How to Stop Puppy Biting and Don’t Do These 5 Things When Training Your Puppy

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79 Comments on “How to Stop Puppy Biting and Don’t Do These 5 Things When Training Your Puppy”

    1. Hey everyone, the greatest info that i’ve ever had was by using the Bevs Booster Guide (i found it on google) – without a doubt the most helpful treatment that I have ever tried.

  1. This is the list for those who also have a poor short term memory:
    *Mistakes to avoid:*
    5. Getting frustrated too early 2:38
    4. Lack of proper supervision 4:44
    3. Not adequately socializing your puppy 07:22
    2. Underestimating the amount of exercise that many dogs will require 07:39
    1. Letting your puppy off leash in uncontrolled settings 08:03

    It would be awesome if this reference were in the description 🙂 I like to refer back to advice after I have seen it and it is nice to have short cuts!+Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution

    1. Thank you for all the fun videos. You have helped Molly and I so much. She is eight months old now and very active. She is a golden retriever. We are still learning so much. Thanks again.

  2. Zak plzzz make a video of who to stop a dog from attacking people and dogs because my pit bull mix brownie is a monster my mom and i went to pet smart for brownie she went in front of me and the trainer stuck her hand to brownie and brownie bared her teeth and snapped at her. me and my friend dog agility and his dog ike a corgi brownie and him got into a bloody fight brownie has attacks my sisters dog 2 times because my sisters dog went under my legs and brownie steped on his tail and he attacked her plzzzzzzzz do a video for my monster pitbull mix and i will never get rid of her

  3. I was hoping for advice on how to break myself of my habit of biting puppies. Could you make another video teaching puppy owners not to bite their pets?

    1. My puppy stopped me from biting him by pinching on my balls everytime I bit him. I stopped after a couple days of getting my balls pinched.

    2. Hey I bite my dogs snout, I have 2 half breed German Shepards they have the most biggest snouts,so I bite the top of of it but not enuff to hurt them. They like it

    3. I bite my 🐕 slightly when she’s biting my hand or when she’s growling and then she turns around and licks me

    1. XXXbmansterXXX I wouldn’t call them idiots. Many people who get a dog simply just don’t care to do some research on dogs, or cats, but Lord and behold they’re professionals with degrees that require intense researching. Either you’re a dog person or you’re not, simply put. Happy 2018.

    2. You didn’t learn algebra the first time and you didn’t understand Hamlet the first time either.  There are too many dogs out there that now don’t have homes because someone said that puppies chew one time.  This guy is saying, “No, really, puppies chew.  A lot.  Did I mention they chew?  Because they do.  On you, on furniture, on everything.”  Switch to puppy chewing.  “Make sure you have toys, because puppies will chew on your favorite couch just like this one is about to.”  Yes, he repeated things, frequently, but I’m pretty sure it was to save you the hassle of either not getting a dog in the first place or recognizing that maybe you’re the one at fault and not the puppy.

  4. My puppy is 12 weeks old and has been climbing up my leg and starts biting it. He is a terrier x Jack Russell, Any way to stop him climbing up my leg?

    1. hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about puppy training tips try Debuncar Perfect Dog Aid ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my m8 got cool results with it.

  5. first mistake I see is the rawhide bone. Dogs should not chew on rawhide, its very hard to digest and breaks off in very large pieces that can choke any dog and or puppy. Dog owners should use pressed rawhide. 2nd issue, when teaching a puppy not to “play bite” the mother and sibling approach is best and quickest, a mother dog will not let a puppy get to rough, she will either hold the puppy down until it becomes passive and calm or she will put her mouth on its neck holding it down as well, not ever hurting the puppy. You can use your hand in a claw shape to assimilate a dogs mouth. After the puppy calms down, then and ONLY then do you reward it. This is ridiculous to reward it as its trying to “play bite” no wonder it takes so long.

    1. Me and my family have had multiple shelter puppies over the years and have always used this method: When the puppy bites too hard, remove your hand from her mouth and say “No biting!” in a firm voice, then provide a chew toy or bone. Simply repeat the process until she learns! Works every time.

    2. Please don’t listen to this advice. All this does it teach your dog that you are scary and unpredictable. I hear a lot of people say that this works, and it does, meaning you do see results, but not for the right reason. If you want your dog to stop a bad behaviour, such as biting, you have to show them that it will not get them the attention that they are seeking by immediately pulling away and ignoring them until they settle down, in which you may give them affection again. Using “dominance” techniques can greatly sever your dogs trust in you.

  6. Guys help please! I got a German shep pup and he WILL NOT stop biting 😫 I have lots of cuts on my hand / arm please helppp

    1. BanaBanana Yeah, dogs wouldn’t hurt other dogs with play biting because they have fur, and then think humans are their friends to they want to play

    2. Follow the Leader K9 hands up to u.. most of u people are crazy.. dogs cannot think that biting is ok… we should understand that it is in their nature to do this but you need to lay the law.. on my house i am boss or alpha.. i treat my puppy like my 4 year old, lots of attention and praising when good but when they do wrong they gey a hand in the air with a angry no for warning. next no is a smack. i got smacked as a child and it learnt me that there are consquences to my bad actions. my life and my home and i will not be having any animal or dog thinking that they run the show. i cant have a dog biting my child or me for no reason. she will be a big lab, well looked after but no means no.

    3. Laundry detergent me too he’s 2 months old and have already gone to the hospital for a bite🙈

  7. Please help me with my Shih Poo ( Mix with Shihtzu and Poodle) He pee and poo everywhere, He bites me anytime, He’s so much annoying around 2AM I can’t sleep well Please Help me He’s 2months Old

    1. puppies are ALOT OF WORK! I have a pit bull/boxer mix and she is a handful! her playful biting u tell her no she gets more excited about it and lunge play bites. I end up having to just get up and leave her alone. puppies when it comes to sleeping. they sleep for maybe an hour-3 at most and wake up and wanna play. ur gonna have to get used to it. play with them for about 15-20 minutes and make sure u have toys for them. that way when ur done playing they can go play with there toys and u can make it off to sleep. peeing and pooping is gonna happen. my puppy sometimes whines when she has to go. other times shell potty in my room if she can’t wake me up fast enough with her whining. again. u can’t get mad at them for these simple things. just gotta cope and train and deal with it.

    2. the first night, my shiba inu also woke me up at 2/3 am, but try bringing him to bed with you, pet him and softly force him down until he ‘s laying down and is calm. when your dog is about a year old or maybe 7 months, try putting him in his own bed. also, they wake up at that time because they need to pee/poo, so try taking away their food 1-3 hours before bedtime

    3. Train him. Its not his fault hes being a dog and you have to teach him. Having a puppy isn’t all love love love. You have to be strict and firm amd teach them or you’ll emd up with a spoilled dangerous dog

    1. interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out tips to train your dog try Magonsi Clever Canine Expert (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got great results with it.

    2. I’ve been studying dog training and discovered a fantastic resource at Bevs Booster Guide (google it if you’re interested)

    3. interesting points ,if anyone else wants to discover how do i stop my puppy barking try Pycanta Puppy Trainer Protocol (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my co-worker got great success with it.

  8. My puppy is crazy😂He will bite your pants,sleeves,hands,face, everything basically..You can’t even pet him, he’ll bite you, not even walk when he’s around cause he will go for the legs and shoes…..This didn’t help and I don’t even know what to do anymore..

  9. Why is everyone asking what breed it is? Zac obviously tells what it is three times, a Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Tetriever. 😐😐😐

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