How to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash!

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Should see even more instances of chain training with different dogs? Take a look at this playlist with newer instances of different kinds of pet dogs learning to walk perfectly on a chain!

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How to Stop Leaping:

Educating your pet to walk without drawing could be one of the most challenging components of training a pet! While every dog is various there are some standard ideas that you ought to know. In this video, Nina the 6 month old LA-SPCA rescue dog, finds out how you can walk perfectly on the chain as well as I'll show just how basic it is to show a dog without making use of a prong collar, choke chain or shock collar.

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  1. I’d like you to make a video on training a dog not to go after cats and other animals, dogs anything really. My dog runs after any animal he spots and will rag it like a chew toy. Of course when he is in full flight he takes no notice to me and continues to run after the animal. All I can do by then is tell him bad boy when he returns and lock him in the house and ignore him. I need a way to get him out of the habit, to prevent him from doing it in the first place.

    1. +Rosie Shaw So just have your mother “tell him off”.
      Have you gone back and looked through the many videos that Zak has on the topic you are interested in, or are you still waiting for someone to hand feed you ? I don’t know why you are looking for information anyway. You wouldn’t listen and you know everything as it is, right?

    2. +44prot
      I’ve moved on to be honest, I’ve not looked at any video nor am I waiting for someone to send me a link or make me eat it :/ Now shut up, go away, I’m bored of this conversation. It was like a year ago. Get over it.

    3. +Rosie Shaw Well, you see, every time you respond, I get an email notification telling me that you want to continue the conversation. I will gladly “get over it” , as soon as I stop getting notifications , indicating that you want to continue chatting. (o:

    4. It is never the dogs fault but yours as an owner you have done something wrong and have allowed him to cuntine the behavior to the point he’s killing animals. Then you punish your dog for comming home. He dosnt know why he’s being punished cause dogs and many animals live in the moment thats why you have to give corrections at the right time. I feel bad for your dog that can one day he put down for behavior that you have allowed and caused.

    5. I am having the same issue with my dog. It is hard to get her attention back once she sees the squirrel, cat, other dog….

  2. My son’s dog used to pull on the leash and would not heel for beans when I would walk her.  I’m no dog trainer but here’s what finally worked for me:
    I would give her a tug on her choke chain collar when she pulled on the leash, but before I tugged, I would firmly say, “Heel!” and then give her a second to correct herself before my tug came. 
    She quickly figured out that the command was going to be followed by a tug, but that if she slowed down, there would be no tug. 
    She soon stopped pulling and would walk perfectly right next to me.  Yay!

    1. Right? I’d absolutely love to see this guy take a dog that is not food or toy motivated, and train him out of being reactive/aggressive etc.
      Zak DOES NOT understand dog psychology, has never studied dogs in their natural environment away from human interference (I don’t mean wolves, but actual street dogs). Most dog trainers are like this. When your only tool is a hammer, you see every problem as a nail. It is NOT that simple.
      My experience? I am a dog trainer that specializes in dog behaviour modification. I use treats to my advantage when they really can help, but a dog responds beautifully to body language and energy. You don’t see any dog using food to teach another member of the pack where his place is. IF it is necessary (the dog just isn’t getting it), a slight correction will nearly always get through to their brain. Nothing “inhumane” about using nature’s way of teaching dogs.
      This wuss of a trainer (speaking to most trainers) needs to either leave ppl who know about dogs alone, or grow a spine and learn.

    2. TheAngieIshmael plus they show only easily trained dogs. I wanna see how these dogs gonna be when he take them out without food rewards.

    3. I mean we got our dog a choking leash, we showed him that if he doesn’t pull it’s not going to choke him, we tried the reward method but he just jump all over us. At the end of the day, the dog isn’t stupid, he’s choosing to pull even though he knows that pulling will hurt him, I’m not the one pulling.
      But alas it didn’t work either. Now what we are doing is wrapping is infront of his hind legs, and surprisingly he’s not pulling anymore!
      It all seems mean, but it’s for their own good, if they pull they are frustrating and we don’t take them on long walks.

    4. Our dogs are a far fucking stretch from pack dogs mate. Their behaviours have been changed and they are heavily domesticated. They have higher pituitary output, larger hypothalamus and a higher adrenal output too. Due to these design modifications rewards poses a higher level of gratification, making them perfect to train with treats like food and play. Our dogs today are just far more intelligent and reliant on approval than wild undomesticated dogs so comparing the two is pretty silly. Dominating a dog does work, but I really don’t think it’s the best way. It means you have to keep yourself on top of your dogs behaviours to control it rather than just letting the ones you don’t want to simply fall away. I was brought up thinking you HAD to dominate a dog in order to train it, but since growing up a little and getting dogs of my own instead of with my parents, I much prefer the encouraging attitude to training. Yes I have studied dog psychology (and human) and I have also had experience of a few different approaches to training. I ultimately think that this guys approach leads to a happier dog that wont bite some poor fucking kid out of frustration or urge to show dominance.

