How to STOP Your Dog From Running Out of the Front Door! Stay while Distracted

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In this new episode of the Dog Training rEvolution Logan as well as his partner Beverly asked for some help with their pet dog, Mona Lisa. She has harmful behavior of running out of the front door when it's open. Mona Lisa and I were tested when cats, pets and pedestrians attempted to thwart our training session. This is honestly a life saving ability that EVERY pet dog has to know. Please take the time to see this video clip to earn sure that you recognize the best ways to teach your pet to remain when the door is open. There is nothing more vital compared to maintaining your canine out of harm's method.

Videos I reference in this video:
How to instruct your canine to leave something alone:
Ways to show your dog to check out you:
How you can educate a basic "Come" and "Keep":.

Ways to educate your pet the essentials in order [Playlist]

44 Comments on “How to STOP Your Dog From Running Out of the Front Door! Stay while Distracted”

  1. Ive only been watching you for a few weeks.. (i dont even have my puppy yet..soon!) But you’ve taught me so much!! You’re awesome and thank you heaps for everything!! 🙂

  2. Your videos are very inspirational I am getting a german shepherd this summer so I am reading loads of facts and tips and watching many of your training videos🐾

    1. +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution somebody here in canada was fined by Transport canada $1000 for flying a camera drone. Great channel Zak i have a 3 month old cattledog/australian sheppard. Thanks for all the tips. And watch yourself for not flying in airport restricted zones 🙂

  3. My biggest problem is that she won’t answer the call to come after I tell her to stay.  She just looks at me from the corner of her eye and won’t budge an inch.  I have to go to her and physically touch her before she will break stance, and even then she doesn’t want to move without a treat.  Possibly a case of over-rewarding?… or is she insidiously intelligent and just playing me? >.< *Een socialist Amerikah dog train you!*

  4. Could you do a video on introducing your dog to a cat. I am getting a puppy soon and I don’t know how my cat is going to react

  5. Hey Zak! I don’t know if you remember me but we are finally getting a dog. We are getting a three month old lab mix puppy this sunday. What do i train it to do first? Do I teach it sit, stay? I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO START. Please help me! People please like this comment up so that my question can be answered!

    1. alisse bobber hey! I have a hound mix puppy but we got her from the shelter so we don’t know what her mix is. But she can do all of those cool tricks already!

  6. I live in the country side. I am surrounded by fields and hills and my four year old cavalier King Charles runs away when off the leash outside. When he runs away he seems to enjoy himself when watching us run after him. I love him so much and I know he’d love to run around the garden free of the lead but he just bolts away. We can’t trust him at all. He also scratches at doors and all the paint is coming off our doors. Any ideas to help me?

  7. I’m not dissing Zak or anything I love him and he helped me train my golden retriever but I always find it amusing when the camera angle changes it looks like he’s talking to thin air 😂

  8. The last time my dog ran away he was missing for a year a women found him very frightened under a car he was microchip but the guy said the chip was gone finally a year search was over I finally got what I was waiting for a big wet kiss from my best friend and a though of pure happiness ❤️🐶

  9. Dude…so your answer to everything is “look at me.” How do I stop a food aggressive dog that lunges and mauls you everytime you get near his food? Also how do I train a food aggressive dog “leave it.”

    1. Alan Lee before u give your dog the food make him look at you and make him keep looking at you as u bring the bowl down if he stops looking at u bring the bowl up . When he gives eye contact slowly bring it down keep going until he looks at you even when the bowl is on the ground. If he still is aggresive about eating put the bowl on a stool or something higher up so when he is eating his paws are not over the bowl and he is not in a dominent position

    1. Sadly just ignoring them is the best way. Sounds cruel and it is BRUTAL for the first week. But give them a comfy cage (with just enough room to lay day comfortably) and a safe toy and do not go to them.

      I was in hell for the first week with my 8 week old pup. But after the first week he only cried for a minute tops at night. Week 2 he was silent.

      If you go to your pet when they whine they associate their whining with your response. Essentially they have trained you. 🙂

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