How to CLICKER TRAIN Your Dog: The FASTEST WAY to Teach your Dog to be AWESOME!

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53 Comments on “How to CLICKER TRAIN Your Dog: The FASTEST WAY to Teach your Dog to be AWESOME!”

  1. What an incredibly cute puppy and a great session. I hope it will get lots of people to start working with a clicker.

  2. so when you have a puppy (border collie) and you don’t exactly know wether or not they are food or play driven, when you start conditioning the clicker, do you give the reward alternating between the two (a treat and a small round of a game)? or at random times? i just want her to understand that when i click she gets either a treat or a3 second play time. I know my golden is food driven, and when i click and try to play with a ball or tug toy, i can tell he’d rather have a treat, and he is kinda confused if i do break out a toy because he’d much rather have a treat (so now i stick with treats for him)  Thank you. (i don’t have my pup yet, but will in the next couple weeks) 

    1. Completely confused… you posed a question and had some answers and then said they weren’t answers to the questions you were looking for and then something is answered that was in your question and you say you know LOL! So I have literally, no idea what you’re asking 😉

    2. +Sarah Anderson
       +Jeez Louise Sorry for the confusion; i was stating about my golden and what i do for his currency. my question is, when starting to introduce the clicker and what it really means (to a puppy you dont know what their currency is) do you alternate with play and treats with every click?  I am sorry!!  haha.  Its a border collie pup im getting this weekend, and i just thought i should ask.  (i kinda assume by her personality she’ll be play driven, but just in case i wanted to introduce that the clicker can mean play or food as a reward. )  Does that clarify?

    3. +Danika Deschaine If you just want the puppy to know that both rewards could come out of a click just use them both, but try not to be too predictable, if you are the puppy will always know what to expect and will get kind of bored. For instance, use a toy a couple of times and then switch off and do treats a few times, then switch and do a toy once, then several treats, then several toys and then one treat, etc. Every now and then use a really fabulous toy (but not all of the time because it will lose it’s “specialness”), or every now and then throw in an extra tasty treat etc. Always keep them guessing about what delightful thing will come next for best effect. 

      I hope this answers your question. 🙂

  3. I don’t know if Dennis is new or if he edited but I thought the editing seemed better than ever in this video. Thanks for the great videos!

    1. I love editing! Thanks for noticing! I still do the editing for all of my videos.

  4. Hey zack I have really quick question I have pure Siberian husky and I really wane train him off leash can you help me please and please like it so he can see it !!!!

  5. Does PETFLOW sell choke chains because I was thinking of going there but if they sell choke chains then I won’t be ordering from there.I will never order ANYTHING from a pet store that sells harmful products?!.

    1. what ? ceaser goes and makes SUPER aggressive attack everything they see dogs into gentle, tranquil, companions in a commercial break. GOD LIKE timing. pssshhh all seriousness, great video

  6. Thank you for this, I have a 2 month Old Siberian Husky and he’s kinda stubborn, I’m gonna try this. 🙂

    1. TraceurDoc1 actually pandas eat meat naturally, only because of habitat change and destruction where they forced to eat leaves. That’s why they need to eat so damn much bambu leaves, they crave meat originally. Also just because a dog can eat strawberries or peanut butter, does not mean you should make it vegan, as their main food is and should remain meat.

  7. Do dogs get confused if several people are using clickers with their dogs at the same time?

  8. So excited to start training my pup after watching this video… also you converted me I am ordering a clicker now. 🙂 Thanks for addressing using your mouth to make the “clicking” sound and why that doesn’t really work.

    1. i was so tired of our lilly biting us all the time and then i used a few tips i learned from the — videos. it was like night and day; worked so well

    1. U could snap your fingers but as he said u Might to snap about 50 times and u may get tired so I would recommend using a clicker or u can make one out of bottle caps like me ,it works the same

  9. this guy is good, but the stupid product placements and sponsors are so annoying. they waste so much time
    . Just put a link in the description and get on with the video.

    1. It’s not like he does ads for random things. The clicker thing is useful, as the video is about clickers and the company sells them for cheap.

    2. nima tayefeh- you think he makes enough money from patreon for all these quality helpful videos? They do take time and he’s showing you how to train your dog yourself for free. Quit your nagging.

    3. I am very thankful that Zak is providing such valuable information to us for free. And I realize he also has bills to pay and a living to make. I’m happy to hear about new things for my dog anyway. Thanks Zak!

  10. This is awesome but my 2 year old dachshund terrier mix is very submissive and scared of everything..she has a hard time coming when called even with a treat because she’s so scared she’ll be punished. I can’t use a clicker with her because the noise makes her run, she’s so scared of loud noises. I’ve been trying to work with her but she’s very hard to train because she’s not motivated by toys and is only sometimes motivated by food :/ sometimes when I try to get her to sit or lay down she rolls over on her belly submissively, so I’ve been trying to show her that by doing that she doesn’t get a reward.

    1. thats tough.. try considering consulting a trainer in your area (search on google) and read reviews and make sure they use positive reinforcement — not choke collars, etc.

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