How to Socialize your Puppy!

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*** UPDATE ***.
I wanted to take a minute to react to a minority of discuss this video clip. While the video currently enjoys a 96+% like to do not like proportion, I have actually observed a handful of remarks slamming this video for not featuring pet dogs that are not canine friendly. For example one viewer writes:.

" No real information below … you are showing perfect circumstances while you need to be attending to real circumstances, aggressiveness is the problem when pet dogs satisfy … ".

Amongst newbies and also intermediate fitness instructors there is typically this concept that we need to wait on problems to arise before resolving them. Specifically in the location of puppy socialization, the best medicine is avoidance. If you want to excel in understanding and changing canine actions there is one point you need to recognize. Prep work and also avoidance are necessary to revealing a canine how you can behave in our society. If more individuals knew to take the recommendations I offered in this video, after that we would certainly have fewer concerns in this division. So to this audience as well as others that have actually resembled this view, I would say that DEFINITELY I am showing perfect scenarios! Showing your pet from the first day the best ways to behave around pet dogs will certainly protect against future concerns from developing much of the moment.

As you understand, I consistently resolve reactivity, worried dogs and also scared pet dogs in my videos at all times. A lot of us take on an older canine or under socialize our pets while they are young and also are entrusted to the dilemma of what to do when our pet dogs are older and also are not really accepting of people as well as canines. I'm sure I'll address this more in the future on a case by instance basis. Yet that's just it, as soon as your canine has gone across into a pattern of actions that is possibly hazardous to you, other people, or various other animals, after that we have to resolve that on an individual basis (as you have actually seen me do in several video clips) and there is no broad brush stroke that will certainly deal with that.

The most effective pet trainers do every little thing they can to show their pet dogs how to act rather than exactly how NOT to act. That's not to state we can't "repair" dogs who have social issues, it's that this is a completely different subject. The person who just got a canine MUST understand the details. in this video.

I certainly do not intend to discourage those vital of my lessons. This is one manner in which everyone can discover and grow. As well as the greatest lessons I have actually found out in my job have come straight from you. I just felt that these critiques were coming from an area that lacks experience as well as understanding of canine habits which is why I wanted to clarify my point a little bit extra.

The objective of this video clip was to provide people a general idea regarding how you can make certain that their pet dog remains comfortable with new dogs moving forward, and socialization can be a complicated problem. Obviously I could not attend to every element of canine social behavior in a solitary lesson. This video clip is for the average person with a typical dog. However I do pride myself on showcasing a selection of circumstances and also I'll continue to do that in the future.

Thank you!

– Zak George.

56 Comments on “How to Socialize your Puppy!”

  1. My dog is almost two years old and she just looses her mind every time she sees another dog but only when she is on the leash. She starts pulling really hard and yelping. She will also run towards the dog until the leash holds her back.

    1. Here’s some videos I made to help you!

  2. Your introducing pups and young dogs, what about older dogs? What about adult shelter dogs? I do alot of rescue as do alot of people I know. This is an issue we run into constantly. Can you break this down into steps that we should take between adult rescues or between rescues and our own dogs please?

    1. I’m sure I’ll do a video geared towards other types of dogs in the future. This video is intended as a general advice for those who may have recently gotten a dog. When introducing dogs with varied backgrounds and experiences, our approach can vary significantly from dog to dog.

    2. +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution Agreed this was helpful (I learned my dog’s “dance” as we have been calling it is a play bow!), but I am really looking forward to a video on older dogs.  Ours is about a year and a half, we got her as a rescue when she would about a year.  I’ve learned her signals over the last 1-2 months for when she’s excited to meet a dog versus scared.  Should she avoid those dogs that make her scared, or still try to interact with them?

  3. Zak, really love these videos, I’m learning a lot!! But how are your own dogs doing? Haven’t seen them in a long time 😉

  4. I love the videos but the long promotion for PetFlow and adverts really annoys me – particularly as it’s not relevant to where i live- UK

    1. +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution Not harsh at all Zak and I get your point. I do subscribe to Patreon and don’t expect something for free – and would probably be prepared to pay even more. Being in the UK is mainly what makes the ads annoying – but certainly not annoying enough for me to stop watching your super videos! I am a behaviourist ( and often use them to show clients how enthusiasm can make so much difference in their interactions with their dogs. You are a great role model particularly for the men.  I share them all the time on Facebook. You asked for opinion and I gave it. Not a criticism of the content at all. x

    2. Well you really are awesome then! You obviously are a strong supporter of positive training and it’s clear you do not expect something for free. Occasionally I’ll have a knee-jerk reaction when people don’t love the advertisements! LOLI love doing this more than anything and I want to make it work, and it is! But as it stands right now we do require amazing people like you who contribute to the crowdfunding campaign in addition to sponsors and add revenue. If anyone has a right to complain about the ads, it is definitely you. I’ll trying keep the more exciting in the future!

