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  1. I always just pushed down the dogs butt really firmly. Is this method just more efficient or is there something bad about pushing?

    1. I have had many dogs and I did gently guide the dog’s butt down if he had a tough time connecting the command and the action. Very rare, though. Most did okay with luring and the command.

    1. +King Joishek Cambronero yes you can {but you should never play with your dog so that he take you seriously }and never ever give him a treat for following your command , a nice pet on the head with affection is always enough {this video is just a bad example for dog training just like most of the other videos i found

    2. +SEBZxELITE
      if you play with him/her there are some good ways and there are some bad ways to do it {{i don’t mean ignore your animal or neglect him/her }}

    3. +King Joishek Cambronero get them a tug toy and make them learn to stop biting on command. there’s a video on how to train your dogs not to bite you while playing. 😀

    1. Stasiay1604 You’re Very Welcome, glad I could help! Your breed pup will need 30-60 mins of exercise a day so you definitely have a high energy pup to tire ou. You’ll be very happy watching the way you mold your puppy, its exciting watching them grow and learn. You have a very good loyal, high energy pup that will love you back just as much. One thing I always think about is they will give you back everything you put into them such as time, love, and companionship. If you ever have any questions please feel free to ask me! Also one thing you can do (which I’m sure you have) is type her breed into google and also use the term timeline “Vizsla puppy growth timeline” and it will come up with a lot of great info. I have a couple dogs but one of them is a Rottweiler and they have a very nice website with all the info I could have possibly needed. So I’m hoping you can find something like that to have as just a backup or guide for you. I have pasted two websites for you that have actual timelines for you. The 2nd link is probably the best one, granted they are for Rottweilers but a dog is a dog and you could absolutely use this guide for several things and it will help you learn a little bit as well.
      Good Luck with everything and enjoy your Puppy!!
      Take Care,

      1st. https://trainyourrottweiler.com/puppy-life-stages/

      2nd. https://www.therottweilerclub.co.uk/category/puppy-development/

    2. Marley Chad doesn’t matter u can buy the bacon ones or the hard ones which ever are good I prefer the bacon ones a

  2. Why are y’all saying nasty stuff about her? I’m not saying she’s ugly but cant yall do that some where else? Sheesh.

    1. Yea it takes some pretty offensive behavior to leave comments like those , but damn she does have some nice legs and glutes.

    1. keep your hand closer to the dogs nose, but keep your fingers closed so the dog can smell the food but not take it until he is sitting.

    1. Thank you so much for this video–so many helpful tips here. But, I just saw this post (“10 Reasons Why Your Dog Ignores Your Commands “) and actually was reading about this same topic the other day. I did some searching around and stumbled onto this cool article… I thought it was helpful… https://dld.bz/mytrainsecret

    1. zepe r I recommend a cooked Chicken or a cooked Turkey. Do not use to big. Just grab small pieces. But if you are feeding him, you can get your dog food at PetFlow.com. But the cooked chicken and turkey are strongly recommended to be used as a reward or treat.

  3. I need help. I don’t have a clicker. I tried everything but he is not listening his just fighting me for the treat and his a army veteran German shepherd

    1. your dog does not respect you, go back to the beginning and establish the foundation of listening with your dog, then move forward

  4. My dog is a pug, and I’m trying to teach him to sit. My dog loves his food, so I used a treat to get him to sit. I put the treat close to his nose, then I tried to put it over his head, so he would look up and sit down.. but whenever I put the treat over his head, instead of sitting down he chooses to jump up and take it out of my hand and I’m really not sure how to get it to stop. Help?

    1. ilyjess dont give the reward until he does the behaviour you want. When he jumps, say “ah-ah” in a negative tone, and do not give the treat. always keep treats in a fist so thr dog never learns to bite you for a treat. say sit once, and put it over his head. if he doesnt, i like to “reset” by just walking away without giving the treat. when they come to u again for the treat, do the action again until they sit.
      only ever say “sit” once.

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