How to Train a Dog to Attack (

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Dog Training. How you can educate a pet dog to assault. watchdog types are being trained to assault and also shield utilizing muzzles, concealed sleeve training, dog bite suits, as well as other dog training methods. Dog training in New York. Individual protection training, obedience dog training, aggressive, as well as aggressiveness rehab dog training. Numerous new dog training approaches are created at k9-1 specialized Dog Training.

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  1. Dogs to Thugs: You’ve been warned, stay away or be humped! lol

    Amazing how you train them to be aggressive humpers, lol.

  2. please don’t name your vids as a how to vid when they are not even close to being a how to, they are more like a demo to videos show you step by step how to do something and explain HOW TO DO IT.

    1. I think the best website on dog training is because I personally tried it and it really works… Recommended

  3. I had my dog for 3years so do you think it’s a good time to start training it to attack because i’ve been getting attacked by dogs alot and my dog is always with me but just barks at the dog :l

    1. Cool. I actually trained my dog to attack now when my mom comes in my room she growls and yesterday a dog tried to bit me and I said ATTACK and she attacked the dog

  4. Hi everyone, you really should go to a professional to train your dog in protection! It can easily go wrong and end up with you dog having aggression issues towards you and every other person they meet.

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