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This is THE VIDEO that you have actually been waiting on and it's, without a doubt, one of the most significant leash walking video I've ever before made. You won't think things that established's this canine off! In this video clip you'll see Lafitte, the all American mutt, and his terrific mommy and fitness instructor, Rachel, provided with reality diversions on a REAL walk in a city neighborhood including squirrels, moving automobiles, a barking dog, as well as something that you'll need to ATTEND BELIEVE!
And also of course I'll reveal you just how we obtain him controlled WITHOUT making use of a choke chain, prong collar or electronic collar.

Kick back as well as enjoy!

62 Comments on “How to Train your Dog to NOT PULL on a Leash! EXTREME LEASH PULLING, BARKING, LUNGING and JUMPING!”

    1. +IisRainicorn Jew
      Actually, this is a mutt, and so is Dog with a blog’s is not a breed, the length of the coat is from the genes, Laffite’s coat is naturally short, you can tell.  Since they are both mutts, that doesnt mean they have the same breed of parents , or same mutt parents.

  1. Just wanna ask since I just found the other channel today, is Secretzakvids also your channel? Or is it someone uploading your videos from another source?

  2. What about playing tug to walk by the tree? Using a toy as his currency seems like it would have served better than food.

    1. Very good observation!  So my goal with these videos is to help the broadest number of people get a handle on this issue without turning to outdated tools like prong collars. Food is the primary currency for most dogs, therefore I elected to default to the currency that I knew most people would use. Most people struggling with this issue, do not have a fluid game of tug of war down yet. Though Lafitte actually is pretty good at tug. Tug would have been a great way to go about it, and of course I considered it. Lafitte is a dual currency dog, meaning he’ll work for food or play. I recently made a video similar to this with a pit bull shelter dog named Chloe where we used tug to teach leash walking (Here: How to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash (Chloe the pit bull)). I love showing the variety of ways different dogs learn. But again, I like the way you think and rewarding with play is a terrific way to teach a dog like Lafitte! 

    2. Awesome! Zak I love what you do, myself being a positive dog trainer, can’t give you enough props. Mass education is the next step in decreasing world suck for dogs and you are doing an amazing job. I hope your channel continues to grow as you show how awesome it is on our side of the fence. As always, don’t forget to be awesome!

  3. @cindy firestone, your settings are such that I cannot reply! BUT, you need to prioritize fetch or some type of serious exercise prior to leash training! Based on what you’ve said, your dog is not receptive to learning proper leash walking, perhaps due to lack of a MAJOR structured outlet, like 20-30 min of fetch. Hope this helps! I’ll bet he’s awesome!

    1. Hey Cindy, have you tried a flirt pole? Sometimes you have to coax a dog into being interested, but often they just go crazy for it if they have a high prey drive. Just make sure you let her catch it once in a while and reward with praise when she does and a treat and more praise when she release the flirt. The treat may only be necessary initially.

      I’ve had some great success getting dogs I’m training to release their energy using the flirt pole.

      Love your videos Zak.

    2. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution
      My puppy is 6 month old she is eating every thing when we are outside.
      How can I teach her to stop eating everything
      Thanks for your repeat .

    3. Maja durex same problem 🙁 my puppy is 2.5 months old and whenever I am out with him he it’s like a Buffett or heaven for him .

  4. +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution just want to say that I think that this is probably the best video I have seen from you, I love all your other videos too and find them extremely helpful but to see the transformation with this dog was incredible. To that owner you are so patient and you are actually an inspiration to many dog owners that are experiencing similar issues. The fact that you didn’t give up on your dog is fantastic. That appeared to be a very difficult and frustrating behaviour to manage. My dog has some leash reactivity issues as well so i know how frustrating it is to be walking down the street and be dragged down the street to get to the dogs behind the gate. I’ve been working hard with him too. I hope you continue to make these great videos Zak. I do have one question though and I don’t want you to think that I am a bad dog owner. My dog wears a check chain only because I feel that he might accidently slip a flat collar. Is there any chance you could tell me what the best training collar would be. like a martingale or just a flat collar. I don’t want him slipping his collar. In all other aspects of my training I am very positive. Thank you so much for these videos Zak. 

  5. As a dog trainer I started out with classical training over 30 years ago, went to PR (positive reinforcement) training when it first came out, then on to “clicker” (operant conditioning) training about 20 years ago. I’ve only seen a few of your videos, so I don’t know if you use a clicker at times, or only a marker word (your “yes!” clearly becomes a conditioned reinforcer, i.e., marker word). Either way, I just wanted to say that your work in this video is some of the best training I’ve ever seen on video. Your timing is superb, and your explanations are very clear and precise. I will certainly recommend my students view this, even if their issues are not as extreme — most owners would benefit from watching this.

    1. Thank you! I love clicker training and use it often! Really nice compliment, thank you 🙂

    2. auntiekaykay9. i have 2 german sheperd one is a girl and one is a boy they pull alot and they jump and bark im tryng my best to train them to not jump or bark

    3. if the above poster embraces operant conditioning and wanted to sound wanky this is what she would tell you.
      teach them the full spectrum of consequences reinforcement and punishment. Its a scary word but behaviours can not be conditioned to cease without punishment. (principle of Operant Conditioning) Some people here will say direct your dog into another behaviour and maybe that will work BUT whenever your dog does do the wrong thing you need to punish them or the behaviour will continue. You need to pick a level of punishment that meets the dog’s level of reinforcement he receives when he jumps/barks/pulls. (another principle of operant conditioning)
      ie. If the dog finds it more reinforcing to jump on you then he finds you punishing him by turning your back, he will continue the behaviour. You have to find the right threshold of punishment that beats the undesired behaviour. *hint the dog will always find jumping on you more rewarding than you turning away as punishment.

