Nora – Female German Shepherd Hidden Sleeve Test (

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Nora has a ZVV1 title and is currently being crossed trained in personal protection training. She is an extremely pleasant and also loyal lady, however has that edge when required.

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  1. I would be scared if they did, because people would try it and screw up =P It takes a verye experienced trainer to not fail at this type of work!

  2. Oh good lord. I have done bite work for my company before using a full bite suit and one of the dogs STILL left bruises on me. I would hate to use that hidden sleeve with him …wow

  3. Now if you have watched these videos, and seen him in action you WILL appreciate the power of the bite this particular dog has presented. It’s no joke people. Mike is highly experienced in the game, and even he gets surprises.

    Be careful. Have fun!

  4. i done bite work with a german shepherd once with the sleeve It was one of the most painful things ive ever done , have a whole new respect for dogs now

  5. I don’t see the point of giving her an ‘out’ when

    1. your choking for off the bite, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever

    2. your saying it multiple times, indicating that you having reinforced it enough at this stage for it to be meaningful, hence I fail to see why you would even bother, you’re just counter-conditioning

  6. @ jollyroger475 the point of Danny giving her the “out” the way he did is that we are not on a competition field trying to win a trophy.  The bite hurt like hell and he was just getting her off as quick as possible.  Nora DOES have a zvv1 title and has had enough repetitive fake comptetion work to last a lifetime.  No need to be an armchair trainer when the point of this video was to demo a bite test.

    1. +Dog Training by I don’t really think there was a point, beside “Danny” just acting on impulse. You don’t give a command 3 times. You give it once, and the dog should respond, if it doesn’t then you reevaluate. I don’t know what “fake” competition work is, if it’s done well, it should be very real to the dog. I don’t think they have the intellectual capacity to understand that the helper is not really angry at them. Better to be an armchair trainer, and know something, than a “real life” trainer, pretending to love dogs, yet training them to be put in harms way for criminals and other jack-offs that need “protection”. Talk about a moral contradiction. If you want help people protect themselves, open a firearm safety course or something, and teach people how to handle a firearm. The best a dog is good for is as a deterrent and an alarm system. That’s it.

  7. My female is also a black sable, but with a tad bit more brown. She weighs about 90lbs, not overweight. She was a shelter rescue but is purebred. AMAZIMG dog

  8. Are they teaching that dog to fight to peaceful protesters on the street? That is an anonymous mask and the people that wear those stand for our rights and freedom.

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