My Dog Takes Off and Won’t Come Back! How to Train Your Dog

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Ways To Teach Stay:

How You Can Instruct Come when called:

How you can Educate Your Dog Bring Playlist:

52 Comments on “My Dog Takes Off and Won’t Come Back! How to Train Your Dog”

  1. This is very helpful! Thank you. We have problems with our dog finding other dogs too much of a distraction, and her recall fails around other dogs

  2. I don’t let my dog into a dog park until they feel neutral about other dogs. I usually avoid dog parks any way. I don’t like dog parks. It’s just too unpredictable who will walk in. 🙂 great video!!

    1. Aeryun Stocklein i used to feel like you until i found an awesome dog park in my area. Its so big and open, if a dog goes after mine he has enough room to run to me or run away from that dog. Its not fenced, but if your dog has a good recall reflex, its perfect.

  3. Can you make a video about your favorite dog toys for small breeds (I have a toy poodle) ? We all know about the kongs but I’m looking for interactive toys that my dog can play on her own without food. Thank you.

    1. buy stuff animals with long legs or rope with nods(small size) a petsmart, I use them to play tug-of-war with my dog.

    2. +tristan molina Just because a dog is small doesn’t make it gross. I have a large Dalmatian who has taught me that the size of the dog (or other animal) doesn’t matter; it is their personality and willingness to engage in play that you should base your opinion on. Yes, some small dogs have been bred just to sit in handbags wearing tutus all day but it is rather obvious that this isn’t the case with Nehir’s poodle as they are firstly watching dog training videos and is also interested in toys for their dog. 

  4. I wanted to thank you for this video. I also have a 10 week old puppy and your encouragements are getting me through the sleepless nights 🙂 My puppy also wakes up every 3 hours. I don’t feed him late at night but even that is not enough for her to sleep through the night. I have accepted this. I know it will get better and since she is my baby I try to be patient and play with her in the middle of the night. I know she will grow out of this habit. Because I plan my life around her needs, she rarely barks or cries and she has a very good relationship with me. We also never have any potty incidents because I can foresee when she needs to go and I supervise her constantly. I recommend everyone to be patient and attentive and they will get amazing results with time.

    1. First off, if you’re playing with her in the middle of the night, you’ve created a routine of her getting up to play, not to go relieve herself. How to break the habit? (here’s where I sound like Satan to some people) Crate train your dog. Done properly, and making sure that nothing bad will happen to her when she goes into her crate, her crate will become her bedroom. You can use a phrase like ‘go to bed’ and she, after training, will go into her crate, where she can be closed in for the night. By now, your dog is about 3 months old, and not needing to go outside every 3 hours. By now, your dog should be able to sleep through the night. But the crate can also be used for discipline, if it’s done properly. They have to ‘go to bed’, are then told ‘5 minutes’ and the crate door is left open.

  5. If others are interested, would love to get some advice on leash aggression/frustration. My otherwise highly social border collie mix acts like a psychopath if he’s on leash and can’t get to another dog when he wants to, barking and lunging. Thanks and love your work!

  6. Zac, you hit the nail on the head with how the dog will wander off and you’d assume that it’s an isolated incident. My 6 month old bull Arab has just started doing this, thank you so much for your advice.

  7. Everyone keeps talking about their puppy running away or out of the door or gate. But my 2 year old beagle does that! ! He listens to me if hes hooked on a leash or in the house or yard but if he gets out of the gate on his own. Forget it! He’s in his own world!

    1. I want a beagle but i heard they’re escape artist, and i have a 3ft fence, so im scared he will jump over it and run away

  8. Seems like a nice enough guy but he’s not using “problem” dogs.. And stay on the point , the first third of each video is where you and your dog both nap..zzzzzz. Not trying to be a pain in the azz

  9. My puppy (5 months) runs away from me . She thinks it’s a game and when that happens she doesn’t listen to any commands . She just darts off . She was almost hit by a car . I had to pin her down and carry her back to the house .

