Learning the Leash | Dog Whisperer

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An aggressive German shepherd learns ways to stroll on a chain with Junior.
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From London to the Jacket shore, Cesar Millan takes a trip everywhere this period to help trouble puppies, including those of Kelsey Grammer, Jillian Michaels and Hugh Hefner. View as Cesar utilizes his astonishing abilities to rehabilitate canines and also train people to attain a well balanced and also all-natural partnership in between people and their family pets.

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Learning the Leash|Dog Whisperer

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76 Comments on “Learning the Leash | Dog Whisperer”

  1. Ppl say his method is abusing the dog.
    Ok, thats an opinion. But the worse part is when they realise that their lovey dovey method doesnt work, they decide to put the dog to sleep. Pathetic. At least u can come out with different solution w/o killing.

    1. Too many dogs have been killed unnecessary due to these lovey dovey snowflakes opinions. Ceaser s a dog in disguise of a human. He s the pack leader. He s done more good for dogs than any other human out there. They re just jealous of his understanding of dogs.

    2. He has also been a good advocate of the Bully Breeds and showing that with good leadership and ownership they can be very good dogs. I would have never owned an American Pit Bull Terrier because I had that misconception that the dogs are vicious animals. But, after watching his shows over and over….I now own an American Pit Bull Terrier and she is the sweetest dog I have ever met. Plus, I have multiple other animals that she gets along with.

      I believe in his technique. It’s not about abusing the animal it’s about being firm and understanding their behavior. He doesn’t kick the dogs he taps them with his foot. I have done this numerous times to snap my dogs out of focusing on something they shouldn’t.

    3. Well people lack common sense!! What Cesar does is communicate with dogs in a language they understand.

    4. Syarel Sho It’s because people attach their human emotions to the dog. The dog is not getting hurt and it’s a touch. An assertive touch to get the dog to focus on what the human wants from it which is good behavior.

  2. Ppl say his method is abusing the dog.
    Ok, thats an opinion. But the worse part is when they realise that their lovey dovey method doesnt work, they decide to put the dog to sleep. Pathetic. At least u can come out with different solution w/o killing.

  3. I’ve already tried that sound that he makes (tccc) aha it works, and standing straight when giving a command, the little tap on the dogs thigh or shoulder-it works to get them to snap out of a mode, seriously two minutes my dogs were being submissive awesomeee, I get what he’s saying to let dogs communicate themselves with other dogs and look at their body behavior and facial expressions to know, this guy is awesome, God gave him an awesome gift. Woot woot

    1. While I wouldn’t say it’s a “gift” because that’s decades of experience, I agree that he does know what he’s doing, and is far more willing to work with a dog rather than killing a dog.

    2. You say that you want the dogs to be able to communicate with each other, yet you punish your dog for displaying his/her discomfort? A growl is a conversation, not a personal insult. 

    3. +Courtney Rowe They only want the dog to communicate submission…. nothing else. Apparently that’s all a dog needs to be happy? lol

  4. I don’t think that some people realize that MOST of the dogs Cesar deals with on his show need a faster approach to curb the aggression that the owners let get out of control.

    If the owners were able to properly train the dog with positive reinforcement, corrections like the taps wouldn’t be needed.

    Also, anyone who says “omg he kicked the dog!” has no idea what is going on.  He is shoving the back end with his foot in the same way you’d shove a dog with your hand.  It’s not a “kick”, it’s just a way for him to be able to refocus the dog without the dog realizing it was coming from him.  Hyper focused dogs can be near impossible to break out of that state – whether it’s aggression, prey/chase drive, or some other form of hyper-focus.  And you clearly wouldn’t use that tactic with smaller dogs, or fearful dogs.

  5. Better a ‘kick’ ( although I really just think it looks like a touch/tap to me … ), than euthanasia, in my opinion.

    1. No collar should be place so high up. Because it is not only super painful, it also can cause long term damage and can increase aggression. There is no excuse to use tools that are designed to cause pain, fear and even damage. http://stiankarlsen.me/s/choke/ 
      How would you feel if someone chokes you because you did something wrong? Not being able to breathe is a very scary situation.
      And since when does a real dog whisperer needs painful crutches? Real dog training takes time and patience, lazy people use painful tools because they want quick results. I find it weird that people expect more from dogs than from children.

      And one (animal)cruelty doesn’t make the other less bad. Cruelty is cruelty.
      And as I mentioned before, the true danger is that he spreads methods that have been proven many times to be dangerous and ineffective. What CM does is using punishment and fear till the dog gives up. But the true problem isn’t solved. The dog is more or less a ticking time bomb now. I would suggest that you turn off the TV and look up “learned helplessness”.  

    2. I agree. People actually lecture me and threaten me about how I “abuse my dogs” for hitting my dog when he attacked a chicken.

      It’s either he gets hit once when he attacked the chicken, or he gets shot by the neighbor.

  6. Oh no he gave the dog a slight TAP(not a kick), someone call animal control hahaha. This methods do actually work and they don’t make the dog aggressive or nervous. They make him a bit unsure and doesn’t know how to act since it has never been a submissive relax dog.

    1. I agree I have a female Rottweiler fully grown she always tuggs and pull and tapping or lightly kicking the dog dominates them and makes you the leader

    2. +Jacky Alfaro Dogs arent dominant towards humans . thats is just a bad theory. this GSD is so unsure and nervous. there is no need to bully a dog to get your message across

  7. Note that he’s not KICKING the dogs, he’s tapping them with his foot. He’s not trying to cause pain or injury, it’s just to snap them out of whatever they’re fixated on. Don’t mistake what he’s doing for cruelty.

