How to TEACH ANY DOG to STOP BARKING Humanely, Effectively, and Naturally!

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How to train your canine not to bark

Actually COUNTLESS you have requested this video! Undesirable barking is the factor a lot of people quit on a pet. Share this video to make sure that even more individuals know how you can manage this simple to deal with concern.

In my research study before making this video clip, I discovered a lot of video clips offering some pretty suspicious advice as well as some downright bad recommendations. When I located respectable videos mostly all of them consisted of one sort of unwanted barking and also one pet.

This video consists of great deals of different examples and also differed guidance for different situations, including exactly what to do when your pet will not reply to you even if you have deals with.

Does your dog bark people, pet dogs, various other pets? Does your canine bark when you are strolling? Does your dog bark when you leave? There is no have to utilize punishment to instruct your pet dog to not bark. Take on an attitude of perseverance as well as you'll fix this in no time at all!

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67 Comments on “How to TEACH ANY DOG to STOP BARKING Humanely, Effectively, and Naturally!”

  1. I respect your work, but I think you’re really focused on the external behaviour of the dog, without thinking enough about its emotional state.
    A little too “old school” clicker training.

    1. +kobayashimaruaikiken I’m sorry the video came off this way to you, because focusing on communication and motivating dogs to want to do things (vs just making them do it) is the #1 thing Zak advocates for!

    2. Clicker training saved the relationship between my VERY hyper border collie and me.  She loves it after lots of Frisbee and then some clicker training…she’s just a calmer, happier dog. Thanks Zak and Bree

    3. Clicker training certainly works if the operator understands the correct application. Emotions do certainly have a role and need to be considered in and when training animals or humans. However, for a limited time span such as using video there is not enough time to give the explanation that new or novice dogs owners would need in order to apply training while selecting the dogs emotional state at that point in time. It would be too complex and confusing for most if given in summary.

    1. Like what?
      Adding over-dramatic music in the background for effect? 😂
      (I’m joking, I use his tactics sometimes. But Zak is also very helpful.)

  2. You apply human psychology to dogs. First of all, it doesn’t work. You have not corrected one dog in your video. Maybe you don’t know that the pinch collar was designed to simulate the Mother dog taking control. Trainers who work with the dog’s natural instincts have better and faster results than your “humane” BS. 
    Food reward is not a practical form of training, so no treats are used in our program. Using food not only obligates the owner into carrying a food pouch everywhere, but it also makes the dog unreliable and untrustworthy.
    The dog and owner should form a partnership based on communication, not manipulation. 

    Pack society dictates that the top dog eats first. The lowest ranked dog will often present food to the top dog in an attempt to appease him. The top dog takes the food and ignores the provider, thus the provider avoids being attacked.

    Treat based training teaches the dog to focus on the treat and ignore the owner. By understanding canine social structure, it becomes clear that this simple act empowers the dog to Alpha or dominate status. However, when the owner does assert himself by making the dog move off the sofa, or leave a room, for instance, the dog sees this as dominate / possessive behavior. The flip from submissive (treat) to dominance (make the dog move) creates extreme anxiety in the dog.

    1. Everyone is entitled to there opinion. Positive Reinforcement followers just repeat with they have been told without any forethought. Successfully training dogs not only comes from observation, but also from the correct interpretation of that observation. 90% of the dogs that come to our school have tried Positive Reinforcement / treat training first. We also get our fair share of Service Dogs that come to us for re-training and to correct behavioral issues. If you don’t train working with the dog’s natural instincts, then you do the dog and the owner a dis-service. We are very proficient at what we do. We have multiple Obedience Trial champions, and movie star dogs. We consistently win in national competition. We have a genuine communication and understanding with dogs. Our dogs don’t work for us, they work with us.