    1. Why Sienna, you the human allow this to happen every morning. It is easy to keep your dog safe and in control. It really is. Use a leash. Simple. If that it too difficult find a new home for your dog a home that cares about your dog…more than you obviously do. Sorry, I take this stuff seriously. Dogs aren’t furniture. They will introduce you to a brand new world but that does take commitment and work. WORK. At the end there is an amazing place of love and routine and the best friend you’ll ever know. Put that damn phone down, lock it in a drawer and go LIVE and learn and fall in love with your dog. On a leash, 6′, 1″ thick, nylon. Learn the basics of dog leading. Makes you look like you might know what you are doing when you take your dog for a daily hour walk! No phone. Nope no phone allowed. Leave at home and don’t tell me you need it for emergencies. Otherwise you will miss out on far more than a best friend sitting right beside you.

  10. When I want to play fetch with my puppy she would run to the ball, sniff it, and then just take off at another direction. Is that normal? She is 8 months by the way

    1. +The Real Mmjmdd
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    2. Yeah that’s fine my pup is like that with Certain toys it means ur dog doesn’t really prefer that toy try buying other toys

    1. +redjack56 A guys has to make a living somehow.. You want your pet training vids free and no commercial… Who put food on his table? 😉

  11. The Q and A’s are great
    It allows me to listen to your videos in the car and before bed
    Glad to see you on T.V Zak “Dogs 101”

  12. Prong and Ecollars are very wonderful and loving training tools, surprised you made a neg connotation.

    1. Babuh B positive punishment doesnt mean good punishments that you are applying punishment. look up training quadrants

    2. Melissa Pulliam Please can you advise which studies show that dogs have a pack mentality? Because all the scientific research I’ve seen in the last 20 years proves that they aren’t pack animals.

    3. Melissa Pulliam the whole alpha nomenclature isnt even used for wolves any more. Its been completely discredited. Hierarchies for wolves are based on family structure, not bullying. Wolf packs consist of parents & their offspring of various generations.
      Studies of wild packs of dogs show that hierarchies are very fluid & based on particular resources. Dogs learn which resources others value most, but theres no alpha for all types of resources. It sounds like you’re simply allowing one of your dogs to bully and patrol the behavior of your other dogs. Its good when dogs communicate with eachother like a dog telling another dog they’re not interested in interacting, bullying is very different & should be redirected.

      Moreover studies of human dog interactions show that dogs do not think humans are other dogs. Their hormonal responses to humans & how they learn from humans isnt true for other dogs. The relationship is much more akin to a human parent-child relationship than some alpha pack leader bs. Your dog is not confused about you being a dog. The dog isnt running away because he/she is testing leadership, its because theres no established communication, no established rules, boundaries or motivation to follow rules. Also probably a dog that isnt getting enough mental or physical stimulation on a daily basis with the owner present & hasnt formed the association that the owner is the key to fun activities.

    1. Your dog doesn’t know nor understand ‘running free’…in our human environment. They don’t understand cars, bad people, nor do they understand what it is that will please you. And please you is what they want to do. It is you that has to form a solid communication between you and your dog. I wish I could explain the wonderful world having a dog be a close partner and to learn a bit about how dogs see and experience the world. It is so OTHERWORLDLY and worth any effort and all the time you can spare. There is no bad dog. Ever. It is all about the human’s efforts, knowledge, patience. Never the dog. So many of us set dogs up unknowingly to FAIL. They hate that. They desperately want to please and to understand. Us humans have so little time to bond with our dogs, it is heartbreaking.

      Each and every day you should be spending time with your dog. Looking forward to that time, not acting as if it is a job…or a chore. Every day…if not possible, then hire someone who will spend TIME with your dog. Asmita. Be very careful with anthropomorphizing your dog. This is a very tough thing to learn. Dogs are NOT at all like people, except their morphology. Dogs are domesticated animals…they NEED humans. Humans to be the alpha, the dude or dudette that keeps them safe, feeds them, gives them water before they need it and looks into their eyes. Puts them on a leash or in a fenced paddock to keep them safe. Understands a full bladder is painful. To know their owner will know what to do when they are sick.

