How to Get Your Dog to STOP IGNORING YOU: 2 Unexpected Dog Training Tips

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This is a text publication dog training lesson with Roux the border collie puppy! Roux listens very well, yet at 5 months old, she's still inconsistent when it involves listening in distracting scenarios.

If you desire your dog to hear you in circumstances they locate sidetracking you need to prepare them for these celebrations. I'll reveal you two very easy training exercises you could do to begin building strong communication in between you and also your dog.

Video clips I reference in this video:
Ways to educate your pet to listen around anything, also hoover:
The best ways to educate your pet dog to fetch perfectly:
The "Leave it/Look at me" combination:

44 Comments on “How to Get Your Dog to STOP IGNORING YOU: 2 Unexpected Dog Training Tips”

  1. My golden retriever just goes crazy when people come over. She runs around and sometimes jumps on the people or she is just really rough.

  2. Hey +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution
    My dog begs for food when i’m eating can you please make a video about how I stop that?

    1. me too my puppy wont stop jumping on my lap and trying to get food and i always have to shove him off nicely off the table

    2. TJ Cooks lift ur lip a bit while staring constantly with the thought that u want to snap show some teeth and trust me ur dog will sink its head (submissive sign) then it will turn its head away maybe if it’s brave enough it might try a second time keep the stare and the lifting lip and ur teeth displaying and it will bounce of to its place or where it can keep some distance so pretty simple I did that with my euro Doberman and she have been understanding it ever since: (side note) if ur dog doesn’t consider u as an alpha or a pack leader position u might have some trouble when u have gained the pack leadership then u can learn the dog manners

    1. Ah I should’ve known coming from that part of the South that her name might be French. Roux = red in French. Makes perfect sense. Love the name and love the rapport betweem Roux and her Mom. Keep the videos coming Zak!

  3. Zak, fantastic video as usual. Of course I subscribed sometime ago after watching you for the first time. Greetings from Venice, Italy!

  4. Yeah but what if your dog doesn’t feel like listening to you? What if he’s not hungry for a treat and woudl rather chase a squirrel across the street. Or doesn’t feel like playing tug and would rather chase a cat?  How does positive training work differently vs Respect training in this scenario?

  5. I love Zak’s reaction when Rue immediately comes to Anna with no problem. “what?! are you serious?” hahaha

  6. These are really easy to train dogs, try a shelter dog with high drive. It would be great if you would train shelter dogs so they could find homes too.

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