How to TEACH ANY DOG NOT to BARK at Other DOGS and PEOPLE on a Walk

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You wish to have the ability to take your pet dog on a tranquil stroll, but you recognize if you run into another canine or individual that your dog is going to go bananas and also begin barking! Embarrassing? Don't sweat it! This is normal for lots of canines! BUT I'll show you how you can teach them to behave acceptably in this circumstance! Hope it aids!

45 Comments on “How to TEACH ANY DOG NOT to BARK at Other DOGS and PEOPLE on a Walk”

  1. This video is custom-made for a woman who called me today about her lunging, leash-reactive dog. I shall send it to her immediately.
    Thanks Zak.

  2. Hi!  My dog has doggy turrets!  She barks and barks at the TV for no reason, it drives us barmy!  In this video you are saying that when on a leash they are not been aggressive but curious, my dog looks aggressive when she meets other dogs, she is snarling and growling.  When she went into kennels she played lovely with the other dogs and she plays with the neighbors dogs.  But I dare not let her of the lead if other dogs are around in case she attacks them, I really don’t know what to do with her……  Other than that, she is lovely!!  Honest!! 🙂

    1. My rescued Border Collie was the same way. She actually would try to destroy other dogs on leash.  I have become good friends with a great trainer who suggested letting her off leash in an enclosed area with other dogs that are well socialized.  She did better but was still aggressive for the most part. We did this many times and she was fine off leash.  However, on leash, she was still nuts.  In my apartment there are many dogs and when I would take her out to play frisbee or just exercise, she would try to destroy every dog in the area.  I am sure if I could have let her off leash she would have been fine. I just couldn’t do it in our area and eventually let the trainer have her to rehome her. BTW, in every other aspect, she was perfect.  Great at games and learning tricks.

  3. Zak, as a fellow positive trainer, I HIGHLY disagree with your idea that picking up the dog while it is barking is a good idea. Physical contact = reinforcement. “Good dog. Good bark at the thing.” Instead, why do we not walk away from the source of the excitement? That way, we say “If you can’t hush and look, then you can’t look.” I’ve had a lot of success with removal methods to get the dog calm enough to Watch or Sit and focus up.

    1. that is the one point I wasn’t sure of, also it elevates the dog so it maybe learns if it barks it gets to be higher up…reinforces that barking is good and reinforces there is a reason to bark if you’re picking it up…I know he said not in the long term, but I wouldn’t in the short term either!

    2. +Alyx Jones I think in the short term to pick the dog up is OK as you want your dog to know that you will protect it if it at all worried or scared and that it does not have to deal with the situation by itself as this is what can turn a dog aggressive if it feels the only way out of a situation is to snap or even bite. Much better in the interim that we take the dog out of any situation it cannot cope with, picking the dog up being one of the option.

  4. my dog is sooo gentle and sweet. hes a newly adopted 3 year old golden and never ever barks but he is extremely reactive to other dogs on a leash. hes fine at the dog park and in doggy day care but if we’re on a walk and he sees a dog he goes off….we just got him last week from a friend who couldnt keep him anymore and my husband and i are devouring your videos. thank you sooo muc

  5. Hi Zak, so I get the steps I am supposed to take in order to keep my dog from barking at other dogs within training sessions. But when I take him on a walk, inevitably there are going to be 1-2 other dogs on that walk. Even with treats, I have a very difficult time getting him to look at me and pay attention to me the second he sees another dog. While my dog is still learning how to behave, what would you recommend doing with an ambush of anything you know overstimulates and gets them into that heightened state? Simply turning around and creating distance from that dog? I try to keep a look out for other dogs on walks, and move away from them as I see them, but often times they come out of no where and I feel like I take steps back in his training second my dog barks and lunges at them. What would you recommend?

    1. Rachel Kasinski my dog is totally the same I’m trying to teach her how to not lunge and bark at people and dogs but she’s a German Shepard and she’s way powerful than me so when she goes after the dog it’s hard for me to pull her back with her strength that’s why I am trying to figure out what to do with her and how to train her but she’s in a hyper and younger state of mind… and yes sometimes I’m afraid to even take my dog out for a walk because of other dogs and they pop out of nowhere and my dog seems to find them before I do… so I see what you mean.

    2. I’m having the same problem except my dog is smaller and riles up all the bigger dogs around us who would most likely otherwise mind their own business. I had two huge dogs chase us down – their owner could not hold them back – pretty sure they were playing as they didn’t bite, but I got a little banged up LOL they did not bother us until my dog started barking, so of course I am responsible and wish I could teach her not to bark at other dogs. She’s adopted and in her twilight years so I fear there is no hope.

    3. There are several factors in dog training. One place I discovered which successfully combines these is the Bevs Booster Guide (google it if you’re interested) without a doubt the most useful resource that I’ve seen.Check out the interesting info .

