How to Train your NEW PUPPY to Walk on Leash!

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71 Comments on “How to Train your NEW PUPPY to Walk on Leash!”

    1. Nameher something creative and with meaning don’t give ot one of those common dumb names like hope or brownie. Choose something cool. I suggest something in Japanese as that whould be fitting. I myself have two German shepreds name Blitzkrieg and Kaiser. Both names in German and with historical meaning ( im into history)

    1. +Christine Kerr body blocking may not be the right words, but u basically get in your dog’s way until he stops trying to go past you

  1. Love your point at 3:40 about why it is so important to take time with something new! BB-8 needs to come back with some more great videos.

    1. +Zak George's Dog Training rEvolution CAN U PLS CHECK OUT Y CHANNEL IM GIVING A GIVEWAY ONECE I HIT 20 SUBS

  2. Hey Zak I was wondering if you could give me some tips on to walk my puppy because she will not walk she will bark at people ,cars anything really and it has been like this for a month and I cannot snap her out of it by the way she is a chihuahua

    1. My Chihuahua bark when walking. at people’s, dogs, or just for no darn reason. she also pull on leash with no strength of stopping during the walk. I’ll love to take her to nice places without her barking at other dogs & pulling to go somewhere

  3. Love your videos thank you
    Could you please not advertise as much when speaking to us, But rather do so before or after the lesson
    Thank you Teacher πŸ˜‰

    1. He’s gotta make money… if you want free lessons, he’s gotta do what he can. Takes all of 1 second to skip forward 30 seconds.

  4. Should I call her name and say come when we are walking then give her a treat when she obeys when I lure her with food in the end when I walk her?

    1. Give her a treat if she comes to you after you called her over. That way, she’ll know that that is a good thing. That’s what I’ve always been taught anyway.

    1. Jessica Reed I’m getting my German Shepard pup tomorrow, he’s gonna be 8 weeks. Any tips? Also, how’s your dog doing now?

    2. ppl on about getting puppies at 4 weeks. the puppies arent usually properly weened until 8 weeks so thats kinda fucked up taking them away at 4 weeks

  5. This video is complete crap. Ur using an easy dog to make this video, try showing us how to do it with a harder dog

    1. CoolGuyTV I know this comment was a few months old but.. you’re not supposed to train a dog yet when you just received it. It needs time to be spent with you and their new home. Dogs are most likely to be so nervous and distracted. You need to calm her down, play with her, and let her know you won’t hurt her. After a few/couple weeks.. start training her. She’ll know her surroundings

    2. Would you prefer a tutorial that’s more difficult to follow because of the dog, or an easy tutorial you can understand with a dog that demonstrates it from a simple point of view?

    3. CoolGuyTV dude, you sound like you’re losing your mind over this.
      Actually, whenever someone who knows what they are doing works with a dog, it looks easy. Whenever the dog responds to proper training the trolls charge out saying “sure, that’s because you’re using an ‘easy dog’!”

      I work at an open intake shelter that takes in 13000 animals a year. As you can guess, most are pit bulls (although now GSDs and Huskies have increased big time). I work with the abused, the unsocialized, the timid, fearful and shut downs – as well as gangly, excited, ding dongs. Please tell me which one is “difficult”. For the many non-leash trained, or not use to collars, I do something very similar. It works on all of them.

      What doesn’t work? Feeling like, as THE HUMAN, I must “command”, be dah fuhrer, er, I mean “leader”. That’s for insecure people. If you do think this is needed, might I suggest a confidence boosting class?

      Through science and studies we know dogs don’t follow the “leader”. They follow the friendliest.

    4. That is SO mean! This guy is putting his time and efforts AND the dogs time and efforts into the video and all you have to say was this video is crap? . My friends dog goes to a class for his behavior. I could set you up because YOU obviously need to work on your behavior.😑😑😑

    5. Andrew Naguib Obviously your comment shows you are crap at training your dog. It’s very easy even for a new dog owner( like me) to teach a dog the basic stuff. So either you are a horrible trainer or you just yell at your dog which might be the case why your dog doesn’t listen to you at all.

  6. As soon as I put the leash on my puppy he either lays down or when I try to walk he doesn’t move. Any tips on how to get him to actually walk with it on?

    1. my puppy starts jumping and rolling freaking out when I barley pull on the least but he’s okay with putting it on him but once he moves he jumps up and throws himself like a bucking bull . anybody have any tips for this . thanks .

    1. I don’t have a puppy yet, but yesterday I visited a breeder and her pups but the one I wanted was only 6 weeks old. I have two weeks to watch all of these vids lol

    2. Scotlands Beauty uhh we have two actually but the dalmatian one is super aggressive and breaks things if not in its leash and cage and the other one is daschund he is not aggressive he is so sweet he doesnt breaks things but we need to potty train he without he’s leash cause he pees and poops in our terrace but the problem is we dont have any treat and every body is very lazy to train them bc we are to busyso i would say we have dogs/puppies but i do really wanna have puppy on my own but i will try it on our daschund one😊

    1. There are a few factors in dog training. One plan I discovered which successfully combines these is the Bevs Booster Guide (google it if you’re interested) definately the most useful resource that I’ve seen.Check out all the interesting information .

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