,Play dead. I want to start her with Protection training since we have three little girls and that’s the reason we choose out sweet Bella. I was wonder where do I start with teaching her to try to bit the object, She just looks at us ,Doesn’t bark or try to bite it. Now saying that she is very protective already no but a small child will she let come near any of us without barking and jumping at them until given our command for her to stop. Where should I try to start training with the protection ?

    1. you need a dog with prey drive. Make the puppy tug, tied to a rope, move fast, like  a mouse. Make rapid motion. Make the dog miss the bite. Frustration builds drive. You need a person experienced in this to help you. Basically, without motion, there is no prey object.

  5. Why do k9-1 says this is a special training method????? In europe we train our policedogs just the same way nothing special about it …… This is just the way you learn a policedog to bite. We even kick and slap the dogs a bit to let them learn just to let go on command not by being hit

    1. These dogs are being prepared to disable weapons and transfer to the weapon if it is moved to the other hand as you can see the adults do in many of our videos, such as “Training Personal Protection Dogs To Protect Themselves! (” or “Bite Work with Young German Shepherd (k9-1)” or “Dog Training – How to train dogs for Real Protection. Must See! (k9-1)”.  This is not the typical way dogs are trained in europe.  They are typically trained in Europe (and most programs) to hold onto a bite while they are beat with a fist, kick, OR WEAPON. It is different and if you can find me ONE video of a reputable working dog establishment in Europe doing it this way i would be very surprised.  Police dogs anywhere are NOT trained like this, as it may not be the best style for most applications anyway.  This is best suited for personal protection dogs that do not have officer back-up and are used for defense.

    2. +flipkuh Cool video.thanks for the training tips The best guides that I have looked at was at Brainy paws (searched google) Without a doubt the most incredible dog training tips that I have ever tried.

  6. thanks. very helpful. The best guides that I have noticed was at Brainy paws (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most helpful dog training tips that I have ever used.

  7. I have a 4 month old GSD. I’d love to pursue her on being a protection dog but idk where to do so. Do police stations offer training?

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