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    1. +Didier Zokora +Teresa cute  Friends have you tried the Get An Easier Pet Method of training your dog? It’s very simple;

      Step 1: Give your disobedient/uncontrollable dog up to someone who has the strength of character and conviction to be firm with their animal
      Step 2: You’re now free to adopt a fish that suits your skill and intelligence level!

    1. i was so tired of our lilly biting us all the time and then i used a few tips i learned from the TrainYourDog9.blogspot.com
      — videos. it was like night and day; worked so well

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    2. interesting points ,if anyone else wants to discover puppy training tricks try Renkarter Puppy Course Report (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my m8 got excellent results with it.

    3. Husky Wood Working Womens are bunch of insecure beings. When their fellow womens get apreciated by the opposite sex, they suddenly get offended and suddenly becomes her security guard protector or something, just to hide the fact that in reality she is insecure/jealous that why she ain’t getting any attention from the guys. Pfffft, You know Wooooomen.

    4. Jonathan Ellis your being rude sir please watch your language. Your behavior is disgusting stop being rude to the trainer and the girl.

  1. Does it make a difference to use varying tones when saying their name? She used a higher pitch to call his name each time…will he learn the word/pitch combination? If she were to use a lower pitch, would he respond in the same way or would it be like starting over again?

    1. I have noticed a change in my voice when our 6 month old GSD responded a certain way when i put my attention towards him about his behavior. I started to learn when to utilize my tone to shame, reward or gain his attention. I speak in a higher pitch when its rewarding him. lower tone when he is being naughty . a lot of the times i’m monotone with him and he does really well. As long as you have your pups attention, it is very easy to train while being consistent with boundaries. I hope this helps you. It took a few months but Payton in 10 months old now and is doing very good.

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