How to Teach your Dog to Bring You Things

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How you can train your pet to bring you points! This video clip is funded by BarkBox! Obtain a free BarkBox when you register for a 6 or 12 month subscription at

Have you ever wondered how to teach your canine to get something? It can be very convenient, plus it's an excellent means to develop as well as fine-tune communication between you and your dog!

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76 Comments on “How to Teach your Dog to Bring You Things”

    1. Internet says get them to bark by running with or away from them to the extent they have to bark but that may be a problem with a spaniel πŸ˜› I have a pug so it would be easy for me, get in position and 3 steps and I get a bark XD

    2. I taught my dog to speak using the running away/running to method to get her to bark! Nothing else worked apart from that, after a few times she picked it up quickly! Then i started to hide the treat saying ‘speak’, She was only 4months, now shes a master at speaking at 6months!

    3. I taught my current puppy and my last dog to speak by saying “Speak!” then “Woof!” They usually start out with a heavy exhale that I reward. In no time you’ll be stuggling to teach “Quiet.”

    1. Leah Bergfield
      I would suggest (assuming the dog already walks nicely on a leash when someone is walking next to them) a very positive introduction to the bike or wheelchair first, then in an area they are familiar with and with low distractions. I would start off with just a few steps at a time and rewarding and if they get in front of you use your treats to lure them back into position if they continue to pull out in front try having them look at you while moving slowly. Over the course of a few weeks you would then practice adding duration of the good walking behavior in-between rewards. Before you know it, they will be walking in the position you want them to happily. Hope this helps!

    2. Thankyou. My dog won’t take treats outside, we can always practice inside. I have accidentally run over him a coupletimes on accident indoors especially when i move backwards and don’t realise he is close.

    3. Leah Bergfield check your currency and consider upgrading to something more tempting if your dog doesn’t want to eat outside. You have to use a really tempting treat to overcome obstacles like that sometimes πŸ™‚

  1. Zak you are the best I even liked the video without even seeing that. And please everyone like the comment i too wanna a dog if the likes get high maybe my dad will get me one. So please πŸ˜ΆπŸ‘

    1. I will give you some great ideas, tricks, and instruction that may help you turn your puppy into the best behaved, most happy, jogging, bouncing, slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted?. Watch here >

  2. Btw this video is awesome. I love your emphasis on small steps and patience. I think that is the biggest obstacle new trainers face is realizing how much time and patience is required.

    1. Thank you for this, I’m so proud of my dog and myself, my dog did this following theses instructions, again thank you… i will start doing the clean your paws next! Warm greetings. Here is the official link:

    1. If you don’t mind my asking, how did he help? Did you just watch all of his videos a lot and use the techniques? How long did it take you?

    2. Just Gina Yeah i watched all of his videos, (along with videos training how to alert to panic attacks). My dog is still ‘in training’ but is able to pass a public access test if we took one.

  3. I love your videos, and believe all of your methods are AMAZING! But my mom believes Ceaser Milan’s methods are the only ones that work. Any tips for training our puppy without arguments? Thanks Zak!

    1. M. Hill you can buy boxes made for tough dogs. If your dog destroys a kong in ten minutes… sorry, man… you got a bear.

    1. Reading the question again, you might be asking if an adopted one year old dog would already be potty trained. You won’t know until you pick the dog. Dogs don’t learn to potty “outdoors”, they learn to prefer to potty on grass, so once trained, generally always ‘go’ outside (where the grass usually is).
      Some dogs may need a quick refresher. My two rescues (both two years old) needed no potty training at all.

  4. Do you ever think really well trained dogs walking down a street and see another dog thats not trained. And thinks man what an animal

    1. Do you ever see a well trained dog walk down the street and then see another dog thats not trained. And think too yourself, wow what an animal. πŸ˜ŠπŸ€™πŸ˜Ž

  5. Could you do a video on teaching commands by using hand signals. I want to be able to communicate without having to yell across the room or in a crowd.

    1. Waylon Marques Do hand signal, say word, reward. Repeat handsignal at the same time or before each time and soon they can do the shortcut of not needing it verbally. πŸ™‚ It is great that you want this, my old dog is going deaf and training hand signals as younger has been a life saver.

  6. I love this kind of advance videos because it shows you what your puppy can do one day and best of all how you can they her without pain and really make her think πŸ™‚ thank Zak, Bree and your team for making these videos free and super informative. You guys are awesome πŸ˜πŸ‘

  7. Hey love your videos. Can you do a video on hold it? Im having a bit of problems getting my dog to hold an object and it would be very helpful.

  8. Dear Zak, love your clips. I have a dog that makes happy pees. He is 2 years old and each time when someone visits he gets so excited that he pees. Over the person on the floor. Could you make a video how to train to stop this? Or do you have some tricks?
    Thank you!

  9. Hi Zak,
    I’m getting a dog very soon but i have one problem… i have a cat and I’m not so sure how introduce them to each other. you have been the best help since if subscribed so I’m crossing my fingers that you will see this and help me with my situation. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

    p.s the breed is a Shiba Inu (just for some background information).

    kind regards,
    Cooper Chochovski.

    1. Put them in cages and face them to each other NOT TOO CLOSELY or the cat might scratch
      Do this daily and if progress shows move the cages closer by half an inch.

      I tried this with my dog and cat and it worked now they play along

      Also after a week or two let them both in the same room and be patient do this daily as progress has shown

    2. Cooper Chochovski my dog and cat became best friends the first minute they met, my dog slept with my cat when we first brought her home

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