    2. Ok, so everyone can have their opinion and dogs may be better suited to a more traditional training or treat training. Treat training is good because the dog can easily follow the treat into what you want them to do but traditional training replicates the natural behaviour of the dog ancestor, the wolf. But most people follow the modern training route because treats are easy to use by your self, while traditional training is more effective with a proper trainer who does that. So both sides have their pros and cons but I am for the modern training, simply because using correctional trading like prong collars tells the dog if they do something wrong they will get hurt, so they will less enjoy training sessions, but rewarding good behaviour will mean the dog will want to do training and the whole concept of treats are to make the dog understand to a point where the dog knows and understands without the treat. The two ways focus on different aspects of the training journey. One corrects the dog for BAD behaviour and the other rewards for GOOD behaviour. And in the video using human teaching ways wasn’t being used but to relate and to understand the video better, because if you where a dog would you rather being corrected for all the bad things you make and being told off or being rewarded for the good things. Because dogs will follow the incentive rather than be corrected until they do it right, and for the dog it will be hard to recognise when and what they did right with the traditional method, but given a good thing will make the dog know when I do x (e.g sit) I get reward, when I don’t do x I don’t get reward, but following with happy and excitement and “you did it” after the treat is given will further reenforce the action and word with what the dog is meant to do.

      So I’ve been saying all the good things about treat training and all the bad things about traditional training but that’s the truth from the dogs perspective. I believe the dog should be told yes rather then no.

    3. IMO it’s always preferable to have a positive environment. But sometimes is absolutely necessary to make the dog understand what is not accepted, and it works too. But it should be done very controlled to not create an anxious dog down the road and a broken trust.

    4. Regardless of this video, actually the idea of using food as a motivator/reward works very well. Once the desired behavior is achieved, you can remove the food reward and the good behavior still continues. That’s the conditioning part.

  3. Unwanted jumping!!! I have a pitbull and they already have such a bad rep, it’s doesn’t help when he barks at them and jumps on them… It’s only to lick but no one else knows but me…

  4. What if its because the dog has seperation anxiety? Like she whines when not in the room or when you leave the house.

    1. You need some puzzle toys to keep her mind off of you being gone. give her a bone rubber bone with peanut butter in the middle and have other puzzle toys so that she will stay occupied the entire time your gone.

  5. I like your videos, and your advice.  I would have liked to have seen more real life examples of this training, perhaps while your talking; i.e A person walking their dog outside on the street and the dog  barks at another dog, and talking through what the person should do while the person is doing it.    Thanks for the advise!

    1. hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover best way to train a puppy try Renkarter Puppy Course Report (just google it ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my buddy got cool success with it.

    2. +Lynde Ugoretz
      interesting points ,if anyone else wants to discover house training your puppy try Loctavan Quick Puppy Strategy (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  6. Hi my chihuahua is really bad he destroys the post and rips it up he barks and people and grouls and snaps and people biting people strangers and kids he bites them and hurts them cuts there finger he is really naughty me and my family reslly don’t know how to train him he barks and people he bites anyone who’s at the door when the post comes through the letter box he grabs it and rips it up he is 4 years old and we need help to train him thanku x

    1. +gabby sedgeman Hello I love the tips in this video. Something I also found helpful for how to stop my puppy from barking at night is Renkarter Puppy Course Report – if anyone is interested search on Google.

    2. #1 don’t get another dog unless it is guaranteed calm and steady.  Put a wire basket under your mail (post) slot in a way that the dog can’t get at the post.  Get a good collar on it and keep a dangling leash on it as well (helps you catch him).  start taking him to doggy training classes and do the work.  It’s going to about kill YOU–also he needs a LOT more exercise.  This animal is wired and full of piss and vinegar.  Help him with training and tons of exercise.  Put him on a treadmill; train him to walk on it with lots of very tiny bites of cheese or meat.  Feed him a little less food.  I’d say don’t get another dog at all; this guy will drive the new doggie crazy.

    3. chuck: it’ll take weeks.  Persistence will work, in that you only have to make him obey one more time than he disobeys…if you get my drift.  Then do it 10,000 more times.

  7. Some of the tips are good, and reward training is a useful method, but I find Mr.George extremely anthropomorphizes canines. This anthropomorphizing is not only detrimental to the dog itself, but to the training process. You cannot use human psychology on animals. Big mistake.

