How to Get Your Reactive Dog Under Control While on a Walk

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How you can instruct your canine to enjoy putting on a muzzle:

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54 Comments on “How to Get Your Reactive Dog Under Control While on a Walk”

  1. I really like your videos, but I think what will be extremely helpful is if you took a dog like this and did a series or step by step of changing its behavior over time, then showing a before and after.

    1. You do not “treat” aggression with aggression. The term “alpha” in dog training is misleading & outdated. You teach dogs how to behave. In the dog world the true leader of the pack actually rarely uses aggression at all. Dogs don’t learn if they are afraid – all they do is respond in that moment but they do NOT understand anything other than that they are scared. This leads to MORE problems not less.

    2. dont use a lame extreme to make a point – all it does is show that your point is shaky at best, dangerous at worst. Positive training/teaching DOES have longer effects because the dog actually understands & feels confident about what it’s learnt. Aggressive negative “training” teaches the dog to fear you. NOTHING ELSE. Watch & learn

    3. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution Yes, I like your style but I’m worried my dog will become too reliant on treats or I won’t get her used to enough situations and she’ll bite someone when she’s big.

    1. I would love to see a deaf dog video too. I read you can use a hand flash as an alternative to a click.

      There was a walrus one of the places I worked that was deaf and blind. They used hand motions or hand gestures held or moved against the vibrissae (the walrus’s whiskers) which are very sensitive. It was amazing to see that communication despite the barriers of sensory disabilities.

    2. I Am The Walrus I agree. no need to barg but I once got a random dog to look at me and keep walking for a girl that was walking the dog 😎

  2. You always do such a great job breaking down each step of the training! Really like at 4:00 how you go into walking where you need to in order to help your dog succeed!

  3. For those who have new puppies, PLEASE socialize them like crazy. This means with everyone and everything. Have puppy play dates with other puppies and calm dogs. And train,train,train. Train with commands and teach focus. This is all so very important. Training starts the day they come home.

    1. I done all these things with my husky. After she witness me being attacked she been wary of strangers coming nearer me. Also she have been attacked by other dogs and are nervous of them. We doing some muzzle training now, so I get her confidence back without People bothering us.

  4. thank you! I don’t feel so stupid now when my little big boy doesn’t listen to me all the time, lol. I will use these techniques immediately.

    1. There have been studies done that “skinny” dogs live longer by a few years. You should be able to see a rib or two on most dogs, and very easily feel them on all dogs. Being overweight even by a few pounds is very unnatural for them, and very hard on their joints and body. There’s no good excuse to let your dog get overweight, unless is had thyroid issues of course.
      Just all the fat dogs on this channel are not making reward based trainers look very good. You can train with treats and still not have fat dogs..

    2. No, dogs need to be on the leaner side rather the the fat side. You need to see ribs on your dogs. It’s good for joint health and longevity.

  5. Do you have any videos on extremely high arousal dogs? my siberian husky goes absolutely insane when she sees other dogs. She screams, jumps up and down and ignores my commands. I move her backwards and make her sit, but when we move forward again she just starts right back up. She absolutely refuses treats when shes like this so moving forward is her reward. She doesnt seem to be grasping it, it just frustrates her and she continues to scream and shriek and whine at the other dog until it is out of sight. She also does not play well with other dogs, she is very rough and bully-like.

    1. Katie, We have the same problem with our female Siberian husky, especially if the other dog reacts to her first. I’ve tried the treat method above, but it just hasn’t worked yet. It didn’t help that the other day we were over the park (where dogs are supposed to be on the leash) and a pitbull came charging over and started to attack her, Lucky for my dog she pushed it to the ground, but this has now made it even harder for her to be out.
      She is a rescue, and all we know is that she was in a kennel with another dog, but then they stopped getting on. Whether the other dog took a nip at her, well we’re not sure, but we won’t give up because she has such a sweet and warm temperament.
      I do hope you find a way, and if you do, please let us know 🙂

    2. +Sarah Neeve
      Have a look at Chad Mackin’s pressure/release system. It relies on good handler leash skills but is very powerful. Well worth adding to your arsenal…

    3. Katie, it sounds to me that your dog is wanting to play with the other dogs and is getting frustrated on the lead. You need to do a variety of different things. Spend more time playing fun games, and give her exercise before going out. Build up her compliance and get her more used to being on a leash through training in the house and garden. Use audio material to get her less reactive to the sound of other dogs when indoors. Teach her “calm”; “quiet” and “shhh” commands and use them a lot with love indoors, so they’ll sooth her when she’s out. When you see another dog, walk away until she is calm and then if possible head the same direction and at the same speed as the dog, so you’re walking in tandem, always encouraging and rewarding calm behaviour. Go walks with older dogs so she will learn appropriate behaviour from them. Also, teach her the word “gentle” when taking treats and when playing.. Over time, once her behaviour is calm and you can have her meet dogs at close quarters, only allow access if she is calm and quiet.. If the other owner says their dog is fine with her playing, then allow her to play, and just keep reminding her to be gentle.. Have her on a long line when she’s playing, so you can gently bring her back if she gets a bit too rough, and remind her to be “gentle”. She has probably just not had any guidance as to how to behave around other dogs, and just needs you to help her.

    4. This is an old comment but if you’re still having problems I’d advise checking out some e collar videos on YouTube for reactive dogs and if you do decide to go that route really make sure you know how to use one because properly used its the best tool I’ve ever seen for leash reactivity (even better when used with a herm sprenger prong collar) but make sure you get long connector point with the e collar since its a husky.

    5. Katie Schumaker Yea I’m just gonna go ahead and say this method may work on some dogs but a Siberian husky … I think not. A husky is so hard headed. Mine could care less about treats or food. Especially when walking and approaching other animals. Get an E collar and read up on how to train a dog with it. A husky will obey you then. The dog has to know you are the boss and if the dog doesn’t listen then there is a consequence of not listening. Husky is an extremely smart dog. You just have to take the time to train the right way and unfortunately smiling all the time and walking your dog backwards while constantly feeding treats won’t work on a husky.

    1. I agree there should be more educational videos on dog weight related to health so people don’t overfeed their dogs.

    2. I use carrots to train my dog, and she loves them more than any treat. One (whole carrot) is 30 calories and it can be cut into a ton of treats. One tiny treat is 30 calories! My dog actually prefers the carrot over the treats too! She loves them and will do practically ANYTHING for a carrot treat 🙂

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