How to Teach your Dog to be a SUPER DOG!

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52 Comments on “How to Teach your Dog to be a SUPER DOG!”

  1. DAMN IT ZAK! I need to wait to move out and get a stable job before I get my next dog… and you uploading videos like this is making it more and more painful to wait!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for an amazing weekend! We had a blast filming and hanging out with all of you!! Love love love the video!!!

    1. The Super Collies I watched this last month and my 1 year old collie can now stand up on the wall! So happy with him! He will be hand standing in no time!

    2. Can I do these tricks with my cocker spaniel? She’s pretty smart and does many tricks, but she’s not in the league of a collie haha

  3. This dog is amazing! And not only the dog but the owner seems to have extreme patient and knowledge of dogs to understand how to teach them to do this! Definetly doing a thumbs up for both of them!

    1. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution oh my god I can’t believe you replied btw I’m getting my first puppy this week and these videos really helped

    1. Captain Usopp keep up with that btw! He will gain the balance eventually! My cavalier took a while to learn beg, he to would also use my hand for support but I started letting go and he started to gain the balance. You could always try your pug against a wall if he loses balance he would use the wall for support. But keep at it don’t lose patients he’s trying by the sounds of things but just needs you help a little longer 😉

    2. Captain Usopp I had that same problem with my Labrador, but he caught on quick (after about a week or so). Just keep rewarding for effort and also I used a wall with my Labrador. I allowed him to rest his back on the wall so it would make it that little bit easier. Keep Trying and you’ll succeed (if you havent already 😜) Hope this helped. 😉

    1. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution OMG you replied! Thank you for your videos they are helping me train my future service dog!

  4. Wow! They make an incredible team together! It was a great idea to bring Sarah and her dog in one of your videos. Thank you for your work, Zak. You are doing an amazing job with this videos. You helped me to understand and train my dog. Thank you again!

  5. This video is jam packed with lots of great trick training tips! Then topped off with a fun ending. Very awesome!

  6. an amazing trainer, an amazing dog and an amazing Video 😀
    Always get so much inspiration for my training, thank you

  7. We LOVE Sara and Hero- they are so talented. Love your channel too and will feature you both in our next training round up.

    1. OMG That is kinda time wasting but it’s good to go over things that are already known for or your so well with.facts. when dogs sit down 23 muscles are used

  8. Thanks for teaching these tricks. I have a collie who looks a lot like Sarah’s. He’s so clever he’s learned things I didn’t mean to teach him. See him at jaxon8billy on Tumblr.

    1. Same. Only I had two. Great dogs. Luckily, I still have my females puppy. She is a mix. Then I have her puppy as well.

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