How to Train a Dog to Attack on Command (

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This is a video of dog trainer Teresa Delahanty with a Black German Shepherd she trained in "Foundation Style" as a base for the control needed in personal protection training. The agitator is Earl Dunn and also the canine in the video clip is called Kasch. We have this personal security clip in another video clip, but we have refilled it for better quality. You can find out even more about "Foundation Design" Dog Training by going to.

31 Comments on “How to Train a Dog to Attack on Command (”

    1. That’s a good way to get it put down its best to stay in control of your dog because in the heat of the moment it might get confused and attack you or it could hurt a small child if you do this

    2. People like you should get euthanized instead of the dog… Dumbest comment of the year award goes to you sir.

  1. Pfft. I can train my Shitzu to do this. Kidding, he sleeps, eats, sleeps, runs around with horses for 1 second, sleeps, eats, sleeps, eats, bites his butt, sleeps. He’s very active. XD

    1. +Harlie Meowster  its rly not about the dog breed its all about how patient you are and how are you with your dog if you alrady teached him sit and stay thats just half the work attack is just a step away

  2. NOT A HOW TO TRAIN VIDEO. BUT A VIDEO OF A TRAINING SIMULATION. Click-bait title. Reported. Please do the same and thumbs up this comment to let other people know.

  3. Bruh, my puppy couldn’t hurt a fly, if a robber broke in, my best bet would be him/her being distracted from her cuteness while I grab my gun and put panty hoes on my head to scare them away

  4. I couldn’t figure out the dog breed when I first saw it, but it’s body mass/shape, large ears,and bushy tail leads me to think this black German shepherd. Beautiful dog you have there sir.

  5. Please train bully kutta well like rottweiler and do it long jump and high jump to bully kutta improve speed to dog and give obedience to bully kutta it is aggressive please give obedience like pit bull and k9 please train bully kutta Well like rottweiler, dogo Argentino and the dog like a police dog it is challenge for you k9 but you can do I think please improve bully kutta

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