How to Train a Puppy NOT to BITE

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84 Comments on “How to Train a Puppy NOT to BITE”

  1. One tip my vet gave me and it worked well. When you do get bit by your pup is to yelp in high pitch, and turn your attention away from him for 30 seconds. In time he will get the hint, you have to be patient. It took about a month for me and my dog to understand each other.

    1. I tried that and it never worked the yelp did nothing she just kept on biting me she didnt even stop.

  2. My dog chooses not to bite the toy and bite me instead. i put the toy on his mouth or hold it and she bites my limbs 🙁 growls when she cant bite me too

    1. same this is my first time owning a puppy shes a Keeshond 11 months dont know what to do she rips my moms pajama pants

    2. Ashley Nicole

      I’d go to AbsoluteDOGS and Naughty But Nice on Facebook and learn how to teach boundary games, calmness games, the Airplane game, focus games, and Ditch The Bowl. They’ve helped me so much with my 4 dogs (one of which is a 7 week old puppy who would attack, bite, and chew on anything human she could get her mouth on! XD)

      Good luck with your dogs everyone!!

    3. Liz Iafrate
      I’d go to AbsoluteDOGS and Naughty But Nice on Facebook and download their free ebooks. I guarantee it’ll help you and your puppy. Good luck!

  3. Someone please help! I have a 3 month German Shepard and she bites so hard! I tried almost everything.. I redirect her with toys but sometimes she will direct herself again to my ankles or hands. when I yelp she does get stunned, but then she goes right back to biting me. I tried saying no but she barks at me and goes after me! Even when she’s excited to see me she bites me. I even tried walking away and coming right back after 30 seconds, but that doesn’t work either. I know some people say they will grow out of it but I don’t want to be those few whose dogs grow into it and bite everyone. ):

    1. If you get a prong collar, I recommend to get one, we have one, and our dog does not bite us. If they start biting, pull upwards on the prong collar, firm but not too hard, and they might start to yelp, but don’t worry, they are just having a fit. Then, afterwards, they might walk away or stay and this will give you a chance to socialize with your dog or play with them and do the things they did. Don’t worry, the prong collar doesn’t hurt them, at least if you don’t wrench it upwards hard. Also, try to make your dog know that YOU are the boss. If they want your attention or start biting, walk away. Go into a bathroom if it’s that bad. Don’t leave and come back and try to play with them when they want you to. Then, you will be at their feet.

    2. GamerGirl12

      Yes. The prong collar hurts. It hurts them a lot actually and can damage their throats if used incorrectly.
      Dog training does NOT have to be forceful or painful. Having to “be the boss” is outdated information and dog psychologists, behaviorists, and scientists completely agree positive reinforcement is the best way to go. I recommend you go to AbsoluteDOGS and Naughty But Nice on Facebook. They’ll help you a lot.

    3. Nadia Lana

      I’d recommend you go to AbsoluteDOGS and Naughty But Nice on Facebook. They’ll help you a lot.

  4. Getting my puppy in 1 week soo exited!!!! I went To see him today And I love him so much already. But im going on vacation now for a week And when we pick him up he Will Be a little over 11 weeks is that too old? Ive heard a lot of stories of older Puppies about iT not Being oke.(he is With both his parents And 2 of his other brothers And sisters) And I think I found a good breeder

    1. Hmm, I read, that it is the very worst to separate puppies between 7 and 9 weeks, because that is when their separation fears are the worst. Then 11 weeks is great. They have more time to learn from their mother and siblings.

    2. It’s okay just when you get your pup just make sure you get really close like your its mom and just train it like nothing is different xx

    1. Xx Cook!ez xX dude it was a joke… and some people have trained their dogs to pee in the toilet so do your research

  5. So yea there’s this cute “play biting” and then there is psycho dog biting that he doesn’t really address.  My dog gets all worked up and starts doing laps around the house.  If you go to engage her she lunges at your hands/face/neck.  Yes she’s playing and is probably over stimulated, but it’s very aggressive/dangerous.  How do you deal with this?????

    1. Jack Carlos same as me… she always jumps up and tries to bite my wires, computer, etc.. she also keeps biting these grass strands we have in our house. I’m stuck…

  6. It took a while for my Czech working line german shepherd to stop biting. I tried everything and he was a pretty nasty nipper and I thought I had trouble on my hands for a while. The ONLY thing that worked was putting up a baby gate and every single time he nipped I picked him up and put him on the other side for a minute, ignored him, put him back in with me…nipped me again…same process. Eventually he realised “biting = separated from my owner” and he hated it and stopped, he still mouths a bit but the biting is not as intense or aggressive. I would train him like this for about an hour everyday until he was exhausted and it is that effort that has made it stop, also making sure that my family members were not teasing or encouraging the biting with wrestling games. Everyone has to pitch in with training and there will be light at the end of the needle-teeth filled tunnel!

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