  8. Cesar is brilliant with dogs and has saved many canine lives. He has a wonderful, natural, gift and I for one am grateful for his advice, it’s worked well and quickly on my dogs and we live a perfectly happy serene life now…that wasn’t even close to what it was. Long live Cesar!!! 

  9. Everyone angry because he kicked her, oh im sorry did you not see her walking happily next to junior 2 minuets later, it was obviously the right thing to do

  10. All the hate comments are of people who think they know dogs, or people who think that dogs are this little delicate creatures when in fact dogs were bred for hard labor and even the mix ones or the so called lap.( BTW no matter how cute a dog is it needs a leader thats how dogs work they are pack animals meaning they need someone to either follow or lead) 

    think of a dog like a “little kids” which means they need to be told whats right and wrong (that tap with the foot made by ceasar is a tap to snap her out of the anger stage). Dog cant understand language you need to show it other ways (body language as well as to project confidence in what your trying to get across,snap of the finger, tap, etc).

    Lastly PEOPLE!!!!!! Teach your dog what you want from them and learn the type of breed thats best for your lifestyle and you( people) will get a great companion(dog) This way there wont be so many dogs in a pound (dead) as-well as others wont get hurt (bitten)

  11. I can’t help but laugh at everyone who says that he is kicking the dog and that it’s painful. When ever I see Cesar do that foot tap, I always remember when I was a little girl and I’d walk next to my dad. He’d give me a foot tap exactly like Cesar does and pretended he didn’t tap me from behind. I’d giggle and tell him I knew he tapped me. They never hurt. They were just taps. 🙂

    1. +crywulf44 cuz I’m the pack leader and as the leader I don’t need to use the English language to “train” my dog. He just knows what’s up if make a sound or tap him with my hand or foot (benefits of having a huge dog and being a short, tiny girl). It never ceases to amaze people when I walk my dog. Same goes for kids, you don’t train your kids, you teach them who is the one in charge and what you say goes. 🙂 have a nice day

    2. You should never say the dogs name when you’re trying to correct them, it will cause them to associate their own name with bad behavior. You certainly can use other methods to get their attention though.

    3. crywulf44 Tapping them is to get their brain snapped out of the behavior that they’re showing in that moment. Calling their name is something ordinary for a dog to hear so if your shouting or calling to dogs name when it shows this behavior it’s not physical and it’s also something the dogs used to hearing. I have a friend who has a Boxer and her dog was protective towards her and aggressive towards other dogs on walks. She always let the dog go in front of her and only shouted the dogs name when growled at other dogs. Her shouting or calling the dogs name didn’t help and actually in this case just triggered the dog to attack.

    4. The criticism about him is not entirely false, and YES he doesn’t need to be physically hurting them for it to be considered cruel and inhuman, his methods are centered about dominance and becoming your dogs’ pack leader which is NEVER necessary in a relationship with your dogs!
      A dog is supposed to be your friend not your subordinate! You’d be surprised by how a friendly dog can be obedient and smart! He has instincts that you know nothing about and will teach you so much while protecting you!
      So yeah his methods could NOT have been effective at rehabilitating these dogs because they had been mistreated and abandoned so they had a lot of fear and anxiety feeding their aggression. The solution is NOT to intimidate the fear out of them, that’s just shutting them down until a bigger aggression! Cesar had good instincts but not the right training to be dealing with dogs!

  12. I’m getting a puppy soon 😋 but it’s sorta my first time 😫 do any of you guys have tips or suggestions for me? If u do I’d appreciate it ☺️

    1. Derick Passram what are you talking about? They are great for a ‘first timer’ as long as that person is logical enough to know that no matter the breed they should still train, socialize it, and show affection and who is the boss and the one that provides the food on the bowl. My first dog was my 3 yr old GS that I adopted from a dog shelter and I couldn’t be happier that I picked him rather than buying a 500$+ from a dog breeder or pet shop. Adopt don’t buy, choose according to what’s your preference:big doggie(more food, more shedding, longer baths,needs bigger house) or small doggie(same shedding with the bigger ones but eat less-perfect for an apartment)

    1. +Bobby Dushe RIGHTTT????? Every time I try anything he does I feel like I fail miserably. I wish I had his mind!

    2. It is easy. If you do it correctly. Watch Ceaser’s body position and energy. Do everything exactly like him and you’ll get a well behaved dog. I implemented exact techniques with a GSD puppy rescue and he’s almost as Junior’s level of behaved.

    1. Junior is a gentle social butterfly,why pity such a well trained dog?
      Also this GS is doing an excellent progress in a short time considering that a few days before that he would lash out on any dog. dogs are not psychos. humans are,but worst than that they are inexperienced and think that they are ready to raise a dog.

  13. Just buy a golden retriever, hang out with it all day every day and it becomes a perfectly trained dog with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

    1. Vitality Massage i have a golden retriever and he is in training to be my service dog. he is so sweet and kind, he is a puppy and loved to misbehave and get into trouble but he is amazing when it comes to training. he just loves to dig😂

    1. I’ve raised three dogs with Cesar’s methods. If you post a video of your dog on youtube and send me the link I might be able to give u some advice 🙂

    1. Frustrаtеd реt оwnеrs! If уоu want to have a heааааlthier, happiеr dog, if уоu want tо obediеnсе train yоur dog nоw, аnd stop him from reliеving himsеlf оn yоur сааrррррet, сhеwing up уour designer shоes, nipрing at уour guests аnd a whоle lоt mоre… See hоw to traing your dog in a right waу ==> https://twitter.com/2b221f57eb75c29b8/status/742623739800653824 Lеаrning thе Lееeash Dog Whisреrer

  14. People are so stupid, cesar clearly said she is under tension , and even when you slightly touch a dog that is tensioned he jumps a little,.he just touched her and she jumped becouse of the tension she felt.near.junior. Get your facts right people.

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