How to Teach Your Puppy or Dog to Stop Chewing!

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43 Comments on “How to Teach Your Puppy or Dog to Stop Chewing!”

    1. I have had many dogs and never had that happen, but they had a life and training, so get active you will all be happier.

    2. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution This did not really help, Sorry. My dog a
      Ready killed a rabbit. 🙁

    3. Awsimov bruh to late for me I regret getting my Belgian malinois but I still luv him (no homo) he still young so ehh lol

  1. Hey Zak, Nice video! I have a question! I have a very reactive dog. I was thinking that a head collar would be a good way to get him to focus on me if he starts reacting to something, while on a walk. What is your opinion on head collars?

    1. If you’re talking about a gentle leader/halti type head collar, I think they’re fine. Just take your time introducing it as it takes a little while for most dogs to get used to it. 

  2. My puppy she is lab mix she just bites me hard I know its puppy bite but the needle SHARP teets really hurts how to control it I tried to attract to another toy but she will take it for a certain amount of time and then just go for me I tried to play chase with her but whenever I stop playing she starts biting and when I am trying to tech her leave she bites she will scratch my hand from her nails and sometimes I am afraid that this might change in aggression not sure but still a little concern……

    1. Cool user name:) This is normal, watch this: How to Train a Puppy to Stop Biting

    2. +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution Thank u very much Zak… ur amaizing….. and Yep this video really helped me there’s a improvement in my dog… now she is not biting at me anymore just biting on her chew toys :):):) Thank You very much

    1. Mine is a year old and it chews on EVERYTHING he is a lab and he dug a whole in the wall. I’ve tried everything to stop him

    2. my lab puppy jumps at me and grabs my trousers and when I try to make her let go. she pulled it to herself and my trousers got torn

    3. My chocolate lab can be a biting nightmare and he is so strong and aggressive for 3 mths old getting ruff with him made him think I was playing I had to show him I was the boss 2 seconds he back.
      Biting and so I’m staying patient and not losing my cool no spanking I just shorten his leash keep him close bottom line you need a fenced yard or a dog park to play fetch frisbee and a ball with this breed and treats

  3. I just recused a pitbull mix and he is a loving dog but doesn’t seem to listen especially when I’m trying to get him to stop ripping up furniture or trying to bite people’s clothes or arms. How can we get him to stop this immediately before it becomes a bad habit, someone gets hurt, or the house gets destroyed?

    1. Let me know if you find a solution. Apparently they need like 2 hours of walking a day to burn up energy

    2. Oh wow, I bring her to the park and she’s still really wild. I’m just getting very strict with training now. I’ve gotten different varieties of toys and that seems to help for a while until she gets  bored with it.

    3. I’m glad the toys are starting to help. I am going to tighten up on the training and walking as well

    4. +OLegendStudios I would like to make a suggestion about how to get your puppy to stop biting you. You should go to google and check out Moorack Ideal Puppy Miracle it really will help you out worked for me.

    5. Pits love to pull. I have a pocket bully/American staffy mix that loves to pull. Either tug of war or hitch him up to something with a small amount of weight to it and let him run around the yard with it. (It’s all that energy and being bored you need to get rid of before they stop chewing) I tug with my dog. If he loses the battle, he has to sit and wait for me to throw it or toss it to him. Teaches him a little bit of patience and not to be so eager to come after it if he loses.

  4. I have a dog and when he was a puppy and used to chew stuff up, me or my mum, whoever discovered it would just tell him “no, bad boy” and eventually he would just drag things on the floor but not destroy them. Then if we went out to him in his room and everything was where it should be, we’d praise him and treat him and then he stopped doing it altogether. We also did the same thing when he weed on the floor, we’d say “bad boy” and put him out into the yard and if he weed there he’d get praised and treats 🙂

  5. How I stop my nine month old puppy not to chew up my USB wires when I sleep help costing a lot every month help!!!!!!!!!!

  6. We have a Rottweiler dog age 16months. She chews EVERYTHING she’s not interested in fetch and we take her for walks everyday. She gets tired out because we have a Dalmatian who runs like the wind and she runs after him, but when we get home she sneaks off when we’re not watching opens a door herself and chews the contents o the room. We gave her a kong and filled it to keep her entertained but once she’s finished she goes off. It hard because we don’t know what to do and we are struggling

  7. my rottweiler mix Bare had one of those monkey toys once.. he went to chew it, it made that sound he jumped and ran yelping and hid under my bed for 15 minuets.. then came out looking scared all to death and ran past the toy and sat over my lap. we got rid of that toy cuzz he would look at it with his worried face and walked around it staring at it like it was going to jump up and run at him or something. but he likes squeaky toys..

    1. yeah my big baby is a funny boy. tho my moms little dogs did not like that monkey either.. it made them jump every time it went off, so we got rid of it. being tackled by a scared rotti who thinks he is a chihuahua!  

  8. I have a puppy chow chow… she chews my patio deck when she is left unattended outside. After hearing your video I will make sure I will be there when she goes out. She has chew toys but she prefers my patio deck lol I always tend to her when she is in the house so I have no problems inside the house. Thank you for your video!!!!!

  9. Here’s Logical dog training and they showing examples of those training techniques. just search google; “galid dog training”

  10. how stop my dog from eating everything.
    she eats bristles small pieces of plastics. She even ate ear bud.

  11. my pup is 6 months and all she chews on is the blinds and knocks over her food bowl and that drives me crazy

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