      You have a good heart Asmita. Just learn that dogs are totally different than us humans. Fascinating beings that only get to live a decade or so. Kennels are wonderful places for your dog. Fenced in yards are heaven. Just remember they don’t know a single thing about ‘running free’..could care less. They do care that they get enough to eat, water when they are thirsty and that their human knows how to keep them safe…that there is routine to feel secure enough to learn more stuff to please the human. They look forward to their human smiling at them, handling them with care, seeing them for who they are and seriously ‘cooing’ at them.

      Just be careful expecting other than what they are able to give. They are not human. They perceive the world differently than we are able…sometimes better than us humans. They have gifts that you will understand only when you are able to appreciate your dog for your dog’s self and as a dog. A very personal relationship very few humans experience. You are on the right track!! Love your dog. You will both benefit…can’t put that into words.

    2. Same, sometimes she will stay with me, like a well – trained dog, and other times she runs away and i have to search for her.

      To all those people giving you hate, STOP IT. Dogs are independent beings (even if they are not cats). They shouldn’t be locked up in a cage. So please ignore the haters (they feed off of negative emotions like the trolls they are)

    3. Sonja. Sigh. Do you love your dog? Do you think you know it all? Do you have enough humility to learn how to take care of your dog to protect its life and happiness? There is no excuse for your dog getting away from you and being endangered. None. Troll? Far be it. You need a spanking or something. Independent creatures…??? Ok, bigger sigh. Domesticated animals; cat and dogs and horses and cattle and ferrets do not anymore belong in the wild. Much less in urban places with cars and roads and rat poison and people looking to make money by capturing dogs and cats for SCIENCE; hear this; torture.

      You keep that dog on a leash whenever you are outside your home or enclosed yard. If that dog gets away from you it is your fault. No one else. Just you. LIsten to me or do you want to learn by heartbreak and the death of your dog? Obviously you are very young. Please, for the sake of your dog find some humility!! Keep your dog on a leash! Bull pucky about ‘freedom’ and independence and wind in their hair! Gees. Otherwise you will be learning the hard way not to mention the expensive way when someone finds your dog to take to the pound. If and when you get there your sweetie will be wondering what happened? Where the hell is his beloved although flaky owner? Get ready for a big bill. $250 will be low….all the way up to $700 to get your baby back. Most will go, oh well, too much too bad so sad you’ll just have to be killed…so sorry you mistakenly depended on me your human…ta ta…I am no frickin’ troll and I need to wake you the hell up! For your sake as well as your dog partner. Don’t you dare ignore my words young lady, don’t you dare! You weren’t born knowing how to take care of another living thing; plant, animal nor baby. If you are unable to care for your one little dog don’t you dare get pregnant!

      I hate sounding so mean but I mean business. And if you are unable to learn from others older and wiser than you shall be learning the hard way. Find another home for that dog. You made a commitment to that dog and by golly you keep that commitment no matter what or if I ever find you I will give you a spanking!!

    4. Asmita Kale I having that problem to but he’s not my dog hes my sister’s dog but she doesn’t seem to care wether he stays or leave but I care and I’m trying to figure out ways to make him stay

  13. American dogs are so different from the dogs from the dogs in Taiwan! If they get lost they sniff their way back! And we barely use leashes since they stick right by ur side! But I sadly don’t have dogs and I moved away from Taiwan

  14. I’m not sure if you made a video on this already but my question is, my dogs bark can scare strangers away from our house to keep us safe, but, if the stranger opens our door and comes in, I’m sure my dog would be friendly and play with them. How can I train him to be protective but not aggressive, I want him to let them make the first move so he do become aggressive towards all strangers

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