    1. +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution I’m not sure but ,if anyone else trying to find out puppy training videos try Nevolly Top Dog Nerd ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.

    2. icy sloths Amen we all wouldn’t be here if are dogs weren’t driving us nuts I have a pack 3 and they feed off each other and bother us and our neighbors and I’m honestly ready to start giving them up especially the one that is dominant and barks to come in constantly and we’ve decided no dogs inside our house anymore two small for three dogs to be passing through it I’ve never struggled with dog allergies until we had three in a two bedroom duplex

    1. Hell yeah my roommates rat dogs never shut up i times it 40min straight they barked at me just for walking into the kitchen ive told thrm many mnay time overbthe past 2yrs and yet the roomates still is trying to pull they’re still puppies b.s. they’re 3yrs old rat dogs that need their vocal cords it this is coming from someone who raised dogs for a living some dogs are better not being bred

    2. mage13011988 “They don’t live as long as other breeds.” What kind of messed up human even says that publicly?
      People like you are the ones that leave animals for dead at a shelter for the reasons you mentioned yourself.
      I’m gonna guess you’ve done that at one time or another because “your new place didn’t allow it”. “Or the dog smelled too bad.”

      People like you shouldn’t be allowed to feel the love of a loyal dog.

    3. Food motivation…only treat I’ve seen Cesar is at the end of the bottoms of his foot. I always have that with me.

  8. Hi Zak – you are sooo good at this – just a suggestion though, to be even better at communicating your knowledge, which is terrifically good (and you have a great personality) :}

    Talking to us while you’re with the dogs and showing us more of the training would be better for teach your training (the scenes are too short now) – if you don’t want to do it yourself, slowing down a bit and showing us how you help an owner to develop the ability to train their dog would be really great. There is a professor, Robert Sapolsky, who teaches psychology at Stanford. He is very intelligent and talks very briskly. In his case, it works cause the knowledge the students need is communicated through speech (and even he uses visuals). Using more hands on material like an elementary school teacher would enhance your training vids a lot. Cause, in your case, your intelligence and knowledge is best communicated with hands on demonstration. Also, all the verbal instruction in the world will not create a good therapist or teacher – only working with people creates experience to be good. Being educated at Columbia Teachers’ College gave me excellent intellectual material – BUT, it wasn’t until I was in my own classroom, by myself, that I really learned how to teach a group of kids – and it took a while to get the knack. :}

    I’m looking forward to checking out more of your vids! Between you and Cesar Milan – one could become a genius with one’s dog, even if with nothing else LOL – alexa :}

    1. This video is several years old, we’ve upped our game considerably since this:) Also, you’ll find a world of difference between Cesar and myself. I’ve been an outspoken critic of his methods for years now:) Good luck and great to have you here. Thanks for the compliments.


  9. I sprayed water in my dogs mouth when he barked for no reason. Worked like a charm and he stopped barking in a few days.

    1. Michelle:  yes.  a good solution.  You can also toss down a kibble bit or so when you give a quiet command and he obeys it.  Combo of adverse reinforcement and positive reinforcement is a big winner.  Remember to keep it up and practice it often.

    2. Michelle, i like your tip much better than the ones in the video. Thanks! I think giving a treat to get their attention away from barking is more likely to reinforce barking… i will try the water!

    3. I never sprayed water in the mouth–just at the back of his head and I said “Quiet” at the same time. It took 2 sprays and he got it. Only problem is, I have to pick up the bottle and threaten him with it each time he barks. I haven’t had to spray again, but having to jump up and go show him the bottle every 10 minutes when the kids are walking home from school gets really old. Lately, I’ve set my phone alarm to when the kids start walking home from school and close the front door and the front blinds. He doesn’t bark at what he can’t’ see.

    4. That’s fear-based training. It’s effective in the short term but it doesn’t make your dog want to listen to you.

    1. I’m going to show you a dog training system that took me 10 years to perfect – (and tens of thousands of dollars to learn) – a PROVEN “Battlefield-Tested” system for creating an incredibly well-behaved, intelligent dog who follows your every command!

