How to Clip Dog Nails – Tips from the Dog Training Guys (

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    1. +Tyler Simpson Elementary is the school you should be attending dear Tyler, look out for the words “sarcasm” & “respect”.

  1. Among all the videos I watched about dog’s nail clippings, this is the most understandable amd easiest way to follow. Lol!

  2. Lol.  Ok, let’s just address a couple things.  First of all, I am a Haudenosaunee, now that’s what we call each our nation, but others who don’t know would refer to us as Mohawks, Iroquois, Indians, yada yada yada.  I obviously do not speak for anyone else within any the Indigenous communities throughout North America or even in India.

    But I wasn’t offended, I could tell it wasn’t meant to be derogatory or mean-spirited, and they didn’t focus on it, with that being said whenever anyone does something like that they run the risk of their important lesson being missed because people don’t focus on the lesson.  What I couldn’t quit laughing at was being called dicks! lol You can tell which one of two is the goof ball and which one is a tad more responsible 😉  I bet the training sessions are a blast. 
    It was a good lesson and I appreciate you guys taking the time to make it.  I would have benefited more if you covered how to condition the dog.  My oldest guy, who is only 3, lets me put his leg in my hand but doesn’t let me touch anywhere around his nails or the bottom of his paws.  I cannot just hold him down, lol, he’s at least 80 lbs. So like should I work up to get him used to me holding him?  I would appreciate any help or refer me to a video what will help with that?  

  3. Daaamn ppl take everything to the butt theyre not trying to b racist it was just a reference to make things more simple and fun geez!!! Thank you for this video guys!!!

    1. +Ava Switzer everything you see hear or see about the Rebel Flag, or about Indians, is not necessarily “racism’, your tiny liberal mind has been programmed to think that, from tptb, so you will support their new world order, gay rights, their one world religion, and all the other demonic garbage that goes with it. I bet you $20 you voted for Obama too, didn’t you?

    2. Oh dear Lord. For one, Native American’s are not “Indians”. Secondly, who the hell are you to say I have a tiny, liberal mind? I have said one sentence, and you are already accused me of something I do not have. Third, pay up my friend, because I did not in fact vote for Obama. Just another one of your accusations I guess, huh? (; +Tim Sweeney​

  4. We apologize if we offended anyone. We in no way feel we are better than Native Americans or are racist. In fact my own children are of Montaukett heritage. This tribe, just like many others still refer to themselves as an Indian Nation in their own literature and website. We were simply being silly and referring to a time when Native Americans did ride in canoes and were referred to as “Indians” to help viewers remember to look for the canoe “hook” in the nail. Google images for “indian canoe”, that is the only reason we used the analogy. Good luck cutting your dog’s nails and God Bless every person regardless of your race or how you prefer to be referenced.

    1. I don’t think there’s any need to apologize you guys are actually really funny and have a way of speaking that makes it seem comfortable to watch because you guys are comfortable in your own skin and beliefs thank you so much for the video was not boring at all like most of them are also looking out for the dog maybr cut hair around eyes so she could see better nd not be bothered loll the end was hilarious dickss hahah

  5. great vid! no need to apologize. the way i see it your drawing was to illustrate what you meant. if people are going to be that sensitive which it seems they are these days then they need to consider one thing. What you guys did was in no way, shape or form an act or attempt to harm someone, make fun of of deliberately offend them. This video helped me a lot. It was good to see just a couple guys kidding around while still being informative. I’d rather see that than some person obviously acting fake. thanks again.

  6. Bar none. The best and most helpful nail clipping video I’ve seen so far. Having two sons (adults now), I know you are just being all male. hilarious!

  7. Great video. Loved the Indian. Made it very clear what you wanted us to understand. Some people need to get a life and stop trying to make other’s miserable.

  8. great video, very helpful guys.. Also, if it’s any consolation, the humor lightened up my nerves about cutting my pet’s nails, so it, too, was helpful. The first time I clipped my dogs nails I did it wrong and blood all over the couch and carpet for almost an hour. I was terrified for the dog. Ever since then I’ve been terrified at the thought of cutting his nails again and have paid my local vet to take care of the nails regularly but the costs add up. Thanks again.

    1. Also when you tried cutting the dogs nail yourself did you still mess up? I’m scared of my dog dying from the pain or something… if that’s even possible. What if he gets a heart attack? 😢😢😢😢😢

    1. You can cut the tip and then dremel or file the end. I knew a woman who had her Husky since he was seven weeks old, nine years later she was trimming his nails, as she always has, and he ripped her face off because she cut too far. She messed up by hurting him and paid the price, it’s better to be safe – for you and the dog.

    2. Maria is dumb “should be cutting way more” or you can cut less and just do it more often. Keeping the dog from dealing with claws cut too short.

    3. +daniel conner Cutting like that is just worthless. almost the same if you didn’t cut at all. from those nails they could have cut at least 3mm more.

    4. I agree with Maria, you can definitely cut a lot more if your a experienced groomer so you wouldnt have to cut them again in another week. But this length is good for those who are new and dont want to accidently clip the quick. i sometimes do this then dremel on breeds that have longer quicks like basset hounds, etc.

    5. I agree with the first Maria, the fact that it’s not about not having to cut it for another week, but it helps the quick recede so that the dog can have healthier nails. My dog’s nail is so dark I can’t see crap… otherwise i’d cut his nail short all the time. It’s making him slip and fall all the time.

  9. Great video. Very helpful guys. I’ve got to trim my dogs nails and am always worried about hurting them. Sad people just wanted to be offended my everything. Thank you!

  10. Dog’s nails don’t all grow in the same way. I trim dogs’ nails every day as part of my job and they don’t all grow the way your diagrams show. A good tip I use is to visualize where the nail would be while the dog’s paw is touching the floor, and try and trim them just a bit shorter than this. After that, I trim very small portions until I see just the edge of the quick. When you’re getting paid to do it, its best to have them as short as possible. 🙂 Also, quicking a nail isn’t the worst thing in the world. Styptic powder has a numbing agent in it to help stop the pain, and if you don’t have styptic powder lying around and you happen to quick a nail, baking soda or corn starch will act as a good home remedy as well. I’ve learned that the dogs that don’t like toe nail trims have that attitude regardless of whether they’ve ever been quicked or not.

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