28 Comments on “How to Train a Dog to “Climb” (K9-1.com)”

    1. +hogdriver88 I was sort of thinking that myself, but I guess place is special because they are required to stay in a down position wherever you “place” them. With climb, they’re getting up onto something and can do whatever they want, so long as they don’t get down.

    1. I dehydrate chicken breasts cut into strips just to the point they are still chewy and cut them into small treat pieces. I’ve never had or met a dog that didn’t go wild over them, and they are a healthy treat.

  1. Hello I live in Brazil I’m also a trainer I like sharing knowledge What I do for a pitbull stop attacking dogs and cats do not jump on the owner or the gate when I arrive

  2. I like your work very much I see that you are calm and a great person like to have new friends my pitbull does not pay attention at the controls is looking at cats and dogs in the street

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