How to Teach Your Dog to Love WATER & SWIMMING

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Does your pet like water or are they hesitant to approach it? Regardless, you'll enjoy this video. Seeing a canine swim for the first time is always an enjoyment to see!

This video came out wonderful! My training videos are extremely real, so you never ever understand just how some of these lessons are mosting likely to wind up! The obstacle with teaching canine to swim is that you can't make sure you'll get there in a solitary lesson. Let's just state that June the rescue pet dog from, lifeline puppy rescue made us look great;-RRB-.

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Lucy the Shy Canine:.

69 Comments on “How to Teach Your Dog to Love WATER & SWIMMING”

    1. +Lizzie O I got one of my dogs for free. They didn’t abuse her. They were moving so they couldn’t keep her.

    1. Hey there. So this is so this is a common misconception popularized by traditional dog trainers that rely on tools to make life unpleasant when their dog does not perform as desired. Here’s a video that will explain the dominance myth: ==> 4MyDogTraining.Blogspot.Com >>>

    1. Dоg Training Secrets. Use these dogs traaaining sеccccrets to succesfullу train уour dog.————-Go Here==>>>>>>> Hooow to Teaсh Yоur Dog to Love WATER SWIMMMMMING

    1. The life jacket is there to help relax the dog. It gives her extra support, so she can relax her mind and body a little and be less scared of drowning.

    2. it is so she feels safe in the water. Since June is a puppy she isn’t as acclimated to the water, so the life jacket gives her a sense of safety and it is easy to take control of her when you can see she is tired or anxious.

    1. Jdance1123 3 People do too, but just about everyone has to relearn when they are older, the same goes for dogs

  1. I got ridiculously happy when June swam to Josh on her own. I clapped for her and then felt really silly.
    Way to go June! This is a very good video on introducing your pupper to water!

    1. Amarindra Nicol my dog is a 3 year old lab and his parents are professional doc jumpers but he won’t go near water

  2. I taught my dog how to swim using my method

    1. Throw him in the pool

    2. Tell him to swim or die

    3. Tell him life is not fair thats how life is

    1. Some people don’t deserve dogs 🙄. My brother in law is dog trainer and that is the worst thing you can do to teach a dog to swim

  3. I got a 3 years old corgi that hate swimming, but we live in a hot country so I tried training her to like swimming but still doesn’t work so help pls

    1. PuDyA FaDinG Just be patient and get her favorite treat or toy to really make it a great experience for her. If you notice that she gets nervous being near water then take a step back in the training. Never force her in, not even if she seems comfortable, let her do it at her own pace

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