How To Train a Stubborn Dog

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67 Comments on “How To Train a Stubborn Dog”

  1. Omg, so many comments about people getting dogs, how about you all do some research before you go getting a dog that will end up either left neglected in the backyard or dumped at a shelter…

    1. I’d like to think that’s why many of them are here commenting :). I agree with you that people should think long and hard and research what having a dog entails.

    2. My husband and I sat down and worked out the costs, how much time we would have etc etc… We would have loved a Bernese Mountain Dog. We have both wanted one for so long. But after a lot of research we both realized it just wasn’t the right thing to do at this moment in time.. So we decided to go for a Labrador instead. So many people rush into this and cause dogs and cats a lot of distress when things don’t turn out how they expected. PLEASE!!!! look at all the pros and cons before committing to buying any animal.

    3. +Rachel Burkett well done, I bet your lab is a very spoilt one.
      We have taken on foster care of an 11yr old malamute who was abused for two years by his owners ex wife.
      We decided to help older dogs who no one wants, we all deserve to feel the love until we die and our old fella is absolutely gorgeous…😊

  2. “I bet you could eat them”. “I’m not gonna eat them” *eats treats* “they’re actually good!”

    ha hahaha that was funny

  3. I’m a professional dog trainer who exposes uneducated dog trainers, including Cesar Millan The Dog Whisperer on my YouTube channel. I bust my hump & either stream/post a new video every day about dog training!

    1. Mark of the Magician …..Cesar Milan is an awesome dog trainer. Maybe you should take notes from him instead of bashing him. Pathetic how haters and jealous people are 🤦‍♀️

  4. How long does it take a dog to master a command? Sometimes my dog listens to me andsomething he doesn,even with treats. Its a rescue 8 month german shpherd im thinking of getting a trainer.

    1. +Tesla Nick
      Neutering dog is not as good as has been widely said. I would not recommend neutering all around without other considerations, but do some research on the negative effects on neutering dogs. Any case will be different. Sometimes neutering a dog is worse for his behaviour and health.

    2. +Sunny the mutt
      The risk factors are extremely low and in particular GSDs who are neutered are less prone to certain diseases. I would advise getting some professional advice from a qualified vet for anyone with doubts.

    3. My dog like 5 almost 6. She learn how to sit with in a few days. She is a dachshund/corgi mix. Mostly dachshund. But, she only does it if I have treats. When I ask or say cage. She will go in. With in a few days also. Now the come when I call her when she chasing something. Well. All I say is “bye ginger” then she coming lol.
      Just depends on the dog.
      Some people may think she mix with Chihuahua but she to big to be mix with that.

    1. They are known to be very nice, but for some reason most people buy them in pairs….and they are a bit pricey! They are lovely dogs, though.

    2. Alex Freemont they’re one of the most loving and are very attached to their owners. Unfortionately they are prone to so many health problems and are so expensive.

    3. Many of them have terrible neurological diseases because their skulls have been bred to be too small for their brains. My partner is a vet and unfortunately has to deal with this, seizures etc… Brachycephalic dogs in general aren’t a good idea. There are other beautiful dogs that don’t have messed up heads.

  5. I may not be able to, be my dream has always been to own an animal shelter. Your videos are really inspiring me to live my dream when I get older. I may be only 11, but I know that this is what I want and you are helping me achieve that. Thank you so much.

    1. Pug Luvr PLEASE READ THIS!!!!! IT WILL HELP WITH RESCUE ANIMALS !!!THANKYOU okay where do you live like US europe and then like California Florida Sweden where?and then go to google maps and write there rescue animals/animal shelters near me and youll find some probably some animal shelters and go there and try volunteering and then if you can’t you can help the animals by fostering them at you home about 1-2 months and wearing on tge pet a adopt me vest and youll help them finding a forever home or you can adopt one too also go and subscribe to this channel it is a recue animal (mostly dogs) channel in Los Angeles, CA and it is called HOPE FOR PAWS you are gonna LOVE IT hope this helps and you might be too young but you can go there with your guardian like mom,dad and ask volunteering well bye

    2. It’s seriously appalling to see people talk to children the way that some people do.. I’m disgusted. I hope that if this child looks back at this, that they take the good comments, and rise above the bad ones.. As not everyone is bad! And I hope that one or two people’s ignorance, arrogance, and just rudeness doesn’t stop this kid from continuing to engage in what they love, not being afraid to ask more questions, stay into positive hobbies, and become a positive citizen for future children.. unlike some people! #disappointed #idkYireadthesethings

    3. JdollBeautyAndBirdz why because were realistic?….. i suffer as an adult right now financially im just being honest. like i said I work with two shelters, private ones, not the aspca or Humane Society

  6. That dog is incredibly overweight for his breed. Doxies are already prone to joint and back issues; they should be kept lean, with a clear tuck up and easily detectable ribs. Maybe more exercise and less aggressively pushing Bark Box…

    1. What the heck is a doxie? Isn’t that a creature from Harry Potter? Dachshund, Dackel, Teckel, Daxund I’ve heard, but doxie?

    2. Sometimes they get a lil fat when they are operated still, duke needs to do some exercise because of all of the back problems Doxies are prone to.

  7. Duke cracks me up! Awww….he’s so cute. He’s just laying there and rolling his eyes saying “whatever!” lol

    1. Paris and London Hi do you know if the Bark boxes are real and if you do please reply. You really be helpful because my dog needs this, it will mean a lot to me and my puppy😁

  8. I’ve been watching your videos all day all and I just relized I haven’t subscribed. I’m going to go do that, now.

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