How to Clean Dog Ears – Tips From the Dog Training Guys (

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21 Comments on “How to Clean Dog Ears – Tips From the Dog Training Guys (”

  1. @VituMV Your guess is as good as mine. He was an abandoned dog. Another unique treasure from the local animal shelter.

  2. My dog looks VERY similar (shelter dog too) I was told she is Boxer & Shar Pei. Mine does look more shar pei than yours but the resemblance is uncanny!

  3. thank you guys. totally was pouring the ear cleanser, but what about epi optic? can’t really pour that onto a cotton ball

  4. I warm up the ear cleaner by plopping the bottle into a glass of warm water. If you get the temp just right they don’t really notice it when you give them a squirt !

  5. Dog Training Guys-Great in depth video! My German Shepherd would run for the hills when he caught a glimpse of the cleansing solution bottle! I started using Fingear Mini Mitts-now he actually enjoys getting his ears cleaned and it’s alot easier to do for him and me.

  6. Thanks for a useful, practical post DTGuys! I like the idea of using the cotton ball to introduce the solution to the ear rather than injecting it straight from the bottle. We owners should try it in our own ears and hear what it sounds like if you don’t keep the nozzle full of fluid whilst squeezing the bottle – pretty much like a nuclear explosion in your head! No wonder some dogs become apprehensive when they see the ear solution bottle!

    I must add though that, although you DO mention seeing the vet if anything looks suspicious with the ear, it really must be emphasized that NO FLUID WHATSOEVER must be put into the ear if there is any indication of infection at all – NO ear cleaning solution (neither your own remedy or a commercial product), NO water (saline or otherwise).  NO medical products. Take the dog to the vet to check whether the ear drum is intact or not. Fluids introduced to an ear with a perforated ear drum will cause enormous pain to the dog, quite probably aggravate the already infected ear and may have even more dire consequences that you really would not want to have to face.

    Thanks again for posting and for giving us (especially the spaniel, poodle and their cross-breed owners) the courage to routinely tackle what a task that some might feel apprehensive about doing. It’ll be a cinch with your practical tips!

  7. PS Mike, I hope that, near the end of the video, you retrieved those treats from your back pocket and not the location used by Earl to pre-warm the ear solution bottle – eek!!!!

  8. Wow!  I just love that graphic view of the human and dog ear thing-a-ma-jingy!  Guys, your videos are great!  If the weather is fine, cleaning the ears like this would be less messier outside in the yard.

  9. this was something I would have never done before but I love my dog and she needs it so I’m goin to try. its stinkin!

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