How to Teach your Dog to Stay in 3 Steps Force Free!

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Your following 2 "remain" training lessons:

How you can show your dog the shock keep:

Where to begin with off chain training as well as remain:

Playlist: How you can show your puppy or canine the essentials in order:

69 Comments on “How to Teach your Dog to Stay in 3 Steps Force Free!”

  1. Hi Zak! I’m going to get toy australian shepherd puppy this summer so, could you please make new video about:how to teach dog to stop barking

    1. +Iron Tail
      He’s already done two or three, how much help do you need ?
      If you post the specific problem you’re having, I will try and help.

    2. Iron Tail if your dog always brakes just when your dog doesn’t brake give them a treat if that doesn’t work take your dog for a walk more often

    3. The most important thing is to NOT REACT to their barking! Barking is how dogs communicate, normal and sometimes necessary especially to get the attention of members of a herd. When YOU yell it is barking to your dog and you are only rewarding barking. You gotta teach them and reward for quiet. YOU have to be quiet and calm. Aussies bark a lot. That is part of their JOB herding sheep and cattle! It is up to you to learn how to teach them when barking is OK and when it is time for quiet/calm. Get to know the Aussie breed far better! They are brilliant, agile and the most wonderful partners! Should have learned this before you decided on an Aussie puppy but seriously, you’ve got a WONDERFUL breed. You just have to know more detail that applies to this breed! Never hit. Never yell! You want your dog’s trust and Aussies only trust those who deserve their trust!!

    4. the most simple rule with stopping barking is to reward when they are quiet, not when they’re barking. if you yell and scream and try to get them to stop it won’t do anything, if they stop and then you treat them they will associate being quiet with a reward. always ignore when they’re barking, even if it’s for half an hour, as soon as they stop, give them a big treat. they’ll quickly catch on.

  2. love this I’m doing this with my two month old Doberman right now. when I saw this posted I was like yes time to train. thank you so much

    1. QueenNewNew lol me to I just got a Doberman and he is 3 mounths and his name is max, that are such a good dog breed

  3. lol “that was a GREAT example!”
    … all the dogs he uses are great examples. I’d really like to see him show us a bad one 😂 now that would help me out.

    1. He doesn’t, i really doubt he does those dogs broken down and have really terrible problems that came straight from the pound or something. I really like zak, but you know, he really doesn’t do discipline well

    2. AssaultedPeanutt zak is a realtor…not a dog behaviorist. His specialty is selling you something. He’s selling you this “picture” repackaged over and over. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s super entertaining and I watch him like I watch keeping up with the khardashians but I’m not going to him for dog training advice. That’s potentially dangerous

  4. I have a dog it’s a German shepherd and I need some help he keeps bitting me and when I say stop he won’t stop

    1. If your pup is changing teeth it’s pretty diffucult to get them to stop. I have a swiss shepherd and when he did this when he was younger, i just distracted him somehow and said stop. Weird method but it helped. If he didn’t bite anymore after playing for a bit he got a treat.

    2. I made my puppy stop by giving a loud cry just as if a litter mate would cry if he was bitten too hard.

  5. I love buying dog food though hahaha. Because then I have an excuse to go to the pet shop and look at cool new things that I definitely don’t need!

    1. I think the best website on dog training is

      because I personally tried it and it really works… Recommended

  6. zak, can you make more videos about how to teach your dog to stunt…. like that would be awesome! like if ya agree!

  7. can you make a video about “how to stop your dog on biting its leash” because I have a lot of difficulties with that topic… thank you!

    1. I found the best way to train your dog at
      all you guys should try it.Hope this will help…….

    2. Put a LITTLE bit of vinegar on the leash where he is most likely to chew on it. He will spit it out and never take a bite at it again. If he does, repeat the process

  8. yup! That’s exactly the way I danced around when teaching stay to my dog. My old neighbors think that I’m crazy…. hahaha

  9. It’s funny you are basically uploading video’s when I want to teach my new puppy these tricks. She just learned sit, lie down, and roll over now we want to teach her Stay

    1. this video seems to go a little to fast it doesn’t really explain the transition from the basic stay to the stay and then the “ok” to move command

    2. thank you for sharing us, and inspiring us…i really like your training tricks i really enjoyed…I HOPE IT ALSO WORKS FOR MY PUPPY…

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