How to Correct your Dog’s BAD Behavior!

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I'll tackle a number of your dog training questions in this video clip!

Videos I describe in this video:

An introduction to clicker training:
Playlist- How to show your dog tricks:
How to teach your pet dog to STOP BARKING:
The "Leave it/ look at me combo":
The best ways to instruct the best game of bring:

80 Comments on “How to Correct your Dog’s BAD Behavior!”

  1. I have an 11 week old puppy who barely obeys any commands at all. He is very smart and know what he’s supposed to do. But he is also very stubborn which makes it hard to train him. Does anyone know how to help?

    1. this is what Gunner does but I know he’s a smart dog because he’s an Aussie and they’re usually pretty smart. He’s just super stubborn and doesn’t like to obey commands especially during training

    2. +Nutmeg 0212 There’s an amazing book called “The Art of raising a Puppy” – It is invaluable! So, so amazing about explaining the way your dog thinks and how you can really establish a connection. I also recommend How to be your dog’s best friend, by the same authors, which is, again, an amazing book. I’ve read quite a few on dog training, but these two are at the top of the list, because they focus on creating a bond between you and your dog and not just on teaching him a bunch of tricks. I hope this helps!

  2. Thank you, because of you my dog is wonderful and fully trained and he obeys any command and he is a very fast thinker 🙂

    1. +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution
      I NEED YOUR HELP! I’m a student of nursing, age 28, have Lupus, and kidney transplant couple years ago. My best friend/dog Riley became a fearful destructive shy & upset overnight! I have till August 20th till the new semester. I’ve done everything. Myself, Mom and my Dad are arguing over this behavior change and I’m crying over this because i love Riley so much but im at a loss with how to help him plus fix the disagreements with my parents about training. HELP ME PLEASE! 😖

    2. Look, Nisa. You HAVE to know your dog picks up on your emotions your pain your worry your thinking about death. If he is having problems it is because you don’t know he feels what you feel and has no way of dealing with these feelings. Of course he is afraid and insecure!! Screw your parents, this is your dog not theirs. It is about time you put your parents in their place. You are an adult and they need to learn you are completely able to take care of yourself. Period. Put effort into learning how to train your dog. It will be worth everything. It will also help YOU cope with life’s crap. Get used to it. You aren’t alone! Take the reins of your own life and your dog will be right there beside you. I MOVED away from parents the day I got out of highschool. All kids should leave the nest and temptation to have mommy and daddy cooing over you, taking care of you. I’ve friends that have known they had lupus for 40 years plus. Get out from underneath your parents. Hey, I left with 500 bucks, period. $500 bucks I earned and NEVER WENT BACK. Got 8 years of college, 2 degrees, jobs up the ying yang…leave the nest!! You can do it!! My goodness, a nursing degree? Get away from your parents. Give your dog a break. Quit crying and moaning and going on because he FEELS this stuff and it isn’t fair to him. Nor you. There is a point where pity parties are NOT conducive to getting on with life, getting over the past or learning who the hell you want to be.

    1. I agree my American akita never listens to me when he is barking at guests and I can never get his attention ( I know they are supposed to be quiet dogs but mine is an exception)

    1. zg123 Can you stop being condescending. Pet flow is not just his sponsor but they don’t support choke training

  3. I know you’re extremely agains Cesar Milan (even though you don’t directly say that, lets be honest its obvious). I love your vids about how to teach tricks and build trust with your dog. But can I ask how you do address aggressive and dominant dogs?

    Being energetic and playful only feeds into it with my insecure/dominant dog. Not gonna lie, after trying your techniques I invited a dog behaviorist over and he showed me how to use “Cesar” like dominant techniques to very effectively and humanly have her follow me, and seems very happy doing so. She is starting to have a huge weight lift off her shoulders, she is loosing the need to be on guard 100% of the time and now can play well with other dogs, doesn’t jump on people when they walk in the door but rather waits for me to give permission, its awesome!

    1. so with my experience as a canine behavioral specialist and owning a very successful business for many years in the past, i see a real problem with these methods of treats and clickers and clapping your hands, etc etc and not being able to deal with difficult and aggressive dogs only proves it is not sound methods and speaking to what the dog really needs…, so you are not actually training the dog, he is ONLY responding because he wants to which can be life threatening given the right circumstances he does not listen to you…and although Cesar has some failings also, he has the right idea that its all about the dog responding to you in the pack leader role…DOGS ARE PACK ANIMALS…to still be in training 6 to 12 months is ridiculous and only teaches the dog further that he only needs to listen WHEN HE FEELS LIKE IT…some problems can be eliminated the first time they occur and exercise alone is not enough of a stimulus to prevent behavioral problems… these videos are only fun frivolous stuff and can actually confuse your dog…he ends up getting in trouble in the end alot more than if you deal with the issue right away

    2. RN Kim he does deal with difficult dogs just not aggression. That’s because the owner failed to train before the aggression became an issue. Doing what zak does keeps aggression from developing if you are working with a puppy. Highly Aggressive dogs need either intensive training or to be put down because they are a danger to other people and pets.

    3. I trained my dog as an adult with positive reinforcement methods who was lashing out at children and had problems barking at people while he was on walks and his lashing out at children is pretty much gone and he feels a lot more comfortable around children and on walks I can get his attention so much better than before, positive reinforcement does work.

    1. I say ‘ow’ and stop the game, ask for a sit (or wait for a sit depending on your dog) and restart the game after a few seconds. Do this each and every time you feel teeth on your skin.
      My dogs have gotten very skilled at avoiding teeth on skin this way. Like all things, it just takes practice.

    1. It depends on the trainer how much potential a dog has.
      With a smart trainer even a not so clever dog can be trained good.
      But when the trainer is dumb the dog will also stay dumb forever.
      So yeah, I guess your dog is realy stupid… :>

    2. You’re not putting enough effort in. Get to know your dog better. Every dog has some capacity to work and learn you just need to know what motivates him/her.

    3. ivon padilla dogs are never stupid their owners are stupid because they can’t figure out how to train them don’t get anymore pets you don’t know what you’re doing and you dog deserves better than you pathetic

    4. You are stupid your dog is smarter then you like she said it take time watch other videos dont do bad stuff to it dont say bad dog oh dont shout at it

    1. Ye it is boring but he has to advertise the service in order to get money from petflow and to continue to produce these great videos 🙂 So…. i prefer to get videos ^^

    2. I, too, think it’s great that he has corporate sponsors. One reason he consistently promotes PetFlow, is not only his funding, and their great products, but because it is one dof product company that refuses to offer any type of harmful product – like choke collars, spike collars, etc. – to the buyer. I support any Pet Product Corporation that puts the welfare of the animal first, and so should you!!

    1. Youre giving the treat as a reward for listening to you when telling the dog to go away from the coach.

    2. No, no, no. You mark (click) the dog and treat for NOT chewing on the couch. It works too. All my dogs know what they can and can’t chew on. A reliable ‘leave it’ cue is a big help too.
      Always make sure there’s plenty of things they ARE allowed to chew on and reward them for chewing the correct things. Most dogs get this pretty quick (within a couple of sessions).

  4. You are a superb dog trainer! So passionate and wise🐶 I am excited to adopt our puppy this weekend and practice skills I have learned from watching your videos.🤓

  5. I think you talk to much about pet flow, ive watched about 7 of your vids and i know more about pet flow than what your trying to talk to us about.

  6. This sucks. I came here for a quick answer and not to have to watch a 16 minute thing in order to get a short answer.

    1. Just wonderful, I have been researching “new dog training tips” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Jaydenley Doggy Dechlorination – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my co-worker got cool results with it.

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