  6. +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution i think it would be interesting if you put a video up on how to train an antisocial dog. I know many friends with this problem and i think you could help them. Thanks in advance for any support.

  7. my dog used to bark and pull whenever someone was around on our walks.. i’ve been training him by whenever i see someone in close proximity, i started feeing him treats over and over again to reward him being in a calm mindstate, got him to look and focus on me as i was giving him treats and he’s stopped going over the threshold into bark and pull mode when he’d finally see the person because i was rewarding him for calmness, and also putting it into his mind that seeing someone means something positive, such as treats if he focussed on me instead of that.. i was really consistent with it and he’s improved so much! i really recommend that method to anyone dealing with a dog who reacts to certain distractions.. the most important thing for you to do is notice the distraction first by being aware of your environment constantly and rewarding for calmness before your dog has a chance to even react and keep rewarding him until it’s passed

    1. +brunettesweetie21 You are pretty much doing Counter Conditioning. You might find helpful it’s a protocol for counter conditioning reactive dogs. 🙂

  8. It’s fantastic to see a dog trainer actually addressing real world problems in a real environment. Too often I watch trainers on YouTube speaking only in theory or working in isolated environments with already trained dogs.

    Great video!

    I’d love to see a follow up.

  9. I couldn’t stop laughing for the whole first half of this video. What a cute dog. I mean, I wouldn’t want to have to DEAL with this dog, but I found him to be adorable and awesome. I bet all of that crazy energy and excitability would make him a great dog for SOME kind of cool job or sport.

  10. Negative reinforcement definitely has its place in dog training as well. In most instances it actually speeds training along. I’m not condoning beating your dog or abusing it, but corrections are needed as well as rewards. Put it this way: If a child is told if he doesn’t cross the street then he will get to have pizza. This will work until the child is more interested in crossing the street than having the treat. Now, if the child is told that if he crosses the street without permission then he will get a spanking, it’s generally going to have a bigger effect. Wild dogs or wolves do not reward other pack members for doing the right thing; they correct them when they misbehave.

  11. Wow, I thought walking my dog was hard! You showed a great amount of patience and love toward the dog. It gives me encouragement to keep training mine.

    1. b1son2 I’m watching your videos and I’m loving them they are so far pretty much what I’ve been dealing with for almost 4 years curious though cuz I am on a fixed income and I’m trying to fight for my disability you had mentioned something about a free BarkBox how do I get one for my dog and how does my mother get one for her dog because I forward her the links that I’ve been watching

    1. Without having tired it, I would tend to agree. The technique seems to be similar. Distract the dog from focusing on the squirrel (squirrel being a stand in for any distraction) , before he has fully expressed the behaviour. You are out-squirrelling the squirrel.

    2. Siona Starshine i totally agree with u for me i do believe u should use dog psychology and positive training without food

    3. I’ve used his methods before on my girl they RUINED our relationship. Made her hate going on walks, not want to come out of the doorway or down the stairs of the porch. His methods suck!

      I was able to rebuild our relationship ( thank god! If I didn’t I wouldn’t be here.)

    4. Emmaline Dobbs these methods would never have that outcome!! More like your impatient and yelled at or hit your dog or something even worse to traumatize them on a walk/training!! Dunce!!

  12. I suggest that to prove that your techniques work you should add an update to your videos where you visit the dog weeks/months later and show the success of the training. by the end of this video it shows some examples of the dog doing better but he is also tired by then. Thats my suggestion because Im looking for evidence to know if something works or not, not just trying something and then saying o well that didnt work, on to the next training, thats not how it works

    1. Since you are out there throwing out suggestions… I suggest that you actually TRY a method with your dog to see which one he/she prefers. If you are really looking for evidence, what better way to find out than by exploring Zak’s way with your beloved pet? Oh and to add to this, that IS how “it” works. Everything does not have to be catered to you on a platter. You have to go out and try things in order to figure “it” out. You are given all the tips don’t be so lazy.

    2. Typical positive pusher response. Lash out at someone for giving an extremely realistic suggestion (that so many of us have wanted to see).

    3. Why wouldn’t the average pet owner want to see results before spending months of their time hoping something works? Don’t lie, you know all you pure positive people ever say is that you have to give it more time and effort when someone suggests it’s not working.

    4. statistic typical white knight babble. everybody has to find out what works for his dog, because there are about 267’986 types of dogs. i know, that sounds like rocket since and probably blows your mind.

    5. “Typical positive pusher… lash out at someone for giving an extremely realistic suggestion”, and here you are insulting them in return. There are rude people practicing either technique.

      But Zak did show at the end of the video that the technique worked. The dog was that hyper that it would never have eliminated bad behaviour all together even if the dog was tired & Zak suggests hyper dogs should be played with and tired out before walks anyway, because a walk alone is not enough exercise for those breeds.

      Zak tries to put videos out fast, and generally just make short, easy to follow steps that get the message across. There are definitely positive trainers who will do slower demonstrations and then show the aftermath on youtube, they’re just not as popular as Zak. Probably for that reason.

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