How to Train a Dog to Walk on Leash Without Pulling

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How you can train a dog to walk on leash without pulling!

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74 Comments on “How to Train a Dog to Walk on Leash Without Pulling”

    1. I found the best way to train your dog at

      all you guys should try it.Hope this will help….

    2. Beagles aren’t hard to train at all. I trained my dog without using pee pads. I was consistent and he always was put outside in the same spot every 1/2 hr. (yes 1/2 hr) for the first few days then I increased the time. He learned to go to the door to be let out within a week. It’s the trainer that’s the problem not the dog.

    3. OMG, mine is a complete nut…hunting, all the time…sniff, nose to the ground…never looks up…she is not a big walker..she just loves to sniff the yard!! they don’t listen to nobody..LOL!!!

  1. Excellent Video Zak! thank you so much for posting such wonderful educational videos. i have a 4 year old Boxer/Lab Mix, and i share all your videos with my Dad. We will sit down and watch 4 or 5 in a row and it has helped us out immensely! the drone footage is really fun to see as well 😀

  2. Thank you so much for making these videos! I’m going to be an American Eskimo puppy mom soon so I’m watching all your videos to give my puppy a good start. I really agree with your methods of training!

  3. LOVE your videos, they have taught me so well on how to train my border collie, would love if on one of your side channels, if you did more videos with your day to day life with your dogs, I miss seeing them!

  4. Can you do a video about car safety for dogs? What are the best safety harnesses for car rides? What about small dogs? I can never find any solid information about small dogs in cars

    1. The thing i do with dogs is just put them in the car with windows completely down. Then tell them to stay. Then do your best to lure your dog out the window for like a half second and when they dont jump up or put paws on window edge reward them right away. Its important that the do not put paws up on window ledge as this is the first step of them jumpin out. Keep increasing time you try to lure them out the window. Dont use the word come or what ever word you use for ya dog to come to ya. Use any other word though to try to lure. once your dog absolutely refuses to put its paws even up on the window ledge. Step up the lure to something your dog really likes to chase. BTW dont make the same mistake i did and tie your dog to the inside of your car and leave too much slack. Test to make sure how you secure your dog that the harness wont slip or anything. One time my dog darn near hung herself. I thought i had the lead short enough but when she jumped out the window to go after the deer we were watching she kind of hung herself. I got extremely lucky she did not hurt herself. But that did cure her of wanting to ever jump out of the window after a deer again.

  5. Where are the end results? You spend 8 minutes giving treats to the dog, and only making it half a block down the street. I wanna see the results of this. You walking the same dog down the same street and not having to give him 50 treats just to be good. Most people don’t have time to stop and make their dog sit 100 times during a walk. This is impractical. Maybe you should do a before and after. Spend 1 minute walking the dog down the street before any of your training. Then do your whole training spill. Then at the end, walk the dog down the same street without having to stop him numerous times and treating to show an end result.

    1. You won’t have to do this forever – the key to success is repetition. If you put the time in to training, you will have the easiest time after! I you don’t have the time to put into the proper training – perhaps you should reconsider being a pet owner. Animals, like children, require a lot of care and attention while raising/training them!

    2. I am a dog trainer and I use pretty much this same method. Yes you have to do this 100 times and only going one block sometimes. that is what it takes to teach a new concept to a dog, especially when it involves making yourself more interesting than everything else in the environment. You don’t have to do this forever…. just however long it takes to teach your dog how to stay with you. it can take as little as days, to weeks, and even months to leash train your dog. If you want results, it takes time and a ton of patience. This is also a great way to bond and build trust with your dog.

    3. these comments are all wrong. this training method is impractical. the dog should never lead the leash, you want to be the leader not the dog. these new modern methods on approaching the dog is also, why they are being euthanized because humans want to treat dogs like humans

    1. +Titan Z if i used dog treats like he was using chicken, my dog would be consuming a whole bag every session with this method.

    2. My Papillon puppy would quickly weigh 80 pounds. It’s hard, as even tiny amounts add up for him. Toys and affection come in handy.

    3. hehe, remember that the pieces are about the size of half a pea. Whenever I do obedience with my staffy I cube an unseasoned, boiled medium sized chicken breast. Lasts me for several days.

  6. what should I do if my dog isn’t into food rewards or toys when she’s more interested in the surroundings? she will do everything possible to look around me..she’s great in the house, really bright and compliant. totally different dog outside!

