How to train Come and Stay to a “Stubborn Breed” Dog

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60 Comments on “How to train Come and Stay to a “Stubborn Breed” Dog”

  1. I’m rescuing a 5 month old puppy next weekend and I’ve been binge watching your videos. Thank you for putting so much time into these videos 😊

    1. Sammi sullivan I’m begging my parents I found the perfect dog at a shelter near me(I saw him on the website) I’ve been working so hard for 3 months😰 any advice?

    2. Emma Rivernider I can’t really give advice. Me and my boyfriend live on our own so it was our decision. I volunteer at the shelter and I fell in love with one of the puppies and just had to take him home.

    3. Emma Rivernider Show them that you are responsible and show them these videos and show them how you are ready for a dog.

    1. I have a kelpie – they are heading dogs – they are not followers  but I’m patient and I hope she will walk loose leash soon.  I have a humane ruffler front harness – she can do anything in it – run, swim, roll in a smelly drain – but she can’t really pull ahead – – keep trying – try different humane techniques and don’t let them fail!

  2. hie zak if u read this i wanna thank u!!! 6 months ago i had bought a dalmation puppy i taught her how to sit how to get her in playing mood …potty training and many things else just seeing ur videos 😊thankss so much and keep uploading ur videos 😘

    1. I found the best way to train your dog at
      all you guys should try it.Hope this will help…….

    1. Almighty Shippo I agree.My dog performs very well when i play with him for about 10-15 mins before training session.

    2. My German shepherd husky pup is very nippy and even barks and nips. The ignoring method wasn’t working so we started doing the holding the mouth closed (not hard, just to get her attention and correct it) while saying no biting and it seems to be working a little better.

    3. PureHankyPanky I have a husky puppy 2½ months she bites way to much that my chin bleeded we tried everything also and the only thing that work is holding her mouth

    4. +c z Socialize your dog let him sniff around and familiarize himself with all the other different smells. Make sure he gets enough exercise 1hr minimum.

  3. I am adopting a dog who has had a very difficult past which has left him untrusting and wary of strangers, I would really appreciate a video on dealing with stranger aggression!

    1. If your dog’s scared of people, get professional help from a behaviourist. It can be a long and complex road to make meaningful progress but it can be done and very successfully. I would recommend seeking out someone who’s familiar with “SATS” by Kayce Cover which involves ‘conditioned relaxation’ and ‘perception modification’.
      It’s quite advanced stuff but really, really helpful in helping people aggression in particular. You’ll see a big difference after just one, two hour session.

    2. It’s pretty easy if you train it over and over. 1) sit. 2) stay. 3) socialize from a distance 4) socialize while letting the dog know YOU are the master. 5) while outside: sit, stay 6) Do this 30 days. You’ll get a great dog. Remember, 30 days to 100 days is nothing when your dog will love for for 10 years. Give it time. Train your dog.

    3. Omg my sister’s dog is like this. She seriously actually has PTSD and other issues. She is afraid of even the slightest unexpected noise. Sometimes she doesn’t like being petted and she growls at any people who hug or make some kind of contact even a high five. . . I can only imagine how she was treated by her last owner. . . :/

  4. “If you think your dog doesn’t listen to you because of their breed it’s probably just cause you don’t know exactly what you’re doing” HOW RUDE! lol

    1. I don’t know exactly what I am doing when training if I did…I would be doing something besides watching training video’s

    2. In my head I was thinking he was going to say “it’s probably just cause you haven’t found the best way to engage them yet, and just need to break it down into steps for them.” Then he finished, and I thought “Well.. ok there’s that also.”

  5. You can teach a northern breed anything without problems.
    just dont expect they will do it on command anytime you want them to do 🙂

    1. Agreed. I have a Sibe. They are highly intelligent and learn really fast. He will do everything shown in this video and more, 99% of the time. The other 1% of the time, he still listens, but willfully chooses to do his own thing.

    2. Max Weninger my husky usually does things on commands but makes sure he talks back letting me know he isn’t happy 😂 he like groans 😂

    1. Recon used to think that too but Huskies adapt really well to hot weather as well. the same mechanism that keeps them warm in the winter keeps them cool during the summers. the only things you have to worry about in hot climates are making sure they are hydrated and also that they don’t walk on hot surfaces and burn their feet (but you should be doing that with any dog anyways)

  6. Can you show us how to stop your puppy from killing things like rabbits and chickens and how to not run away from home thanks

    1. Oh goodness…
      Maybe keep your dog on a lead every time it goes outside?
      It doesn’t have to be a short one, just one long enough to where it doesn’t run away…

    2. My GSD service dog just jumped the fence and killed my son’s roaster. How do I stop anything like that from ever happening again? He is two and a half years old and up to this point I’ve had no trouble with him at all. Please help

  7. I love videos with older dogs. Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t love puppies? But I like training for grown dogs more because it shows that they can learn even basic stuff on older age as well if you skipped on certain things while being a puppy.
    Also, have you thought about videos that span multiple sessions with a particular dog on the same command? To show progress across trainings? I would be really interested, although I realize that’s much harder to produce on your part.

  8. There are a lot of statements out there that say people don’t play with their dogs properly, that this shows submission or that is bad for training. Could you do a video on how to play with your dog? What behaviour should you allow and what should you avoid during play? Thanks!

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