How to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash (Chloe the pit bull)

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58 Comments on “How to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash (Chloe the pit bull)”

  1. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!! More “real” videos like this please. I feel we can learn the most from the not so pretty training sessions. 😉

    1. It was real:) I think it’s important to feature dogs of various skill levels, including those who’ve had little training. Glad you liked it!

    2. Can you make a video about dogs who bolt out the front door? Similar to the one with the German shepherd but maybe a dog who is wayyyy more eager to get out that door if you know what I mean. 😉

  2. great video zak! long time watcher, 1st time commenter. i’ve been doing the same thing with my dog who i rescued last december. due to the harsh winter i wasn’t able to get out and start training her. she would pull unrelentingly every time i put her on leash.  using similar methods, as in i stop each time she begins to pull and await her eye contact and then we proceed when the leash is slack. keep making your great videos. – stony

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  3. I loved the video, and laughed to tears watching it! Pits are incredibly loyal and family focused dogs. Add to that disposition those floppy ears, and furrowed brow, and you have a magical bundle of love and muscle… What many people don’t realize is that a Pit Bull becomes a bratty teenager for damn near as long as a human child. To those folks, hang in there! It is well worth the effort. Once you pass that stage, you have at least a solid decade of the most awesome friend on the planet!

    1. +Anas Rachidi you’re extremely ignorant. And it’s a known FACT that pit bulls are naturally more loyal than most (maybe not all, but most) other dog breeds. Also, “reputation” is worthless, and so are you. You’re on the wrong side of history if you’re blaming the masses for the crimes of the few. There are hundreds of thousands of damn good pit’s killed senselessly every year because of ignorant assholes like you, and I hope you don’t reproduce and continue to spread your intolerant opinions. 

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    3. Anas Rachidi what people think about me or my chosen dog breed is none of my business. I’ve never owned a better breed of dog than a pit bull type dog, and I’ve had dogs since childhood. They are incredibly sweet, obedient and fun.

  4. So glad you are doing a video with a pitbull (love them) please work with them more, especially showing pitbulls doing tricks!!!!

  5. My dog needs work. He walks just like her. He walks beside me just a few seconds and then goes in front and pull. It so hard to get his attention. He is so different outside the house, at home he is obedient.

    This video is very helpful. I will try to get his attention with treats or toys.

    More videos like this please, with a real untrained dogs. Some other videos from other trainers they always work with a trained dog already.

    1. Maureen Zaballero my dog acts just like yours. i got a ugly look at a lady with a poodle after my dog anxiously barked at her dog while i was training my black pitbull mix to be obedient in petsmart( to be obedient in public) but it was going terrible lol. its very hard to grab my dog’s attention cause she wants to play with everyone and every dog.😅 i was soo embarrased idk if i can publicly train ever again.
      edit 1: if u see this ,could you reply on how training went while using zach’s technique.

    2. I feel what you’re saying, Candie. I have just re-homed a bull breed/shepherd crossbreed, 15 months old (& that short life filled with chaos & insecurity, too) VERY reactive out in public. Like your dog, he wants to get to every person & every dog he sees to play & interact, it looks terrible!! But, in just one week we are making progress – slow progress, true, but slow progress is better than no progress. We are using some of Zak’s techniques, but it still takes a lot of time, patience, dedication and understanding. Try to ignore the judgemental people out there, they know nothing about you or your dog, they know nothing about your life & history, yet they judge you harshly in a split second. They are in the wrong; You are doing the right thing by continuing the training, and I know how hard and exhausting (and embarrassing!) it can get. I see your comment was 9 months ago – so, how is the training going now? Have you made a lot of progress?

  6. It’s such a hassle for me to take my pit for a walk. The times I have he always pulls and I end up falling and hurting myself, because my dog just wants to run. I can’t keep up with him, he’s too strong.

    1. Use a prong collar…you’ll get your dog to stop pulling within minutes. Prong collars dont harm dogs. They are the most gentle collar you can use to train a dog. Way misunderstood.

    2. +Marco Stott *Do you want to train your Dog ? click to view now **** It helps you to become trainner fastly !!!*

    3. +Marco Stott my dog pulls like a bull I cant seem to find info that answer my questions. Hes the kind of dog that will drag me 🙁 im scared to use prong collars but im willing to try it. What could I expect from my dog when first trying it? Are you exaggerating when you say minutes???

  7. We have a beautiful Pit who is very high energy.  She weighs 80 pounds, and takes my husband for daily walks.  I say that because she puts her weight into it and drags him to the point where he is running just so he won’t be pulled off his feet.  She isn’t as bad with me, but I won’t allow her to pull me.  She’s a handful!

    1. I have the same problem. I have a baby husky who has no idea how to walk in the slightest. constant pulling the ENTIRE time.

  8. So did you ever get her to not pull on the leash during walks?

    All I saw at the end was a 5 second shot of her walking without pulling.

  9. OMG she’s so cute! My pit Lucy is a major puller but we are working on it. Thanks for the tips!

  10. C!!!!!!!!!!! my pitbull sammy bites the leash and shes so strong that she bites it out of your hand and go runnning in the back yard killing the leash!

    1. yeah and it makes it worst (she is a rescue) so before we found her she was prob treated badly and was tied up alot is what we think

  11. My tiny Mi-Ki just wants to run and explore when outside. She couldn’t care less for any of her favorite treats while outside, making it so difficult! But she’s so smart and lots training indoors to sit, stand, shake, jump! But leash walking in another story. But I have all the patience in the world and we’ll get it eventually! Getting s 10 inch dog to constantly “look at me” is also a challenge lol, she’s soo tiny! Also her name means nothing to her when outside! Inside she almost always will swing her head around to look at me and even run to me.

    1. AnitasHealthBlog try to get it down pact indoors with less distractions first. I thought that was hogwash until I tried with my beagle ( he pulls because he wants to sniff everything). When inside, I walk him around the house and give him the corrections. When we go outside he knows what I mean when I tell him to leave it or come on.

    2. I’m still working on getting her to like her harness! At home once the harness is on she curls up in a bed. Then runs to her other bed, or sits down. She’s like the opposite dog from when she’s outside on leash! I’ll have to take baby steps with her.

    1. Aneesa Muhammad please be patient with him it sometimes take awhile, you don’t want him to get into the wrong hands with someone that’s unkind…get some training that it, will help..

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