    1. This is plain training of a dog based on tons of treats. I never train my dog of this way , because I do not start the walk when I am already outside. It starts in the apartment where you constatly have to show your dog who is in charge. If you start the walk outside when the dog has tons of noices and sounds and is more active, when you treat him like that you encourage tons of other behaviours. I treat my dog when I get back home with the food he gets daily, if he was nice, he gets it right away, if he misbehaves and I had to correct him by letting him know he is doing wrong, he only gets meal once he is in the state of mind that I want him to be, which is usually about an hour later from comming back from home. Sometimes even longer. And it works like charm for me. I disagree with tons of treats to give to my dog if he did not deserve it. And no I am not heartless, I just give reward to my dog when he behaves as I’d like him to behave and when he is in mental state I’d like him to be. It is me who gives the reward to dog. It is always me and what I want of my dog to do. It is like negotiating with terrorist. You don’t. Otherwise he will keep doing what you don’t want. I know people sometimes think it is harsh being of that way to a dog, but you have to remember that dogs come from family of wolves where they can go days without food or water. But that is why we as humans care about them to not get to that point.

    2. +Dusan Acimovic I agree with this because I’m in a position where my dog will not listen to me in stimulating situations if I do not have food. she is very very well-trained knows every trick that I’ve tried to teach her from raising her paw, to sleep, and catching it off of her nose. Before I take her on a walk or before we are going to go outside I know that I have to do a small a training session to make sure she’s focused. She even does all of her tricks without getting rewarded with food however she does not keep her attention on you without food. I’m almost sure that this is because she isn’t very familiar with being outside so it’s a new and exciting situation to her.

  7. I started this kind of leash training only four or three days ago with my 7 years old cockerspaniel and I have to say that this is the best method so far and I have tried almost everything before..! He is already understanding this and it is also pleasant way to teach so thank you! Maybe we can finally get rid of barking to other dogs while walking too by using this suprisingly simple style 🙂

    1. +Soccer9Hope GA No, he still does it but I believe that we just need to work more. But walking nicely without other dogs has improved very nicely – no more pulling untill he sees another dog :”D

    2. +Neqqu​ That’s a relief because I have two five month old puppies that, hopefully will improve with this method.☺

    1. Maybe try reinforcing the eye contact? With my pit, she tries to pull if we’ve never been to the place before, but reminding her to “walk easy”, getting eye contact, and praising the behaviors i like really gets her back into her regular walking mode.

    1. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution
      Do you use positive reinforcement, food training for all the dogs you train? What if it doesn’t work in a particular dog?

  8. I really appreciate how Zak trys to tell people that pit bulls aren’t bad! Any breed can be a great dog they just need proper training! I myself have never had a pit bull it has always been German Shepherds, but I still appreciate it!

    1. Harmony Devaney I have a pitbull and I have met many others from family and friends.. in my opinion they are the best dogs ever. Very smart, looks intimidating but are soo sweet and very loyal. Also the thing I love most about my pit is he is very cuddling 🙂

    2. If this works on my hyper dog, Jasper, I will 100% set up to send monthly tips cause he is such a stress all the time that anyone who is able to help me train him, definitely should be getting money for doing such an amazing job!

  9. how can I teach my dog to stop walking on me? like while I’m laying in bed my dog walks on my body sure as a puppy she was fine but now shes 40 pounds

    1. Johnnie Thomas we went through the same thing with our boy King Lou he is now 140 pounds at 16 months when he was only 15 weeks old he was 60 pounds and he just threw his weight around even as a pup he would walk on top of everyone if you were laying down siting it didn’t matter we started in our bedroom because he slept their with us any time he would forceful and walk on top of us I would immediately say no and remove him From the bed and once he was calm u would let him back up and i continued to do this each and every time he would In our bed and after a while he got the hang of it when i said no when he was approaching he would imediately stop in his tracks and lay down Because he didn’t Wana get put off the bed and from their we used it our living in our family room in really any situation that it called for

    1. Deer Dear yes, dogs are always interested in the most exciting thing, which might be smells around them or objects, you need to make them pay attention to you by using treats. it’s not a bad thing.

    2. Deer Dear Well that and he also mentions alot of love and play sessions, he really delves deeper in his book. Just giving something your dog enjoys to get him to always see you as more interesting than his surroundings

  10. Honestly guy…you’re a super entertaining fella. But all the dogs you work with are weak low energy omega dogs…You have some great strategies and you’re good with dogs but there a large population of people out there that have dogs that will not respond to your “brand of training.” The fact that there’s so many people coming on your comments and saying your methods don’t work says a lot…I think you’re misleading a lot of people into thinking that you have some magic “more humane” way of teaching dogs.

    4 million dogs end up a shelter every year and it’s because people think that they should train every dog like this…

    1. Hi And four million dogs diont end up in shelters and pounds because of him my dog is a terrier lab mix and he is crazy Zak has helped us so much and he will continue to. Promise.!!!!!!!

    2. Mate, not to make you look like a complete twat, but I have a Turkish Kangal, considered the most Alpha dog you can get, and his personality is complete alpha, no dog fucks with my Charger, he responds only to positive reinforcement training, if you do anything like trying to ‘out alpha’ him when teaching him he won’t listen to you, he knows I’m his owner but he also understands respect, if I show it he will listen if not he won’t. So if you’re teaching your dogs through intimidation or fear then sorry to tell you bud but you’re holding the omegas, and they will never respect you.

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