    3. That’s how it’s free to us. You can always pay $69.95 for a video from one of the other guys. NO advertising. I, for one am grateful for Zak George. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a chance of training my dog. He has helped so much!

    1. Awesome that you noticed! Was wondering how many people would notice this. (YouTube has recently enabled 60 fps) I always film in 60 fps. I, for one, am super excited about this feature. More detail and better clarity. It is different. However, I will be continuing to upload 60 fps. Thanks for your comment!

    2. +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution Yeah, I might just need to get used to it. I don’t really care though as long as the content is good (and it is)!

    3. +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution  oh please! I need your help! how do you get a puppy/ dog to stop jumpinf over yard fences???? please make a video!

  5. My dog Buddy has always had issues with other dogs, I rescued him when he was a year old and he came from a pretty bad situation (he had been abused and then abandoned) It appears that he had little to no socialization. Most of his dog-to-dog issues stem from a fear of not knowing what they are saying (Buddy knows almost nothing about dog body language). He has been improving as of late, he was able to walk past a dog that was snarling, snapping and barking at him without panicking or becoming defensive. He also enjoys playing with some of the dogs in his agility class that are okay with his oaf-ish behavior and are helping to teach him some polite doggie manners. 
    While he still has issues, he has improved a ton!

    Buddy wants me to say that he absolutely loves Petflow! He gets his Orijen dog food from it, and he has never liked a food more! 😀

  6. This is just a little late for me, got my new puppy on Saturday and I was looking for this kind of video all week last week! However my older dog is well socialized so they got along just fine from the beginning. 🙂 

  7. 2 full minutes of commercial promotion by Zak on top of a useless drone flyover video is trying my patience … before any content starts. .

    1. It’s how he makes his videos, these are his sponsors. If you dont like it skip it, I mean he is giving you his tips for free

  8. Zak, I’ve been having puppy dates with my 13 week old border collie “Augie” and a friends 10 week lab puppy “Hogarth” and their play has been getting increasingly rough (Lots of play biting and wrestling). How do we calm that behavior down? This last play session Augie was biting Hogarth’s face and legs playfully but a few times Hogarth yelped and Augie didn’t stop so we pulled them apart. It just seemed really really rough. How do we create a more calm environment for them to play. I love that they play together (it tires them out!) but I don’t want to see anybody get hurt.

    1. If you aren’t comfortable with their play step in. I’m more one who doesn’t step in until someone is pinned down or running away lol

  9. I mums got a cocktail and since my puppy is here , she is ignored hard out. I mean when my pup wasn’t there , she would never be in the cage. She would out 24/7. But now she cries everyday. If my dog is cool with my bird , she can be outside and my dog can too

    1. That’s how it’s free to us. You can always pay $69.95 for a video from one of the other guys. NO advertising. I, for one am grateful for Zak George. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a chance of training my dog. He has helped so much!

  10. My dog gets very excited around other dogs and he jumps all around the dog and doesn’t leave the dog alone and I get scared that the other dog might get angry and bite him since he’s very hyper and playful.

    1. I’m not a professional but Zak had the owner play fetch with his dog Nina before introducing the new dog. If you play with your dog beforehand, it will exhaust your dog’s extra energy so he isn’t as hyper when meeting the new dog. If your dog is still super excited when meeting a new dog, put some distance between the dogs. This lets him know that you do not want the jumpiness. Wait until he calms down then reintroduce him to the new dog.

  11. we have a 8 week old puppy (husky, hound, retriever mix) that we are trying to socialize with our older dog 12yrs chow/Shepard mix and the older dog is not having it, he is growling and barking at the puppy, any suggestions?

    1. Teresa Maybaum I have a 10 year old shihtzu(small 15 pound dog) and he isn’t the nicest dog to strangers but he’s a sweet heart. We bought a 3 month old rottie and when they first met we had them meet outside. The rottie (scooby) was too hyper and playful with the shihtzu(bear) and bear would growl and give a fake nip. If scooby didn’t get the hint I will pull them apart and give it some time. After almost two months scooby’s just walks around bear and bear doesn’t try to “bite” scooby if he gets too close. Just supervise the interaction and it’ll take time. Just remain happy and don’t stress too much! They’ll eventually learn to coexist.

    1. Its how he makes his living. If you’re going to take his amazing tips,then at least tolerate his intros. I mean he is giving you amazing tips for free

  12. Didn’t get to socialize my dog very well because there are very few friendly dogs in the town where I live. He has one really good friend, and that’s it. Pretty much every dog where I live is treated as a security system or a yard ornament, so…

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