  10. I’m not familiar with this fellow – he may be a tremendous trainer, I don’t know. However, one thing that’s always struck me about Cesar Millan is how calm and quiet his manner is. This guy has a different, more animated energy – he talks quickly and with a lot of inflection, and uses a lot of large gestures. Perhaps he’s different with dogs than when presenting, or perhaps it doesn’t make a real difference to the dog – but I suspect it probably does. Again, I don’t know how successful this guy may be – it’s just an observation.

  11. I hate my dog now ☹️ I’ve had him for 7-8 months now and I can’t deal anymore! He all he does is bark at EVRY NOISE and cries when he can’t get to what he barking at/want something and a lot of times it’s something he can easily do like going down the steps, like he doesn’t even try. What’s even worse about this situation is my other dog I’ve had about 8 years (they are around the same age btw, my first dog is about to be 9 and the other just turned 8) is doing the bad behavior now. She never used to act this way until he came and showed her wrong. I honestly what to try shock training, but my boyfriend is against it and It’s hard using the methods in the video for 3 reasons
    ☝🏽Everytime I try to teach them, my bf/mother back track and get on my case
    ✌🏽the main thing he does that I can’t stand is barking in the house at all hours of the day and night. This includes 4am when we are sleeping, he sleeps in our room because they’ll jump down my throat for leaving him in the basement plus he’ll just bark and cry until you let him back upstairs, but he has a very deep voice so when he wakes me up barking at a dog he hears all the way down the block it scares the hell outta me then I can’t go back to sleep (the reason I’m even up typing this is because he woke me up) so I can’t wait for him to bark cause I’ll never sleep.
    👎🏽 And lastly, HE IS JUST DUMB-STUPID. He WONT listen to anything that’s not another dog barking. He is a mess like it’s straining my relationship and taking a big toll on my health. I can’t do it anymore, I’m sorry this ran on longer than I wanted, but I needed to let it out. I’m already trying to handle my mental illnesses plus hundreds of other things, I can’t do this anymore! I’m not in the position to leave my house, but I also can’t get rid of him because they love him too much 🙄 . Oh yea he also bites. Smfh if you live in Baltimore please come kidnap him. I’m out of options (if you actually read all of this, once again I’m sorry for the length 💕)

    1. Perhaps your not devoted enough for another dog?
      My honest opinion is that you should find a home for the little fella, where the owners are able to take time out of their day to train him. My dog is currently 5 years old, and is still learning not to bark. (But I have to let him go at the UPS truck. He must think he’s protecting me from it, or something like that.) He’s extremely intelligent, being a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Poodle mix, but barking is just one of his weaknesses. You’ve just got to work with what you’ve got.

    2. mydreamboy
      That’s horrible, I think you may have a problem if you desire to harm an animal.
      Perhaps you shouldn’t own an animal in the first place, if you can’t help yourself to their vulnerability.

    3. Not the dog’s fault, Faulty owners, create faulty dogs! You should receive training and then train the dog! Can’t stand that people post hit and hurt the dog😡 I say hit and hurt the owner for not taking responsibility and training the dog correctly with praise and love! At least do the responsible thing now and regime the dog where someone will show it love. Dogs want to be trained and love to work.

    4. dominique j I’m a dog lover . I mean I love dogs as dogs an not like they are my kids but they are really good companions . I know if a dog has been in the family for a while it’s very possible that someone has fallen in love with him . I know a lot of ppl are against bark collars but my advice to you would be if nothing els works get a bark training collar where you can either give vibes or shocks when u give a command n they won’t listen . Don’t turn it on high , it shouldn’t take much for him to want to listen if u do it every time for a few days or week . Or if that’s not possible rehome him , a dog is not worth a broken relationship . All the best !!

    5. mydreamboy lmao what a fucking caveman, at the first sight of something you find annoying you just think “I SMASH IT!”

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