    4. Kylie Castaneda Try a Gentle Leader head collar for your dog. It’s the kind Dante was wearing in this video. It makes it much easier to control a dog who pulls.

  6. I have a white German Shepherd, my issue with his barking is not when he is on the leash, it in the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning. He barks at people walking their dogs, tree rats or God knows what else. How can I train him to stop barking? We got him when he was 8 months old, he is now about 2 years and he seemed to have been abused by his previous owner, was always chained then too. Please help

    1. Mirna Nono same problem hefe
      I have 2 GS and a Golder Retriever. After midnight they go bananas barking at cats, other dogs and anything that moves in the neighborhood. IDK what to do anymore.

    2. Over the years I’ve had many dogs mostly a small yuppie breed, and have had great success with shock collars. I only use the ones that start out very mild and will increase if the parking continues. And if the barking continues for too long it will disable. I’ve never had a dog get to that point, dogs are very smart even the lightest shock when they bark teaches them very quickly not to bark. Most of my dogs are so smart it only took one or two times barking to realize what was happening. And then whenever the color was on they wouldn’t bark. But the minute I took the caller off they would bark. Eventually the battery would die but as long as the color was on my dogs knew not to bark even if the battery was dead. I even had one dog that was so smart he learned to bark very very quietly so that he would not set off the shock. Which I didn’t mind because it was quiet, he was just too smart for his own good.

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  7. I love your videos but I feel like this one wasn’t helpful at all. It didn’t actually teach me anything.

    1. It was a 7 min. ad actually, maybe the first video I disliked. Though many others are great, not a hater.

  8. Lots of good advice here but it wasn’t very instructional. For most people, it takes step by step instructions and a demo of those steps for them to understand how to deal with problematic dog behaviors. This structure is easier for the dog’s progress too and I think this video should have provided a more structured plan for reducing reactivity rather than just tips.

    1. Hello I like this video, particularly the advice in the second half for how to stop puppies biting
      . Something I also found useful for how to house train a potty train a puppy
      was Grathaw Canine Teaching Expert – it will be on google if you need it

  9. None of this has helped at all. I have a small dog that barks like an absolute psycho at other dogs while on leash and pulls and snarls like crazy trying to run after them and get at them. (Thankfully if he does get to them he never bites, he just barks and barks and barks) picking him up while like this makes him bark even more crazy. Feeding him treats even steps up his crazy another notch because then he thinks he has to guard the food. If he is off leash, he doesn’t bark at all. He listens well to commands and tricks all except for when he sees another dog while he’s on the leash that he can’t get to. What can I do to stop this behaviour that would actually work since nothing in this video was helpful at all? (Oh I should mention that this behaviour started once he went to sniff a lab and it snarled and bit him even though he was respectful and since then he has been like this on leash…I need him to stop this asap!)

    1. You need to remember – any behavior takes time to change.. so continue even if it does not work the first time.. it WILL over time.. Good luck 🙂

    2. Ligh raider maybe try playing quiet dog barking sounds, from your phone or something, while you’re home (if you’re dog usually reacts to that) and start with that.

  10. Do you think you can expand on this? My dog tends to bark at other dogs when we are out and about. It’s simply because he wants to play and say hello. I normally pick him up and move him away from the situation. I’m not sure what I can do to teach him to stop for the future.

    1. My pug does the same thing! and when he gets near the person or other dog, he’s perfectly polite. it’s just the excitement of making friends. I’m at a loss on how to correct it.

    2. exactly what happens with my Westie he is so excited to see other canines but it is stressful because his bark is so flippen LOUD! would love to remedy this he is 11 months old

    3. THIS IS MY COCKAPOO. I have some information that may help you. The reason my dog is like this is because he was adopted and at his old home there were 7 other dogs, so now being the only dog he is constantly wanting to be in a pack like he was. Our trainer told us that whenever you see a dog in the distance (you should do this when they are as far away as possible and keep doing it until they become closer) get some treats with your dog in front looking at you and toss treats onto the floor, when they have eaten the treat and made eye contact, you immediately toss another treats do say good. Do it until the dog is several metres behind you. You should start doing this in your house before outside where there’s more distractions. It’s not a game specific to this but it really helps.

  11. i’ve been practicing with my girl alot she’s 7 years old and a small dog, body blocking and walking the other direction works, she’s been very good thank you for putting these videos to help. She’s still very terrified of sounds and barks and noises. She also doesn’t like being near other dogs ( doggy stores are stressful for her ) but I know with time put in she’ll get there!

  12. not alot of info on this one which unusual lol but sees others he has done on stopping barking so no big deal 🙂 i hope to see video on not barking while your not at home you cant with dogs to distract them 24 7

  13. Hey zak I’m a a 10 year old but I have a question what’s order do you need to train dogs tricks? Can you put all these in order for me ? ( sit lay down shake speak silent roll over play dead) will you please put these in order what to do first please, thank you! 😁

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