Operant Conditioning in Dog Training – A lesson from the Dog Training Guys! (K9-1.com)

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Follow us! for more information regarding operant conditioning and the globe of dog training. Discover positive support, positive penalty, adverse support, adverse penalty, as well as extinction in this insightful, yet unusual, video clip from "The Dog Training People!" Most likely to for a complete online dog training lesson.

20 Comments on “Operant Conditioning in Dog Training – A lesson from the Dog Training Guys! (K9-1.com)”

  1. Really enjoyed the video guys, Exept for the practical example of positive punishment with the pitty.

    It is only a punisher if it changes the behaviour, that “no, no” was no where near aversive enough to discourage her breaking the stay. She did not see that as a punisher at all. Because you used the same “good dog” tone. Although it did work as far as comunincating the fact that she was going to miss out on the treat. So really it was a conditioned punisher preceding negative punishment.

  2. @skinnydogkew Your right, we use the “no” as a conditioned punisher in a neutral tone. Some people use it in a harsher tone and it could be punishment in itself. She reacts to the neutral tone because it has been paired with the leash correction (unconditioned punisher) which always comes after (if she doesn’t respond to the “no”). This video is more of an intro to OC, but hopefully will get into some of the technicals of conditioned vs unconditioned soon. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. hilarious….can u guys change the second half to be less rushed/confusing? like a clean cut of each quadrant using different cues for the dog? it was just a jumpbled mess of “goooodd ggirrl…nono! ok…back on the thong…gooodd…nono!” lol but the first half was very well done!

  4. You Dog Training Guys have by far the best dog training videos Ive ever seen… and they’re hilarious too, and poignant and intelligent. I just adopted a Red-nose American Pit from the ACC. He was scheduled to be put down and I saw him online and saved him. When I took him to the vet I was told he had pneumonia and was extremely malnourished. It’s been 3 weeks and his lungs are clear and he’s put on 4 lbs. but best of all his energy is back and he’s being a dog again. Now that he’s better the training begins… first on me, then on him. thank you for all of these. I found exactly what I was looking for after going through countless D. Training vids. Thank you so much!

  5. Your examples with the humans are amazing. I unfortunately, have definitely abused those operant conditionings, both through watching how others trained their dogs, and by not being self controlled, and the content you guys have been producing is making me see things in a whole new light! Thank you guys! really striving to be a well informed leader

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