  3. bawahahahha It worked it fucking worked?!?!!
    I’ve had my dog for a year and every time she almost takes my damn arm off, this actually helped. 2 weeks in and she doesn’t snatch or pull I am now down to teaching her to stay close, instead of just struggling to keep her on the leash. 
    Knowing how she love(d) to pull me and slip free of her leash, this video may very well have saved my dogs life.

    Thanks a thousand times over!

    1. Hey everyone, the greatest info that i’ve ever had was by using the Bevs Booster Guide (i found it on google) – without a doubt the most helpful treatment that I have ever tried.

    1. +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution what are some good things to use as treats both store bought and homemade?  For example, I see these Stewart brand Pro-treats that come in a tub at a pet store that are made of 100% beef liver…is that acceptable?

  4. Every time I watch your videos I am further encouraged and inspired to invest in the patient task of training my puppy. We’ve made so much progress but as you say still have weeks of consistency left. Thank you for your motivating guidance!

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      all you guys should  try it.Hope this will help………..//

    2. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution my dog is not listing to my words i am teaching from 6 months to her please help me

  5. Zak your videos are NOT long it is perfect, people just want to jump into something instead of learning up to what they need to know. I love the way you break down everything down to the T.

  6. This is a pretty good video with pretty good tips.  One thing I didn’t like however is that it seemed almost as if you were saying it was ok for the dog to jump.  As every time the dog got a treat she seemed to have jumped on someone.  Can’t you kill 2 birds with 1 stone in this situation? 

    1. By not training the dog to stop jumping in every situation, you are therefore training the dog that is okay to jump sometimes. This is variable reinforcement and will make correcting the jumping later much harder.

  7. I love the fact that you said how positive training is not just training a command but teaching your dog to THINK. That is exactly how I feel with the dogs from the shelter I work at. Those dogs are so intelligent, it’s a shame people just try to violently push them into behaviors and thereby suppress all their intellect and character.

  8. I received a very stubborn 5-year-old Pit Bull and German Shepherd Dog mix from my niece. The dog was never trained at all, and would have been sent to the pound and most likely “put to sleep“, because she was completely out of control. I read some books on dog training and tried everything, but the only way to get her to stop pulling, was to change directions, and do a complete 180, until she decided she was only going to walk “with me”. We worked together for about 15 to 20 minutes a day. It took me about a week of patient training, but she finally complied. If one loses patience and is mean to their dog by choking, and hitting her, he or she will ruin their relationship together. Their dog will become psychologically damaged, neurotic, and will never give them their complete confidence and trust. Things may become better in time, but their dog will always remember it was hurt, and will be a little nervous and afraid of them. That is too much of a sacrifice for a little obedience training.

  9. What is it with the people who comment with such anger? So passionate about the right way to do things as they see it and so offended when someone is different from their ideas. Closed minded, arrogant and perhaps the result of very low self esteem? I dont know. Take from the video what you can use and adapt it to what works for you and your dog. But geeeze you didnt pay for this guys advice so save the anger for something worth it.

    1. I agree!! I do NOT use strictly positive reinforcement in my dog training, because I help people with really bad behavioural problems with their dogs, and there are much better, easier for the DOG, non-confusing, quicker ways to train em out of such things. The pup in the video in my opinion can be worked on with mostly what that guy’s all about, but I see a lot of potential confusion in areas for the dog, and it definitely could’ve been done a lot quicker and easier.
      Every dog trainer works differently, and whatever works — works!

    2. TheAngieIshmael why are you giving your own perspective on dog training that didn’t you just say that you didn’t need to do that.

  10. Really helpful video…. great trainer. Showing how you actually work with the dog was brilliant! I really want to help my dog and focus on what he does right, but I get so frustrated when I don’t know what to do.

    1. I just stomp those bitches. Ever since my father left me to my own devices in the Russian Taiga with a plastic spoon and a food stamp, which were common back in Soviet Cuba, I learned that these majestic creatures respond well to foot induced pain. It’s crazy to think that what Trump, Hilary and Cruz is good, but applying rapid pressure through a heavy 50lbs leg is bad. I mean, really, my father might have been a dead beat alcoholic that dragged me by my undersized human harness, but at least he taught me the importance of leash and crate training early on. We didn’t even have a dog.

      Bush + Jews = 9/11.

  11. I have been on you tube for ten years and I still forget to use it for good information. I wish I had seen this before my girlfriend’s dog damaged my arm with its constant pulling!

    1. I think the best website on dog training is because I personally tried it and it really works… Recommended

    1. you prob shouldnt have a GSD if you can’t even get him to walk properly. They are working dogs and if your GSD pulls you on the leash you are in for some trouble.

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