How to Train your Dog to Come When Called

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The best ways to train your dog ahead when called!

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65 Comments on “How to Train your Dog to Come When Called”

    1. Ot an expert, but I got my Got to stop doing things by (like biting) by ignoring them, or going away when she does things like jump up or biting.

    2. I have a wonderful pitbull that used to bite a lot (a lot!) as a puppy.
      We got an amazing positive reinforcement dog trainer, and with her help, our dog stopped biting us in a very short period of time (a few weeks) with the constant training of the method she taught us.

      The method is very simple and I encourage you to do it very often.
      You tied him with your short leash to a sofa or anything that he can be tied to. You pet him, or play with him, do whatever you know makes him to bite, and when he does, yell “OUCH!” in a high pitch and go backwards leaving him without a way to get to you, because he is tied.

      This is important because he learns that way (in a non-violent way) that biting is not acceptable because it hurts humans and most importantly for him, it stops the play and the time being with you. When you do that you want to get back to him and start petting him and play with him right away. When he bites again, repeat the steps. Do that for 5 – 10 min twice or 3 times a day. And do it with many different people, your family, your friends

      (A friend of mine was afraid to come to my house because he used to bite him, so I talked him into doing that training with him and it successfully worked and he stopped biting any person completely)

      While you do that you’ll notice he stops biting, but occasionally he will bite, after a lot of training, when he bites you, he will remember that connection of “OUCH!” with a bad thing – not playing with you anymore, so even if he is not tied with a leash to something. yell “OUCH!” very loudly (that’s important) and kinda freeze, and you’ll see right away he will stop biting and start to leak you.

      Do the training on times you know he is really up to biting, ours used to do it when he was very excited when we came home, so we used to call home when we were at the door so someone home could tie him and do this training right then. Do it with many different people: family, friends, and even strangers if you can haha.

      Hope it will help you as much as it helped us.

    3. +Ruby Mamistvalove Thank you so much! I will defenetly try to do that when I get my puppy this summer! 🙂

    1. It takes atleast 2-5 years depending on how ur dog learns quick or slowly my dog is a fast learner it took her 6 years to learn how to ride a unicycle

    2. I think the best website on dog training is
      because I personally tried it and it really works… Recommended

    3. There are a few factors in house training a dog. One plan I found that successfully combines these is the Bevs Booster Guide (check it out on google) it’s the no.1 blueprint that I have ever seen.Check out the super information .

    1. It depends on how fast your dog understands come. At least one month of treats is advised. However, as Zak has said, you don’t stop the treats all together. A better idea would be to reward less. For example, you call her and she comes. You treat her. The next time you don’t and so on. Plus, try to be unpredictable so don’t create a pattern of when you do and when you don’t give him/her a treat.

    2. Tasos Saliarelis hi im a newish dog owner and have a problem since you seem to know what youre talking about i was wondering if you could help. My dog is really smart but shes…playful and for that reason sometimes stuborn. She knows these things but generally doesnt listen without treats. Any advice?

    3. Snort The Memes like he said previously dont create a predictable pattern when rewarding and not rewarding if you be unpredictable it teaches the mentality of that “you never know when ill get rewarded”

    4. Jozeph i have tried this but my dog is literally too smart… she knows i put the treats in my pocket and she knows i have more treats but i dont have them in my hand so she wont listen…

  1. I like that you don’t edit out when it doesn’t go well like with the bowl of treats! Cause that’s what’s likely to happen with us non pros.

    1. The name comes from the Latin dirus – meaning ferocious. You reduce the ferocious behavior with positive punishment – which Zak opposes. You’ll have to go elsewhere to find a solution.

  2. My dog is a little over a year old, would it be too late to train him now? He knows a lot of the things to do, but he is very unreliable when coming when called.

    1. I agree its never too late. I would just start from scratch practicing basic cues and attention. Gets the nailed and the rest will fall in to place.

    2. You can train your dog all it’s life 🙂 . Also, a year old is still really young! You’re in good time 🙂

    3. My dog is almost four years old, and I still teach her new things almost every day
      It’s never too late!

  3. Thank you for showing how to teach with just one person! All the “come when called” videos I’ve seen so far have required 2 people, and not all dog parents are in a 2 person household! It’s also so encouraging to have you say that dogs can be distracted for up to 30 minutes outdoors. I thought that my pup was doing super poorly with “look at me” when she would completely ignore treats in favor of sniffing the ground, but I guess she’s just a normal puppy! I constantly need to be reminded to stay positive and focus on long-term success over many months instead of expecting so much out of my pup so quickly. Your videos totally help with that!

  4. Another fantastic video! Thank you Zak! I have a lab mix that has come a long with with the use of your videos as a crutch!

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  5. You promote humane and positive teaching with treats and physical touch. Is there any concern with digestion in giving the dogs too much treats or feeding them too much ? I’m a new dog owner and have a puppy want to make sure I’m doing it right

    1. Absolutely! Use quality treats and don’t use large treats. I routinely empahsize the importance of using very small pieces of a great tasting treat. For example, I often use pea sized pieces of meat.

    2. Nathaneal Desir depends on the dog, and the calories it needs. If you use meat, chicken no problem. Cheese and other things you have to use carefully. I have vizslas, the are not great eaters, and they run fast as hell for a long time every day, so they can eat how much they want and are just built of bones and muscle. That’s why they depends a bit on which dog, how far they run. If the dog loves to eat, you have to give a little less if you feed goodies for training. If you are not sure ask a vet

    3. Nathaneal Desir I have treats that look like biscuits and I break them in 3 or 4 so he doesn’t eat too much 🙂

  6. it didnt even take 40 minutes to teach my dog his name and how to sit. He’s a recent shelter pup! Let me go ahead and donate!!

  7. I fell in love with how you teach dogs lmao One of the best dog trainers ^^^^^^^ Using shock collars and painful ways will teach a dog but he will become more aggressive and that is bad plus it really hurts, a little spank on the back is alright but please dont do dumb things with your dog

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