How not to train your dog – House Breaking by

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20 Comments on “How not to train your dog – House Breaking by”

  1. Hi everyone, my wife and i have a two year old white GSD that we love very dearly. however he pulls uncontrollably, we have tried a number of things to try to get him to stop. he even goes crazy when he may see a kid or two on a bike or scooter, but he sort of calms down when they notice he is acting like that and they get off of the scooter and then he lets them approach . we are open for any advice on this matter from anyone. thanks folks. ttyl.

  2. @MrRomeo1982
    With the pulling part of your GSDs issues, what we do with our dogs, and the training program I work with does is when the dog pulls just stop. When he/she stops pulling (you can call them and when they step back towards you go) walk forward and praise the dog for not pulling. What do you walk to dog with?
    Also I know some dogs who would go nuts when other dogs or people go by, the issue was the dog was bored. So we brought along treats and rewarded to dog before he got excited.

  3. @ThePokemonfan213 I understand how you could think that, but I was in a really similar situation to that, and it’s really not realistic to start an argument with an someone who is abusive, has a superiority complex, and pays for your room and food.

  4. Peanut butter, chocolate syrup, peanuts. Microwave the peanut butter and then stir in the syrup and peanuts. Put it in a plastic baggy. cut off the corner and squeeze it out. Enjoy!!

  5. I think this person did a great job of giving a bad example of the wrong way to discipline your dog. I mean, yes. You do have to teach them right from wrong. But don’t lecture them. When you notice they did something bad, I’ve Been told the best thing to do, is to say their name in a firm tone. Followed by the word, “No.” And then whatever they did. Like “No barking,” for example.

  6. You forgot the whoop the dog. Most people rub their nose in it, then whoop the hell out of it, then throw it outside. Im so serious!

  7. When they first wake up nap or otherwise take them outside on a leash.  Go directly to the place you want them to go and just stand there.  When they go give high praise good boy or girl.  Take them right back inside after they go and repeat.  I find the cold weather is on my side because the want to re enter the house to get warm.  Being nice to your pet is why you got them right.  Their lives are so short make them happy.

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