How Many Things Can you Teach your Puppy at Once?

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Playlist: How to teach your young puppy or pet dog the fundamentals in order:

Take a seat up:
Roll over Play dead:
Come when called:
Leave it:
Take a look at me:
Pull and release:

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49 Comments on “How Many Things Can you Teach your Puppy at Once?”

    1. Nikisha Nguyen is Vivian Nguyen your sister because in the teach your dog to shake in three easy steps she wrote something in the comments and she had the same last name

    1. Dannah Panajon That’s why you’re not supposed to let them sleep in your bed until they are fully potty trained

  1. Just got my Cavalier pup today so I’m loving this vid! She is 2 months old and I live in a flat so had to introduce crate, leash and potty training outside all in one day. Thankfully the street in front of my flat is not too busy but hopefully all this new stuff isn’t overwhelming for my beauty!

    1. Lucky you. Cavaliers are very loving and loyale dogs. Mine sleeps at my feet while I work, shes always at my side. Congrats!!!

    2. Yeah she gets the crazies too and goes all bitey/nibbly but I think it’s nothing compared to other races of dogs 😀

  2. I am getting my puppy in two hours!!! I’m cramming in your videos to the pleasent surprise of a new video. BTW I am getting a Goldendoodle! So excited!

  3. I’m really sad because I went to 2 places today to see if they had puppies for adoption but they didn’t have any of the puppies that I want. I was pretty bummed out the whole day and I’m just hoping that I can find the puppy soon. Btw the puppies that I want are either a maltese, malshi, shih tzu, or Yorkie. hope fully I will be able to go to a humane society on Monday. does anyone have any tips? also I’m 12.

    1. I am the same age so I know what it’s like if you don’t already have the dog. My profile pic is my dog and he is so stubborn! But I love him to bits. Also you are going to have a hard time finding a pure breed at a shelter but I like that you are adopting. Don’t get frustrated and don’t give up on them. It’s takes time and enjoy the puppy because they get big very fast!

    2. projectmicky1226 uh actually there are a butt load of pure bred dogs in shelters. not always of the breeds she specified but you see pure bred Chihuahuas 24/7, purebred pitbulls and bullies and some mixes, German shepherds, Huskies, border Collies, and the list goes on. I’ve never walked into a shelter and not seen atleast one purebred. just because they don’t come directly from a breeder doesn’t mean they aren’t purebred. it’s pretty easy to tell just by looking at a lot of dog breeds whether or not they are purebred if you have experience around different dog breeds.

  4. Any chance you can find a German shepherd puppy to train with? I love German shepherds!

    keep up the great videos!

  5. Zak’s pup/dog training techniques work well. We continue to have trouble with leash pulling, but it is better when there are not really strong distractions. We are working on it.

    Thanks Zak.

  6. When I accomplish my dream of owning a pet shelter, I’m gonna teach them tricks so that way they have a better chance of getting picked. I know it’s the dog that matters, but lots think otherwise. And with puppy’s, who doesn’t love an adorable high five?

  7. I’m getting a puppy in literally 4 WEEKS to me it seems so far away but I literally can’t wait ! You’re video has been a great asset to help me forget how far for weeks is .

  8. The presenter is terrible at holding the puppy on his lap at the start. Doesn’t he have any clue? 😱

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